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Chapter 23 Beginning Of The Auction save carve 
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Yuan's mouth fallen to the ground immediately after ability to hear her phrases. Can not be purchased with money? To imagine Xiao Hua could be so large that she'd give out something similar to that absolutely free! He suddenly noticed the need to cover his forearms around her and embrace her strongly! 
"Depending on treasures excessive will have an effect on your Cultivation, Du Bai, Du Hai." Xuan Wuhan reminded them after observing their thrilled expressions. 
They laughed loudly. 
However, like they did not discover her, the Du Brothers extended to stare in the armor. 
"Of course! We acquired it!" 
'Life is difficult even inside a game, huh…' he sighed inwardly. 
"Their family should be filthy unique..." Yuan imagined when he seen them memorialize. 
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"Soul Conditioning Pill… it provides a brain-comforting effect, letting you obtain better final results during Farming. I want this!" Xuan Wuhan gripped her hands towards a fist. 
 inside of a dog house 
"..." Yuan's media hype for Alchemists immediately dipped after hearing Xiao Hua's 'encouraging' thoughts. 
On the other hand, the Du Siblings resting on the reverse side of his family table have been glaring in the metallic armour with drooling view. 
Even so, just like they failed to pick up her, the Du Brothers carried on to gaze with the armour. 
An attractive young lady shown up about the stage that has a amazing grin plus a pleasant att.i.tude, lightening the atmosphere despite the dimmed lighting fixtures. 
"110,000 Gold bullion!" The Du Buddy immediately bid. 
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"Counting on treasures far too much will have an affect on your Farming, Du Bai, Du Hai." Xuan Wuhan reminded them right after viewing their ecstatic expressions. 
A matter of minutes down the road, the Flame Lotus Palm Strike was bought by an older gentleman inside the VIP Room for 48,000 Golden. 
Yuan's sight nearly popped outside of its sockets following hearing the cost. 
"The 3rd piece is really a Tier 3 supplement, Soul Fortifying Capsule with 80Per cent purity, constructed from the well-known 3-Legend Alchemist, Bai Ming!" 
 wulfric the weapon thane 
"The 3rd merchandise can be a Level 3 capsule, Spirit Fortifying Product with 80Per cent purity, designed through the renowned 3-Celebrity Alchemist, Bai Ming!" 
"h.e.l.lo, prestigious guests! Here you are at the Azure Phoenix Auction House! I will be your primary hold nowadays, Qing Qing!" 
"120,000 Precious metal! 
Considering that all his expertise were definitely either personal-educated or explained by Xiao Hua, they were all absolutely free. He simply can not picture paying off an Globe-standard competency, much less a talent on the Divine-level. 
"The third item is often a Tier 3 product, Heart and soul Developing Dietary supplement with 80Per cent wholesomeness, created with the well-known 3-Superstar Alchemist, Bai Ming!" 
"Then without additional ado, let me tell you the first product for today's public auction — an The planet-standard average quality chest platter manufactured from sterling silver steel, letting it have nearly no bodyweight while retaining substantial defenses! Providing this armour is in your system, all injury dealt by those below the Mindset Grasp realm will likely be decreased by 50 %!" 
"The commencing cost for those armor shall be 100,000 Gold bullion!" Qing Qing reported. 
Xiao Hua recognized his wish for the armour in Yuan's view and spoke, "Buddy Yuan, though it may sound potent, it'll only job when your challenger is beneath the Mindset Expert degree. Along with your ability, you'll be battling Heart Masters right away! What's additional, with Xiao Hua listed here, n.o.body will damage you, even when they are a Soul Grandmaster!" 
"130,000 Gold!" 
 sun and saddle leather 
"..." Yuan's media hype for Alchemists immediately dipped soon after ability to hear Xiao Hua's 'encouraging' phrases. 
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"I see…" Yuan nodded almost like he grasped a little something. 

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