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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
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>>17633130 Bobulinski: Jim Biden Called Him Middle of His Interview with the FBI in Oct. During 2020 Election…But No One Was on the Line
>>17633135 Bobulinski: Hunter received over $5 million in biz dealings w/the Chinese
>>17633143 Joe Biden's Car Collection
>>17633146 CIA Sabotaged Soviet Pipeline to Europe in 1982 – US Software Caused Massive Explosion in Siberian Pipeline Seen From Space
>>17633156, >>17633168 First half of Tucker with Tony Bobulinski interview tonight
>>17633183, >>17633619, >>17633683 OPEN QUESTION FOR GRAMMAR FAGGOT(S)
>>17633201 Police: California serial killer ‘on a mission’ in slayings
>>17633208 BO on captcha
>>17633226 What’s Next for Twitter: Layoffs, a Purge of Spam Accounts, and Trump’s Return
>>17633232 EU agrees to impose price cap for Russian oil – Politico
>>17633241 New York Times Cheers for Ukrainian Nazi Fighters Recently Released by Russia
>>17633307, >>17633310, >>17633315, >>17633320 Maricopa County 2022 Elections Command Center speaks about the upcoming November election
>>17633309 Planned Parenthood Pimps Puberty Blockers In Cartoon Aimed At Kids 
>>17633312, >>17633340, >>17633443, >>17633548 Re LA DA George Gascon: Patriot Games, Watching a movie - Watch CA related
>>17633356 Full Bobulinski Interview
>>17633360 PEDO BUN 4 October 22
>>17633367 OPERATION RODEO: 65 Fugitives From Southern NJ Arrested in Massive Sweep: US Marshals
>>17633372, >>17633397 Biden is set to travel to New York to raise funds for Senate Democrats - call to digg on Rupert Murdoch's son James
>>17633378 QClock October 4, 2022 - Free Assange 
>>17633391, >>17633388 POTUS T: The great country singer, Loretta Lynn, passed away today. She was beautiful both inside and out, with the voice of an angel
>>17633395 Ron DeSantis tears into 'illegal alien' looters who should not be in the US 'at all' after they were arrested for ransacking homes
>>17633411 Fake FLOTUS: Today marks 50 years of Dale Haney’s service to the gardens and grounds of the White House
>>17633412, >>17633425, >>17633444 A malfunctioning South Korean ballistic missile blew up as it plowed into the ground Wednesday during a live-fire drill with the US
>>17633396, >>17633431, >>17633438 Devin Nunes TS: Will you let your friends who own Samsung phones know we are now in the Samsung play store? 
>>17633419 Donald Trump Jr: Re Tony Bobulinski reveals that he presented evidence to the FBI... retweeted, changed Thai to that.
>>17633448 Planefag Reports
>>17633462 'I want my documents back!' Trump says National Archives should RETURN files seized in Mar-a-Lago raid 
>>17633474 The first transgender Barbie
>>17633496, >>17633505 Elon Musk Discussing X , The everything app. TRANSHUMANISM
>>17633503 @SuVergnolle: I am thrilled to be live tweeting @FDCA_UNIL Cedidac Conference w/former US AG Loretta Lynch!
>>17633544 Ukrainian central bank Governor Kyrylo Shevchenko unexpectedly resigned, citing health reasons
>>17633601 Report: FEMA mismanaged Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds after Maria
>>17633631 Education Secretary Miguel Cardona: Students Need Access to Abortion to Thrive in School and in Life
>>17633652 The Defense Department is reviewing a key diversity official’s Twitter posts disparaging white people after 22 Republican legislators pressed the Pentagon
>>17633789 Banned Comedian Unleashes a Torrent of Truth Bombs in Epic Rant
>>17633819 BREAKING: ICAN just won a huge lawsuit against the CDC forcing them to turn over their V-SAFE Covid V Injury Data - new searchable Dashboard...
>>17633831 Supreme Court sets deadline' for DOJ response to Trump request over Mar-a-Lago search, next Tuesday at 5 p.m.
>>17633906 #21622

>>17632359, >>17632381 CEO Eugene Yu, of 'Konnech' ELECTIONS SOFTWARE HAS BEEN ARRESTED -
>>17632367 China launches police station in New York City -
>>17632377 FBI tracked Aretha Franklin for 40 years, declassified documents show 0 twat
>>17632388 Switzerland resists handover of Russian assets to Ukrain - (irs non profit newsfeed asset)
>>17632394 POTUS45 dined at Forbidden Palace? - Qdrop 140 and anon opine
>>17632396 Back in 2015 Former senator Bill Heffernan claimed he had a police document that lists 28 prominent people suspected of being pedophile - aussie source
>>17632413 Herschel Walker Campaign Says Fundraising Surged After Media Attacks - breitbart
>>17632415, >>17632465, >>17632491, Election Company Konnech CEO Eugene Yu Arrested in Los Angeles for Theft of Personal Data of Election Workers – Sent to China! - gwp
>>17632421 When I Hear America First, that Scares Me”: NBA Coach Uses Training Camp to Indoctrinate Players in Radical Leftist Ideology - breitbart
>>17632423 Germaphobe Howard Stern leaves 'bunker' to dine with pals for first time since 2020 - twat
>>17632424 US and South Korea militaries fired 4 missiles after North Korea launched missile that overflew Japan -twat
>>17632425, >>17632494  #21620 + Additional notes 
>>17632432 Thomas Massie: ‘The Big Guy Has Never Shared His 10% with Florida’ Hurricane Victims - breitbart
>>17632445 Ketanji Brown Jackson Tries Bogus ‘Originalist’ Argument for Racial Discrimination - breitbart
>>17632451, >>17632453, Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app - elon musk twat and topic
>>17632462 Trump Tells ‘My Son Hunter’ Star Fox: Boris Messed up By Going Woke - breitbart
>>17632470 What Governments worldwide don’t want the public to know - screencaps needs source
>>17632490 Leaked Emails Confirm UN Gave Names of Dissidents to CCP -
>>17632495 Over 3.7m (6.4 per cent) havent gotten Covid vaccine, in USA 21% are not vaccinated at all. -
>>17632510 Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry said fuel subsidies would be eliminated, causing prices to double. -
>>17632524 Drop for Democrats Among Black Voters - breitbart
>>17632532 Trump’s SCOTUS application is addressed to Justice Clarence Thomas, as he’s the justice assigned to oversee the Eleventh Circuit, so this is his geographic area. - twat maggie haberman
>>17632541 Chinese National on Student Visa Convicted of Spying for China Before Enlisting in U.S. Army - breitbart 
>>17632542 Former hacker sentenced for stealing computer power to mine cryptocurrency and stealing the personal information of more than 100 million people -
>>17632548 Wishing an easy fast to all those who begin the observance of Yom Kippur tonight. - twat adam schiff
>>17632561 Five Current or Former IRS Employees Charged with Defrauding Federal COVID-19 Relief Programs -
>>17632564 Kids with head lice should be allowed to attend school, new report says - twat
>>17632994 #21621-A

