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>>16455407 Kevin Spacey granted bail over sexual assault charges -
>>16455445 NHS board says 'eunuch' should formally be recognised as a gender -
>>16455468, >>16455471, >>16455475, >>16455487, the senate schedule today, house and senate, plus pelosi press conf at 10.45 edt
>>16455518 Jan. 6 committee schedule: Hearings on Thursday, Tuesday, Thursday. - twat J6 schedule.
>>16455541, >>16455769, New CNN boss Chris Licht's latest crackdown at network BANS staff from calling Trump's election fraud claims 'the big lie' because it is a Democratic party catchphrase - daily mail
>>16455560 Santander Bank Pumps £500,000 Into Fuelling Racial Grudge Culture -daily mail
>>16455594, >>16455623, Baby formula shortage: White House to ship more than 44,000 pounds - and youtube nestle corp
>>16455606 WAYNE ROOT: Will the Whole Hollywood Soon Be Either Dead like Ray Liotta, or Paralyzed Like Justin Bieber? Will They Still Trust Lies of Government and the CDC -gwp (if they see this article, would they say it is tinfoil hat conspiracy?)
>>16455614 fauci due to testify tomorrow, get covid - chad pergram (need source)
>>16455634, >>16455650, >>16455698, >>16455724, >>16455775, >>16455802, >>16455818, >>16455831, >>16455893, >>16455904, >>16455978, Marines load a HIMARS in support of exercise Valiant Shield 2022 - forces twats. (the calm before the storm)
>>16455856 keystone financial fed - mp4 vid
>>16455637 New reports finds billions of dollars laundered through B.C. casinos, prompting calls for action - twat (yes, they legalized gambling in 48 states on nov 4, one day after stolen election)
>>16455658 Class-action privacy lawsuit against Google to proceed - washington post
>>16455749 Squid Game: The Challenge reality series coming to Netflix boasting BIGGEST cash prize in TV history with $4.56MILLION and whopping 456 player field -
>>16455753, >>16456075, groomer and pedo topic
>>16455590 eye drop video for digital soldier - mp4 vid notable called.
>>16455828 King Hypocrite Obama to Install Massive 2,500 Gallons Propane Tank for his Seaside Home in Martha’s Vineyard - gwp
>>16455835, >>16455842, Angelina Jolie Admits to ‘Gruesome Illuminati Blood Rituals - and britney
>>16455805 poll call - turn the tide - bnn newsroom. twat
>>16455859 Florida woman who found Ashley Biden's diary under fbi investigation for selling journal - daily mail
>>16455868 "FULL INTERVIEW: Ex-BBC hack #PaulMason plotted to de-platform and smear left and black group - youtube george galloway 
>>16455880 John Hinkley, the man who shot Ronald Reagan released from prison - youtube
>>16455915 IL wow, whens the last time they had a Republican Governor - cortes twat
>>16455942 Her husband is in DC gulag for J6 - twat and mp4 vid
>>16455954, >>16455970, Bloody War.’ Capitol Police first warned about violence two weeks before Jan. 6 riots, memos show - justthenews (need source)
>>16455938, >>16455986, >>16455994, >>16456051, WATCH LIVE: The Senate Health committee holds hearing on the federal response to COVID-19 - youtube fauci live via video call
>>16455849 What have federal employees been doing all this time?I didnt even know that mandate was still in force - twat
>>16456002 Our POTUS is backing all the outsiders, just like him - twat
>>16456068 HARD EVIDENCE - ELECTION FRAUD - NEW MEXICO - audit anon.
>>16456076 Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday congratulated Rep. Nancy Mace -
>>16456090, >>16456094 Residents of Montana's largest city are warned water supply could run out in 36 HOURS after the only local treatment plant was inundated by devastating floods that have also closed Yellowstone National Park 'indefinitely' for first time in decades - dailymail
>>16456087  #20818

