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Update v20210916:
Fixed a display issue within the Spellbook.
Fixed multiple crash and disconnect issues.
Egan and Cygnus no longer get stuck when using abilities
Endless Leaderboards will be wiped
Bug Fixes
Players can now opt-out of posting score to the leaderboard
Improved friend invite functionality
Improved games list functionality
Fixed issue where game would freeze when switching to certain weapons
Fixed War Scenario navigation issues causing large units to attack barricades
Archer Guardians now face their target when firing
Guardians now take the correct amount of damage from flyers
Fixed Scramble rift point and seed issues after client completed a coop run
Fixed issue where Scramble leaderboards would occasionally spin endlessly
Decoys can no longer be placed in War Machine slots
Improved navmesh pathing issues in all scenarios (walking above or in the ground)
Gibs no longer visible when in Gore disabled
Fixed a variety of missing localization and text overrun issues
Removed resolution option in windowed full screen
Polish/Visual Bugs
General UI Polish
Gear upgrade indicator moved to improve readability
New Endless Map and Scramble indicator “!” now working properly
Balance Changes
Fixed bug that caused electrocuted status effect to not always go off on death.
Added visual to indicate electrified status effect trigger more clearly.
Fire Fiend Overlord flame attack range increased.
Update v20210811:
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue where Saw blades would get stuck in enemy units and do constant damage over a short period of time.
Fixed an issue where the client in a coop game would start seeing the wisps and countdown before the previous wave finished.
Bug fixed with enemy speed increase effects not being applied in some places. This would include enemies rift rushing when the player dies, and Ogres charging.
Deep Freeze unique acid upgrade now applies status effect for correct duration.
Deep Freeze with increased ranged upgrade now shows VFX in narrow hallways
Snow Canon now drops target when out of range
Snow Cannon acid upgrade that adds melting status effect for correct duration.
Bank of Archers now using their cool down.
Arcane dragon's projectile is no longer stopped by Boom Barrels
Acid Geyser now applies status effect for correct amount of time.
Enemies now take the correct amount of impact damage when falling
Removed co-op nodes that have lightning flyers spawning in Warmage on Aqueducts
Scramble: Constant Physical AOE Buff Aura looks the same from all distances
Scramble: Controller can now reroll debuffs and exit detail modes
Scramble: Losing a scenario no longer adds the scenario score to the Total Score
Fixed issue where some traps didn't work when using Arabic language
Hosted games now refresh properly for newly joined players and no longer timeout.
Fixed issue where hosted games would be removed from games list if levels were changed
Fixed issue where players could resell traps rapidly 
Fixed issue where Barricades Placed On Player Spawn Points In Endless Scenarios 3 and 6 Cause Player To Get Stuck
Overlord Bladestaff and normal Bladestaff now share quest tracking
Arcane Dragon Trap no longer bounces multiple times for Client
Broadsword text uses "infront" instead of "in front"
Swinging mace loading screen "dmamge"
Settings - Horizontal Inversion label missing
Collector Achievement is now counting correctly
Reported by Community
Polish/Visual Bugs
Low Graphics Light Orc's use correct material when gibbed
Scramble help screen or screens added to the help carousel via options menu
General UI Polish
Added death FX to guardians
Death VFX Polish for Low end settings
Cragg when gibs now uses correct model
UI - Difficulty UI updated
Weapon - Alchemist Satchel VFX update
Wisps now only have shields in Rift Lord difficulty
Balance Changes
Bank of Archers price increased.
The Bowling Boulder damage was doubled.
The Bowling Boulder speed increased.
Ceiling Laser damage reduced.
Ceiling Laser fire damage upgrade reduced.
Ceiling Laser collision area of lasers reduced.
Guardian Archers damage and range increased.
Tar Trap level upgrades slow amount reduced.
Auto-Ballista cooldown and reset delay reduced.
Arcane Dragon cost reduced.
Arcane Dragon projectile lifetime increased to accommodate bouncing better.
Double Barricade cost reduced.
Confusion Flower fire speed increased.
Confusion Flower projectile explodes faster.
Decoy cost reduced.
Flame Bracer primary damage AoE radius increased.
Flame Bracer primary mana cost reduced.
Broadsword secondary damage increased.
Broadsword unique heal upgrade heal amount increased.
Crossbow stun AoE radius increased.
Crossbow stun projectile lifetime increased.
Stone Staff stoned duration decreased.
Wind Belt primary and secondary range increased.
Lava Pots pour duration increased.
Swinging Mace cooldown reduced.
Elven Short Swords attack speed upgrade increased.
Elven Short Swords secondary charge time reduced.
Tornado in a Box cooldown reduced.
Mega Flip Trap cooldown reduced.
Mega Flip Trap unique reduce cooldown upgrade cooldown reduced.
Mega Flip Trap trigger delay reduced.
Snow Blower trigger delay, cooldown and freeze duration all reduced

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