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I'm moving out of state - do I have to change...

I'm moving out of state - do I have to change auto insurance companies?
Simply how much is motor insurance to get a 16-year old in europe/alberta? 
"I live in california on touring the united states for a while residing in my vehicle"In case you have insurance on a carThen when I got my permit when I was 19 about 2 yrs ago I was routinely wear my parents nationwide insurance that has been good because I owned one among her cars but now she merely has one car and although I do however reside at home I'm the full time pupil in a community college so she frequently pushes me around so she could keep the car therefore to be able to conserve money might I be able to fall myself from her auto insurance policy since I-don't really drive anyhow? 
Car- insurance at parents address or hired? 
Anyone wish to provide me a rough estimation with this auto insurance quote? 
What's the most effective sort of life insurance to get? Which is most economical? 
Is it better to repair cars with insurance provider or regarded mechanic? 
Can someone clarify me somethings about Motor Insurance? 
"I've bcbs of arizona. My mommy got me personally it when I was there
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