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>>17384828 Armed Man Attacks FBI Office and is Then Killed by Police in Standoff
>>17384860 Do good things locally so the people can trust the election process.
>>17384885 World Economic Forum Calls For Merging Of Human And AI Intel To Censor "Hate Speech" & "Misinformation"
>>17384893 Glow Posts Emerge on a Truth Social Account Urging People to ‘Kill the FBI on Sight’
>>17384925 Catherine Herridge - President Trump's Florida home would be unsealed / I had a framework letter prepared. I think…it's a lot of Cabinet members did in this administration
>>17384971 Disney heiress says the company ignored Weinstein's sexual misconduct
>>17385004 Trump talked many years ago about "Archivists" having a lot of power about things?
>>17385005 ‘Nuclear weapons issue is a Hoax’: Trump pushes back on report of FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search
>>17385020 Jim W Live AMA after Revolution Radio Studio B
>>17385023, >>17385056 Thread on /pol/ RE: Trump/CLinton RICO Case
>>17385030 Florida publishes rule barring Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming health care
>>17385046 PF: Call sign NASA802. GULFSTREAM 3 N802A NASA NEIL A ARMSTRONG FLIGHT RESEARCH CENTER. Palmdale to Saskatoon.
>>17385061 DJT: Release The Documents NOW! mapping Q2340
>>17385108 PF: Call sign EDG494. Flight plan hidden from public view on FA.
>>17385114 FBI Recovered 11 Sets of Classified Documents in Trump Search, Inventory Shows
>>17385122 Democrats’ signature economic bill puts $200 billion toward deficit reduction and it's too dumb to comprehend
>>17385187 PF: Strange Zulu82
>>17385257 RICO - Trump v. Clinton et al
>>17385314 Speed - Bus # 2525 - Annual report on Nuclear Stockpile
>>17385320 PF: Call sign SPAR724. USAF LEARJET 3 86-0377. Wheels up out of Colorado Springs.
>>17385322, >>17385383 Kirsch drops truth bombs on Fox about the vaccine
>>17385326 The Next Big Money Evolution Will Be Printing International Money Via Human Intelligence
>>17385331 Stefanik: "This is the same agency leadership that protected Hillary Clinton."
>>17385347, >>17385361 Salmon Rushdie satanic verses author stabbed on stage in NY
>>17385418 Children's hospital offers 'gender-affirming hysterectomies' to 'eligible' teenagers
>>17385428, >>17385438 Q Drop 1848 - Iron Eagle / Is about the NRO/GOES/JPL/NOAA satellite imagery that was taking place on 9/11 over NYC. / Physical Effects of Sept. 11 Scrutinized From on High
>>17385482 Paul Sperry | FBI agents who raided Trump under criminal investigation by John Durham…
>>17385492 Meta cleans up AI chatbot that spewed anti-Semitism and election conspiracies
>>17385522 #GEOTUS keeps hinting at Obama's presidential library records
>>17385523 ABC News Chief Investigative Reporter: Americans Who Are Angry Over Trump Raid Are ‘Neo-Nazis’ Because Merrick Garland Is Jewish
>>17385550 #21310