>>16454608, >>16454656, >>16454660, >>16454699, >>16455274 Meme notable nom
>>16454721 From the archives: Mo Ibrahim: Billionaire “Clinton Foundation supporter”
>>16454821 Dr Fauci, 81, tests positive for Covid
>>16454844, >>16454946, >>16454947 Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and torture at Gitmo
>>16454903 NY Dem Mondaire Jones used COVID rule to vote by proxy while living it up at HBO star’s wedding in France
>>16454913 Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers ask for light sentence over childhood trauma
>>16454965 SCOTUS: Border agents can make warrantless arrests at homes under 100mi from border
>>16454970 Silent heart condition predicted to kill 40,000 Brits over next five years
>>16454987 A Rose By Any Other Name: “Let’s not call this myocarditis”
>>16454998 ‘Squad’ Rep. Bowman predicts ‘civil war’ if GOP takes control in midterms
>>16455008 Gail Golec Official Channel In less than 24 hours from the date of the SOS’s filing, the Supreme Court of New Mexico is ordering Otero to certify its election results...
>>16455009 Michigan AG Makes Startling Statements on Drag Queens, Later Claims She Was Just Joking
>>16455020, >>16455024, >>16455035 Uncovered Documentation Connects Trudeau To Barry Sherman Murder Case  -  June 15, 2022
>>16455045 MSN Highlights Survey Showing ‘Severe COVID-19 Rare In Unvaccinated’ After Months Of ‘Safe And Effective’ Propaganda
>>16455055, >>16455095 101 Seconds Of Trump Genius
>>16455061 FDA committee votes to approve the EUA for the Pfizer vaccine for infants and kids aged 6 months through 4 years. 
>>16455060, >>16455068, >>16455171, >>16455282 Courtroom audio sheds light on case at the heart of Utah County controversy
>>16455230 Pfizer’s former global Head for Respiratory Diseases: “No team I was ever part of would have picked the spike protein I believe they did it on purpose...
>>16455242 moar fuggery?  Flooding pauses baby formula production at Abbott's Sturgis, MI Plant
>>16455244 It's a Cult: "if you want to control people, you have to control the way they think. And to control the way they think, you have to control their language"...
>>16455299, >>16455301 Canada’s Apotex Donates Two Million Dosages of Hydroxychloroquine to the Public Health Agency of Canada
>>16455335 TheFDAis in the process of shutting down the CBD industry. issuing them with "warning letters" saying they are manufacturing "unapproved drugs".
>>16455359 #20817

>>16453814 Abortion Group Declares ‘Open Season’ on Pro-Lifers, Warns Next Protests Won’t Be As ‘Easily Cleaned Up as Fire and Graffiti’
>>16453821 79 Buses Dropped Illegal Migrants Off on Biden's Front Steps
>>16453834, >>16453844 highest monthly number of migrants ever recorded crossed the southwest border into the U.S. in May
>>16453847, >>16453983 Vaxxed Sperm No Longer Swimming? Vaxxed Embryos No Longer Growing? Atoadaso!
>>16453863 Childhood Trauma and Violence Are Risk Factors Existing in Majority of US Mass Shooters
>>16453873 George Soros Spent $18 Billion to Control the Media, Defund the Police, and Elect Liberal Prosecutors
>>16453880 Fauci was supposed to testify against Rand Paul tomorrow. This is his way to get out of getting roasted by Rand
>>16453883 John Hinkley, the man who shot Ronald Reagan released from prison
>>16453896, >>16453922 We seem to have a problem with our cattle today
>>16453964, >>16453997 Secure your food processing plants! Access control. Cameras with thermal and night vision. Guards. Something is going on!
>>16453996, >>16454405, >>16454427, >>16454440 Merkel shakes uncontrollably during military parade
>>16453987 Two former US servicemen captured in Ukraine after ‘absolutely crazy’ mission: report
>>16454029 Rep. Boebert says she'll take legal action against PAC that claimed she had two abortions, worked as an escort
>>16454038 For the keks: Catturd: If you still support Joe Biden - you have the IQ of snot
>>16454047 BlackRock Sells Out US Interests For 'Personal Favors' In China, Consumer Group Director Says (video)
>>16454056 Supreme Court of New Mexico is ordering Otero to certify its election results This is tyranny
>>16454088  Tom Hanks appears unable to control his shaking right hand while holding a microphone (video)
>>16454095, >>16454130, >>16454153 Planefag: Boeing B-52H Stratofortress 60-0059. Call sign 00000000. Nose art "The Devil's Own". Could be headed out over the Gulf of Mexico?
>>16454136 Michigan Attorney General Dirty Dana Nessel says drag queens should be in every school
>>16454141 Planefag: Two SAMs up  190 & 247, includes remindr posts Q #190 & #247
>>16454142 Federal agent charged with sexually groping passenger
>>16454187 Planefag: There's a lot of gas up over the central US
>>16454193 Game Over, They’re Pulling the Plug – Bill Holter
>>16454205 Scientist who predicted Boxing Day tsunami says another disaster is coming
>>16454217 Anonnoticing no space between "incumbent and the" on @realDonaldTrump TS?
>>16454218 PEDO BUN 15 June 22
>>16454229 Another Top Staffer Leaves Biden Admin – White House Counsel Departing Next Month
>>16454235 When this is all over, Anon don't want fame, Anon don't want money, Anon don't want anything other than to be left alone. Well, Anon did ask for a postcard signed by with signatures of the individuals from Q Team
>>16454268 BHP announces plans to close NSW's largest coal mine at Mt Arthur by 2030
>>16454297 American Business Elites Have Become Lobbyists For China, Expert Says - Tyler Durden
>>16454348 At least 8 shot in spate of NYC shootings overnight: cops
>>16454369 Notepassing
>>16454395 Incredible news from VA - Youngkin stays dedicated to school choice. Hopefully Abbott will follow suit here in Texas.
>>16454532 Saudi seizes rainbow toys in ‘homosexuality’ crackdown
>>16454533 Justin Trudeau appears to contradict top minister over why the Emergencies Act was used
>>16454561 #20816

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