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"Magic Mike 3": The blooper with the erotic...

"Magic Mike 3": The blooper with the erotic dance Salma Hayek received
In the month of November 2021, the release was released that the popular story of 'Magic Mike" would be released to theaters in 2021 with one final film which would wrap up the story: 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'. The main actor used his social media accounts to give some homages to the film in which he uploaded a photo from the film's script. 
The storyline for the final installment of the story was in charge of Reid Carolin, who was also in charge of the first two films. Who was directing the tape was legendary director Steven Soderberg, who directed the initial installment of the acclaimed saga of dancers. 
The long wait finally came to an end, because almost a year after the first wink we received from the film, we finally got to view a trailer of the latest film in the series that will be released on the 10th of February by the producer Warner Bros. 
In 'Magic Mike's Last Dancing' we witness the main character's long absence from the London stage after one of his businesses did not go as planned. There, Watch Magic Mike's Last Dance bumps into a lady with a lot of money (Salma Hayek) who will make an offer that's impossible to turn down. Risking everything, our protagonist has the mission to train the next generation of dancers. 
With just a few days finish before the film's debut, actress and Mexican Salma Hayek was one of the major actresses of the film, came as a guest for the Jimmy Kimmel show to, in addition, speak about the film, and also to talk about what the process of filming was like. this. 
"The tape also presented an technical issue. There is a part that is not where I am with my head down, near to the floor. The issue is that when you are in this position it is difficult to follow your direction. I did not do what I was supposed to do. In rehearsal, I fell upside down and nearly hit myself," the actress commented with a laugh. 
Despite the minor inconvenience, the situation has not become out of control. The issue was when Tatum tried to help her to stop her from hitting her head. 
"He held my pants so I wouldn't slide off. In that moment, I was scared because my pants were falling apart and I couldn't remember if he was wearing underwear at the time. Instead of putting my hands on my head to shield myself, I pulled up my pants. He then told him: "Raise your hands!" and Isaid "No No, no, I'm not." It was only when they all came in and removed me from him. He then said, "What's wrong with you?" and I "What's my problem? You almost killed me! ", Hayek recounted, the interviewer bursting into laughter. 
It is certain that the most recent installment of the saga has many surprises in store for us, since as we can see, the actors have an enjoyable time, despite the impasses that occur in rehearsals. 

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