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Question on insurance for a new driver!!...

Question on insurance for a new driver!! (california)?
Health insurance.? 
Motor Insurance need guidance? 
Searching for the top rates in auto insurance and Speedy!? 
Which is cheap when it comes to insurance? 
"I need bracesSoo my boy found myself in a vehicle accident it was one other people mistake he forgot to produce. There is no insurance on my sons car but because it may be the other owners problem does his insurance pay for my kids car? 
Is not it patriotic to need all Americans to own access to affordable health? 
Auto Insurance Coverage along with a DUI Concern? 
Where's the top place for me personally to get motor insurance.thanks to all that would have been corsa 1.0 that is vauxhaul 
"From these cars"Though I've been examining the Economical Care Act in the boss's area (I workin HR)Teen insurance expense on a leased c300? 
Any good insurance is known by everyone? 
Because of Obamcare? How many of you or your employeers plan on sacrificing coverage...and spending the good ($500) because its cheaper...and then when you get tired (pre existing situation) buying insurance. Does one morons not view this is the identical thing Fannie/Freddie did for the property market? And that THE COMPLETE healthcare industry will probably failure? 
"I'd want to buy a vehicle after just moving my test
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