>>17632613 U.S. Election Software Company Previously Built Confucius Institute 'Communication Platform'
>>17632645, >>17632617 Trump calls on Supreme Court to block DOJ from using classified docs found at Mar-a-Lago
>>17632580, >>17632594 The True History of Republican Party Colors
>>17632537, >>17632547, >>17632647 Russell Gay Gould needs to furnish proof of his claims if he wants to continue advertising on QR for free
>>17632609 Supreme Court rejects appeal from 10 states opposing Biden’s COVID jab mandate for healthcare workers
>>17632643 New LGBT Scooby Doo movie for kids: Velma is "finally" a lesbian 
>>17632719 Arizona Dems’ Push to Overturn School Choice Expansion Fails
>>17632756 Drone footage of the devastation in Ft Meyers
>>17632760 Trump Blasts Attacks on Herschel Walker
>>17632783 In Only 2 Days, New York Times Hit Piece on a “Conspiracy Theory Target” Becomes “TRUTH”
>>17632787 TikTok investors linked with Democratic politicians, as Biden moves to keep company in U.S: Report
>>17632800 Legal group demands a dozen schools change 'unconstitutional' policies
>>17632802 Researchers use Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to vaccinate humans in NIH-funded malaria study
>>17632808 Republican poised to lead House Intel panel reportedly wants more oversight, less partisanship
>>17632824 Two prominent conservatives say they're considering suing federal government for censorship
>>17632836 Harvey Weinstein appears in LA court d
>>17632839 Iowa Sen. Ernst introduces bill to ban federal funding for EcoHealth Alliance
>>17632850 Supreme Court To Decide Whether YouTube Can Be Sued For Abetting Terrorism
>>17632852 Florida Rep. introduces a bill that would allow the DHS Secretary to secure the border
>>17632858 Watchdog report finds FEMA failed to effectively manage Hurricane Maria money, with Ian help coming
>>17632897, >>17632912, >>17632925 Tony Bobulinski being a patriot and having top secret security clearances from the NSA and from the Department of Energy, decided to stand up before the election
>>17632968 US and South Korea test-fire missiles in continued response after North Korea launch
>>17633007 Not one Mainstream media acknowledged Bobulinski's existence until Tucker tonight
>>17632998 #21621-B

>>17631951 dough
>>17631981, >>17632191, forces twats
>>17632001, >>17632016, >>17632043, >>17632051, >>17632101, US risks ‘direct conflict’ with Russia over Ukraine – envoy - (irs asset, non profit newsfeed)
>>17632056, >>17632082,  woke and commie twat noise and articles
>>17632065, >>17632071, >>17632141, memes
>>17632087 Documents within the KGB Archive.- unredacted
>>17632109 CSIS provides national security and foreign policy advise to the US Govt. Tomorrow they have a live event: #NAFO and winning the ‘information war’. This is about the $100m @CIA botnet that has been terrorizing @twitter and most recently @elonmusk for suggesting peace in Ukraine. - kim.dotcom
>>17632098, >>17632115, >>17632117, Snoopy is Going to Space on NASA's Artemis I Moon Mission - youtube and
>>17632118, >>17632125, October 4, 2022: Head of Election Worker Management Software Arrested in Connection with Theft of Personal Data - Konnech Chief Executive Officer Eugene Yu -
>>17632133 Glenn Beck Presents: Ukraine, The Democrats' Russia - youtube
>>17632157 Coolio Breaks The Oath Exposes Disturbing Sex Acts He Was Asked To Perform - youtube
>>17632158,  >>17632170, >>17632172, >>17632179, >>17632181, >>17632187, >>17632189, >>17632192, >>17632198, >>17632204, >>17632221, The ACLU Loses Its Way - and snowden twat nom.
>>17632196 #21615
>>17632180 board owner post
>>17632233, >>17632266, >>17632301, djt screenshots of multiple posts
>>17632304 Biden to Attend Democrat Fundraiser at the Home of Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch’s Son James - gwp
>>17632305, >>17632314, Trump filed an emergency request asking the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in the Mar-a-Lago documents case.
>>17632310 Donald Trump calls Boris Johnson 'woke' as he defends Liz Truss over taxes - youtube (trump on farage sit in Lawrence fox)
>>17632344 Elon Musk Confirms Intention to Buy Twitter, SEC Filing Shows -
>>17632425 #21620 notables at 350, bread locked

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