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Trump rally nra 14th april 2023

LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks at NRA Annual Meeting
President Trump: [The Second Amendment] is under siege, but we're going to save it for a long time to come…forever.
President Trump: For seven years, all of us here today have been engaged in an epic struggle against the corrupt forces and communist manaics, that are absolutely trying to destroy our country.
President Trump: 2024 is the year that we will defeat these nation-wrecking globalists, marxists, RINOs, and tyrants, once and for all.
President Trump: If you put me back in the White House, their reign is over, and American will be a free nation once again.
President Trump: On day one of my new term, I will stop Joe Biden's war on lawful gun owners. It's a war.
President Trump: We're led by stupid people. And let me tell you, we've never been in such danger in our life.
President Trump: I will take Biden's executive order, directing the federal government to target the firearms industry, and I will rip it up and throw it out on day one.
President Trump: We will pass legislation protecting the absolute right to self-defense with federal penalties for prosecutorial abuse, like we saw just recently in Texas.
President Trump: I will ask congress to send a bill to my desk for national concealed carry reciprocity…your Second Amendment must apply over state lines.
President Trump: The Biden gun control agenda is part and parcel of the left-wing crusade to weaponize government against law-abiding citizens, while letting criminals roam free.
President Trump: The politically-incorrect truth that no one on the left wants to admit, is that violent crime is rarely committed by legal gun owners. It is committed by a brutal class of hardened, repeat criminals.
Preident Trump: Let's be very clear, the issue is not too many guns, the issue is too many thugs, hoodlums, and savage criminals on our streets. Instead of getting these dangerous criminals into jail, we have radical DAs, attorney generals, prosecutors, all across this country, subverting the law to attack conservative people. And religious people. Evangelicals, Christians.
President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will deliver remarks at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN on Friday, April 14, 2023, at 4:30PM EDT.
President Trump: They're the party of disinformation, remember that. What they say, you can usually go the opposite. They say, "Oh Yeah, we want to run against Trump!" But in the meantime, they got five-thousand prosecutors after my ass.
President Trump: I will direct the DOJ to investigate every radical DA and attorney general in America for their illegal, race and reverse-based enforcement of the law.
President Trump: I will appoint a team of warrior-US attorneys, who will be the polar opposite of the Soros district attorneys…they will be the one hundred most ferocious crime fighters in American history, and I will task them with demolishing every gang, street crew, and criminal network they can find, piece by piece, until public safety is fully restored. And that means in democrat-run cities….at the top of the list is Washington DC itself…we have to take it over. We have to take over management of our capital.
President Trump: Our country has been chock-full of guns for centuries, and there was no talk of massacres of school children until around the year 2000. That's when it really started…this is not a gun problem, this is a mental health problem, this is a social problem, this is a cultural problem, this is a spiritual problem.
President Trump: We need to drastically change our approach to mental health. Upon my inauguration, I will direct the FDA to convene an outside panel to investigate whether transgender hormone treatments and ideology, increase the risk of extreme depression, aggression, and even violence.
President Trump: To defend our Constitution and the rule of law, I will give you my word today, that I will appoint rock-solid Constitutional Conservatives to crush the communists from our federal bench.
President Trump: The next time we have power, congress has to step up and stop this marxist revolution in it's tracks. We have a marxist revolution going on, and I think you're starting to see it…we have to stop it fast.
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President Trump: I have no doubt that we will, together as a group, Make America Great Again. I have no doubt.

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