>>17384052 Two Democratic lawmakers cast 10 proxy votes each on House floor in favor of $740B spending bill
>>17384074 POTATUS Biden - With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in the House / And while I plan to sign the Inflation Reduction Act into law next week
>>17384104 IRS Annual Report Shows Training of Heavily Armed Agents Raiding Suburban Homes
>>17384111 POTATUS Biden - Today, I proudly watched as House Democrats chose families over special interests. / 6:29 = 17
>>17384127 Grocery Inflation Hits Highest Level in 43 Years
>>17384139 “Why  is the Satanic Panic conspiracy theory making a return?"
>>17384141, >>17384589 China-Controlled TikTok Accused of Using Child Porn for 'Training'
>>17384177 USS CONSTITUTION  - Check out this photo from today’s underway! Huzzah!
>>17384180, >>17384419 Author Salman Rushdie stabbed on lecture stage in New York
>>17384212 New Science, Multiple Reports: COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Lung Blockages 
>>17384218 Two of our largest bread making plants go up in flames in Australia.  
>>17384233, >>17384543 House Democrats Pass the Senate’s Inflation Reduction Act
>>17384242 PEDO BUN 12 August 22
>>17384259 US National Archives Refutes Trump's Claims That Obama Took Classified Docs With Him
>>17384264 Eleven dead in mass shooting in Montenegro, state prosecutor says
>>17384295 PF - Call sign ORDER66. Boeing E-4B Nightwatch 73-1676. Eastward from Lincoln.
>>17384298 Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene - Read my articles of impeachment against Merrick Garland.
>>17384300 POTATUS Biden - In this historic moment, I want to thank Congressional Democrats for supporting the Inflation Reduction Act. / What Q post does this tweet remind you of?
>>17384328 Greg Gutfeld: FBI's seizure of classified records from Mar-a-Lago sounds like every hoax we've heard before
>>17384334, >>>>17384338,  >>17384413, >>17384428, >>17384449, >>17384481, >>17384499, >>17384500, >>17384601, >>17384610, >>17384645, >>7384655,  >>17384658 The Ryder Truck at Mar-A-Lago is comms somehow? / ME thinks the Ryder Truck is about Merrick Garland COMMS / Oklahoma City Bombing
>>17384344 Trump Warrant RELEASED; Republicans Responds to MAR-A-LAGO; CHENEY's Closing Arguments
>>17384390 All Hell Breaks Loose in Jalisco, Guanajuato following Cartel Arrests
>>17384399 US urged to release frozen Afghan funds
>>17384430 Judge Who OKed FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Warrant Recused in Trump–Clinton Case
>>17384436, >>17384479 Southern Baptist Convention says it is under investigation by Department of Justice
>>17384469 Maricopa County Supervisors Ask Judge To Sanction Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem and Kari Lake Over Lawsuit To Ban Voting Machines
>>17384472 Michael Flynn Was a Keystone in the CIA/Five-Eyes Plot to Frame Donald Trump
>>17384516 Trump is under investigation for violating the ESPIONAGE Act after FBI recovered 11 sets of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago
>>17384549 Mar-a-Lago Raid: Kash Patel on Search Warrants; Law Enforcement; Judge Reinhart
>>17384568 PATEL: The FBI Doesn’t Seem To Care Enough To Explain Their Trump Raid
>>17384590  How to post with changes to "Click to Reply"
>>17384605, >>17384615, >>17384619, >>17384625, >>17384631 The U.S.-China Economic and Security Commission.  Are These the People Who Knowingly Watched China Back the US Into Our Current Position?
>>17384706 Disturbing Proof They're Quietly Deleting the Internet…
>>17384709 8 people have been taken to the hospital after a car crashed into Irelands Four Courts in Arlington.
>>17384778 #21309

>>17383296, >>17383298, >>17383319, >>17383320, >>17383339, >>17383709 EXCLUSIVE: Warrant and Property Receipt from Mar-a-Lago Raid / Document #17
>>17383331 CDC Admits It Gave False Information About COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance
>>17383472 2023 NDAA hasn't been taken up in the Senate yet.
>>17383614  LIVE from ‘The Pit’ , A Vital Strategy Session presented by True The Vote 8/13/22
>>17383631, >>17383678 17 spotted in Joe Biden photo
>>17383643 Mike Pompeo - Congress has enacted outrageous new regulations, taxes, and burdens on the American people
>>17383660 Donald Trump Jr. - I’ve been saying this for a while but with every passing day it’s becoming more and   more obvious to everyone else (Posts Trump Meme)
>>17383677 Donald Trump Jr. - China is burning more coal than ever while America is going to pay their citizens to install solar panels.
>>17383694 The Mar-a-Lago Raid Is the Desperate Act of a Corrupt Establishment
>>17383695 Donald Trump Jr. - No, it's not a joke. On page 529 of the Democrats Inflation Corruption Act
>>17383698, >>17383976 Jeffrey Toobin Finished at CNN
>>17383732 Kamala on space exploration..
>>17383734 Brian Cates - Forwarded from Tracy Beanz - We dissect the raid on Mar-A-Lago and the ramifications and what it all means
>>17383772 Warrant Shows DOJ, FBI Waited Several Days After Judge Approved to Conduct Mar-a-Lago Raid
>>17383789  FBI search warrant shows Trump under investigation for potential obstruction of justice, Espionage Act violations
>>17383810 Ultra Pepe Deluxe - The dam is about to break bigly (Q Drop 2340)
>>17383820 Biden Responsible for FBI Raid on Trump Home–Was It Illegal? Judicial Watch Investigates!
>>17383873 SCIOC → Safari Club International Orange County?? / Former Safari Club International president convicted of killing his wife
>>17383913, >>17383931 Artemis I to Launch First-of-a-Kind Deep Space Biology Mission
>>17383914 KanekoaTheGreat - Capt.Keshel-Election Fraud Has Been Going On Longer Than People Realize
>>17383959 House Democrats pass $739B Manchin-Schumer spending and tax increase bill
>>17384022 #21308

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