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>>16752304 Whatever Happened to the Information of The DNC Law Firm Having an FBI Search Portal in Their DC Office?
>>16752311 EU released a handbook of the dankest hate memes
>>16752327 Duality of Woman.png
>>16752353, >>16752368, >>16752405 LIVE: Press Conference on Uvalde Report
>>16752356 JW in da house
>>16752362 “Israel” and the US growing apart with Potato Regime
>>16752397 Corrupt Bernie Sanders accuses Joe Manchin of corruption
>>16752398, >>16752497 Dems upset by their imported voter base making their way from the border into northern states
>>16752413 Digital Tyanny. Digital gulags. Complete social control. Stop and wonder why they suddenly need so much money for this war that makes virtually no sense.
>>16752430 Ivana Trump’s funeral will be held Wednesday at a historic Catholic church in the Upper East Side neighborhood where she lived
>>16752478 Zelensky explains why he fired Ukraine’s top security officials
>>16752507 New report finds nearly 400 law enforcement officers at Uvalde school shooting, blames all agencies for 'lackadaisical approach'
>>16752523 Congress Grants Pentagon $58 Billion More Than Requested: DOD Report
>>16752536, >>16752617, >>16752393 Easy maths: 17,07, 2022 = 1776
>>16752548 UNCLE EARL.mp4
>>16752560 Gen. Flynn: It's Time for Governors to Take a Stand Against Biden as Commanders in Chief of Their National Guards
>>16752611 @DineshDSouza Four Big Questions For Election Fraud Deniers
>>16752628 COCHISE COUNTY, AZ Sargent implements SABRE program on MX/AZ BORDER
>>16752632 School mask mandates get torn to shreds by new study
>>16752636, >>16752451, >>16752521, >>16752543, >>16752582, >>16752543 ChYna fuggery dig bun
>>16752659, >>16752711, >>16752996 Can they make vaccines without fetal tissue Interesting line of thought
>>16752727 @ChuckGrassley Tassel & silk emerging on corn Next wk I will tell u about development of ear Stay tuned #cornwatch
>>16752759 Canadian Chief of Emergency Medicine, Olympic Sailor, and Marathon Runner Dies Suddenly While on a Run
>>16752826 Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev warns of ‘Judgement Day’ for Zelenskyy Regime
>>16752849, >>16752758 Active shooter at Greenwood Park Mall Greenwood, Indiana
>>16752852 RE: [Purple carpet] - The most prized Phoenician goods were fabrics dyed with Tyrian purple
>>16752873 SBA disburses $1.49B in COVID-19 relief without budgets matching grant awards: inspector general
>>16752882 #21130 notes o7
>>16752921 Health Minister Brad Hazzard slammed as Blacktown and Westmead Hospital staff stage protest over nurse to patient ratios
>>16752964 German Minister still lying about mask efficacy...

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