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Nike Air Max 90 Ice Wolf Grey White Nike...

Nike Air Max 90 Ice Wolf Grey White  Nike Air Max 97 Trainer White Wolf Grey  Nike Air Max
Hilarious how I can get literally the exact same product with same process of making and materials, for 5% of the “real” price🤣 don't be stupid 
 Bro this is a long shot . Do you still have this outfit . I'll legit buy it off you this is too fire man😂 
 Does anyone know where I can find Yeezy and Jordan…, shoes at a good price, maybe less than 100$. I would like to order 
 I feel like I have a fake but it looks so much better than those lol. The only tell tail is the insole and slight color difference of the rubber on the bottom. Got it for 137 bucks tho I aint compla g xD 


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