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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
>>16950142 06.24.2022

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>>17629564 - dough
>>17629717  Project Veritas shows an "anarchist" Oklahoma public school teacher,  discussing how he can discreetly incorporate his beliefs into his teaching.
>>17629803 Several US Postal Workers Arrested in Connection to $1.3 Million Fraud and Identity Theft Scheme
>>17629856 Microsoft, commissioned by the Pentagon, is trying to take full control of the entire information infrastructure of Ukraine
>>17629874 Archive of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg:
>>17629889 HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER Russian nuclear sub goes missing from arctic harbor
>>17629983, >>17628286, >>17628296VP Kamala was in a car wreck this morning …? 
>>17629991 Kevin Spacey is going on trial in federal court. Here's what you need to know.
>>17630004, >>17630008, >>17630010, >>17630015 The Swamp Today Tuesday, October 4, 2022
>>17630098 Physics Nobel rewards 'spooky science' of entanglement
>>17630138 Could the Supreme Court’s Ruling in Alabama Gerrymandering Case Dilute Black Voting Power?
>>17630142 U.N. partnered with Google to manipulate search results for 'climate change.'
>>17630170 Kremlin reacts to Zelensky banning talks with Putin
>>17630177 WEF Attendee Liz Truss Says British Economy "Needs A Reset" As Market Conditions Worsen
>>17630186 Minsk explains how it ‘takes part’ in Russia-Ukraine conflict
>>17630187 Professor Sachs on Bloomberg says US did Nordstream and explains evidence, then gets yanked off the air…
>>17630202 US Treasury explains how G7 will target Russian oil
>>17630216, >>17630218 Do fungi lurking inside cancers speed their growth?
>>17630220 Why Russia's Hypersonic Missiles Can't Be Seen on Radar
>>17630225 EU citizens fail first gas-saving test
>>17630268 Italy ramps up surveillance of underwater cables – media
>>17630267 Supreme Court allows defamation lawsuit against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to proce
>>17630278 The Voting Rights Act is back in the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow.
>>17630279 Herschel Walker denies he paid for an abortion
>>17630284 Russia’s parliament fully ratifies unification treaties
>>17630287 Ukraine scolds EU over aid delays
>>17630312, >>17630290 Bangladesh's national power grid collapses, causing a blackout for 140 million citizens
>>17630299 National Archives warned Trump atty's in 2021 about missing White House documents, including correspondence with Kim Jong-Un
>>17630327 Videos obtained by the FOX 13 Investigates team reveal info on man of ritualistic child sex abuse and his ties to Utah County Attorney David Leavitt.
>>17630341 #21617

>>17628812 Dough #21616: Botnet #NAFO Supports Ukraine, Not the People Edition
>>17628897 Big Mike wishes Barry a 30th Happy Anniversary 
>>17629066 Anon opines on 11.11.2022
>>17629067 China has opened dozens of “overseas police service stations” to monitor its citizens globally
>>17629075 Take free classes about The Constitution from Hillsdale College
>>17629328, >>17629321, >>17629168 vid: The Universal Antidote (Chlorine Dioxide)
>>17629163 Fungi grow inside cancerous tumors, scientists discover
>>17629194 Japanese government tells citizens to “seek shelter immediately” following launch of NK missiles
>>17629197 Market Watch Opinion:  Markets will drop another 40% as debt crisis hits
>>17629281 Credit Suisse shares plunge suggesting the bank could face a "Lehman Brothers moment"
>>17629388, >>17629401 Crazed NPC masked up for public appearance: Prescription lens glued onto swim goggles, antifog wipe helped.
>>17629146 Kim Dotcom opines on Putin's speech
>>17630090 #21616 -  Posted in #21617

