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>>14797016, >>14797011, >>14797029 Anons vids on Barbara Bush. Dwarfs, dead foetus, really a man?
>>14797027, >>14797033, >>14797038, >>14797040, >>14797046, >>14797054 Vaccine Injuries
>>14797048 Biden and the First Lady Honor Fallen Heroes at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial (ytube)
>>14797060 Prescribed burn gets out of hand, prompts evacuations in California
>>14797068 Delta Air Lines ditches "divisive" #COVID19 vaccine mandate, CEO Ed Bastian announces
>>14797069, >>14797325 Baltimore & Chicago Police Union's tell officers to not comply with vax mandates
>>14797085,>>14797304 Nebr. AG ruling on IVM & HCQ: Allowing physicians to consider these early treatments
>>14797092, >>14797097, >>14797110, >>14797131, >>14797185 Dig on Beau Biden and General Ray Odierno
>>14797108 Chelsea Clinton arrives with mom Hillary to visit Bill as he spends his fifth day in hospital
>>14797129 This article examines issues related to COVID-19 inoculations for children.
>>14797288 Assistant To US House Sergeant At Arms Charged With 10 Possession Of Child Porn Felonies
>>14797293 Apple Removes Quran and Bible Apps in China at the Request of Govt Officials
>>14797296 Worth noting. Where will 'perishable freight' go?
>>14797315 Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich: Facebook Admits to Aiding Human Smuggling
>>14797319 , >>14797322, >>14797324 DOJ Press Releases. Fetanyl Distributor, Boeing 737 Max...
>>14797349 Michigan officials charge 3 women with attempted voter fraud in 2020 election
>>14797356 John Bolton blames Trump for Covid-19 deaths. Laments Afghanistan Withdrawal. Regime Change Iran. 
>>14797365 Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock loses UN Africa job hours after celebrating the appointment online 
>>14797373 US Navy outlines discharge policy for unvaccinated sailors
>>14797385 Merck is set to get $712 per treatment course for its COVID-19 pill from the U.S. government
>>14797423 Virginia Tech To Limit Football Attendance After Viral ‘F**k Joe Biden’ Chant
>>14797435 Berlin Elections to be Reviewed and Possibly Rerun Due to Voting ‘Irregularities’
>>14797527 Soros-tied group met with FBI during Russia collusion probe, hired Christopher Steele
>>14797533 Additional sexual assault accusation revealed against Shimon Peres
>>14797583, >>14797653 Russian Defense Ministry summons US military attache over Sea of Japan destroyer incident
>>14797595 WTF!? Biden’s USAID Launches $125 Million Project To Find 12,000 New Viruses.
>>14797636 Three charged in ‘highly disturbing’ child pornography cases in Martin County
>>14797637, >>14797672 5.3 EQ George Town

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