>>17628229, >>17628435 @KimDotcom The @CIA and the Ukraine Govt run a joint botnet called #NAFO. They engage in social media manipulation to make it seem like the masses support Ukraine. 
>>17628082 'Lightning Crashing' || (Red October, Savin Hills, & Seth Rich) - RUMBLE
>>17628077 Tucker Carlson: Tony Blinken’s Statement Is an Admission the US Was Behind Nord Stream Pipeline Bombings 
>>17628080, >>17628094, >>17628114 Broken spectre above mount washington observatory
>>17628088 Report: ‘Election Integrity’ Project Worked with Feds to Censor News Sites in 2020 
>>17628091 Pass the trash- Episode 2, The Illegal Alien Shuffle
>>17628099 They are going insane, what kind of shit did McCaskill do?)
>>17628118 Hunter Biden Probe To Look Into 'What Happened In 2020': Jim Jordan
>>17628677 North Korean Missile Flew 4,600 Km With Maximum Altitude of 1,000 Km
>>17628117 Monmouth Poll Shows 10 Point Swing Toward GOP to Control Congress Since August
>>17628142 Senate Republicans Target Amalgamated Bank Over Credit Card Gun Control Play
>>17628165 DeSantis Challenger Charlie Crist Suggests Hurricane Response Must Include Addressing Climate Change
>>17628167 Georgia election probe enters new phase with search warrants
>>17628190 Swedish geneticist wins 2022 Nobel in Physiology or Medicine
>>17628203 Nolte: Planned Parenthood to Park Mobile Abortion Clinic at Red State Borders
>>17628211 Major Medical Orgs Demand That The DOJ Prosecute People Who Share ‘Misleading’ Information Online
>>17628212 Notes from deleted bread #21608 o7
>>17628233 Report: White House Fears Hunter Could Doom Joe Biden’s Potential 2024 Campaign
>>17628256 Supreme Court to Consider Electoral Argument Targeted by DOJ, January 6 Committee as ‘Insurrection’
>>17628296, >>17628286, >>17628323, >>17628606 VP Kamala was in a car wreck this morning …? At the Princess Diana crash tunnel entrance …?
>>17628311 “I’ve Always Supported a Ban to the Assault Rifle Ownership” – Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman Endorses Gun Confiscation
>>17628362 WAS COOLIO SILENCED? Coolio's Last Video Before his Passing: Mentions "Adrenochrome"
>>17628399 Top Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney used campaign and taxpayer funds to pay his husband's personal trainer to work as a part-time driver
>>17628440, >>17628329, >>17628354, >>17628382, >>17628478, >>17628564, >>17628617, >>17628762 Whoa Herschel Walker is trending…
''baker change''
>>17628570 Merced Co CA family kidnapped
>>17628579 Colombian Pres Gustavo Petro, announced with US So Antony Blinken, that the owners of drug trafficking capital will be prosecuted
>>17628627 Biden reportedly told Sharpton he'll run for reelection in 2024
>>17628677 North Korean Missile Flew 4,600 Km With Maximum Altitude of 1,000 Km
>>17628695 Clockfag - "clear cognitive decline"
>>17628725 Communist Party in Russia today & Ukrainian Conflict - vid
>>17628726 Jim Jordan on @foxnewsnight at midnight
>>17628735 Jeffrey Sachs says we're on the path to nuclear war on Bloomberg today 
>>17628751 Russian nuclear submarine armed with 'doomsday' weapon disappears from Arctic harbor
>>17628773 #21615

>>17627305 Kanye West Wears ‘White Lives Matter’ Sweater at His YZY Fashion Show in Paris
>>17627333 U.S. ships seize $100 million of hash, heroin in the Gulf of Oman
>>17627335 North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan and Tokyo urges residents to EVACUATE as fears of war between the US, South Korea and Kim Jong-Un's deranged regime grow
>>17627348 ANONS MUST VOTE It’s not a choice. If your belief is that your vote doesnt count, then you are not committed to America. 
>>17627379, >>17627434, >>17627442, >>17627458 build your own power banks
>>17627615, >>17627716 Graphene Aluminum Batteries are hitting the market
>>17627391 ‘Dangerous Precedent’: SCOTUS Rejects Gun Rights Group’s Challenge To ATF Bump Stock Ban
>>17627395 So Far, Only 9 of the 30 NATO States Have Voiced Support for Ukraine’s NATO Bid
>>17627398, >>17627352 If Musk didn’t care about being popular, he should do something really offensive like openly supporting Q-research. - opine
>>17627404 Planned Parenthood Pushes ‘Puberty Blockers’ On Kids In New TV Commercial
>>17627418, >>17627436, >>17627443, >>17627457 Breitbart News has learned that the Times omitted relevant information, shunned sources directly involved with the schoolboard fuggery
>>17627435 Founding Black Panther: The People Are Rising Up Against The Great Reset - INFOWARS
>>17627450 Mini documentary zooms in on Ray Epps, Mormon and agent provocateur
>>17627485 One of Northern Europe’s largest vegetable brands HAK to shut down entire production for six weeks, No Holodomor to see here, folks
>>17627502 COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Used by HHS were Conducted in China Updated 10/3/22 - JUDICIAL WATCH
>>17627505 Shocked by gas bills, thrifty Dutch stockpile coal, wood for winter
>>17627519, >>17627524 9 Trump truths today including the defamation lawsuit against CNN + Q1941
>>17627527 NATO ‘not obliged’ to assist Ukraine — German ambassador
>>17627531 Army surrounds town to root out gang in El Salvador
>>17627541 Truss exposes the current instability of Western democracies - RT
>>17627592 DAVID SOUTHWELL goes "behind the scenes" at Australia's 'anti woke conference' -
>>17627632 Satanic Temple files lawsuits in US federal court after abortion bans, arguing they "violate the religious rights."
>>17627709 Poll shows big shift in party preference for US midterms - RT
>>17627799, >>17627809, >>17627843 @POTATO Get in, folks. We're building a better America 
>>17627883 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s fake National Anti-Corruption Commission fails whistleblowers
>>17627885 RE: Q2007 + Q1660 + Q1659 Team of 470? Will BO transcripts be released?
>>17627909, >>17627933 Trump Sues CNN, Alleging It Has Used a Series of Defamatory Labels to Describe Him
>>17627643 Former Russian president comments on Musk’s Ukraine proposal
>>17628048 #21614

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>>17626473 #21612, >>17627253 #21613
>>17624173 #21609, >>17624935 #21610, >>17625673 #21611 
>>17622595 #21607-B, >>17622536 #21607-A, >>17628212 #21608
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