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>>17697599 Biden slammed for latest baffling gas price comment
>>17697639 Moderna CEO Now Admits COVID-19 is Like Seasonal Flu – Says Only the Vulnerable Need a COVID Booster Shot 
>>17697651 Birds aren't real movement 
>>17697674 DIG on NARA ANONS
>>17697685 Can the Petrodollar Collapse?
>>17697689 Life expectancy rises in parts of Europe as U.S. still trends down post-COVID
>>17697690 California to end COVID emergency order in February 2023
>>17697732, >>17697790  Trump on late night TV; anon comment
>>17697752, >>17697754 Fentanyl disguised as Nerds & Skittles just before Halloween
>>17697765 IRS announced rule adjustments to account for inflation for the 2023 tax year
>>17697773, >>17697780, >>17697789, >>17697801, >>17697818, >>17697838, >>17697803  Anons on Durham investigation
>>17697799 Ship Show. Jim, Burdock, Orlando and Dee
>>17697815, >>17697929 Grassley on Biden
>>17697816 75 names sent to prosecutors for potential Ohio voter fraud
>>17697819 Donald Trump Jr on school insanity
>>17697821 JOE on nasty Repub obstructions of his agenda
>>17697836 Bread length in 8kun 
>>17697850 Description of 8kun by NY Govt site - NOT linked to Buffalo shooter
>>17697881 Israel ‘will not’ supply weapons to Ukraine: defence minister
>>17697915 In black eye for Katie Hobbs, Arizona mails thousands of incorrect ballots
>>17697919 Ezra A. Cohen Retweeted - Am i watching a movie?
>>17697941 Cartoon: Do you believe in coincidences?
>>17697942 U.S. Central Command RT:  Inherent Resolve
>>17697952 Warroom Melody Jenning on mules at dropboxes: don't worry we have the SAUCE
>>17697959 Republican Midterm Prospects Brighten in Closing Weeks of Election
>>17697960 BOTUS awards meritorious awards to military re Afghanistan evac
>>17697966 Mary Ferrell Foundation DIG
>>17697967 #21663

'''#21662-A '''
>>17697284 Trump Responds to Pelosi’s  Threat to Punch Him Out
>>17697333 Paul Pelosi Exercised $1 Million to $5Mil Alphabet Stock Call Options Before  Lawmakers Introduced Congressional Stock Trading Ban
>>17697188 Pelosi Rejects Polling Showing Concerns About Inflation, Crime
>>17697186 The FBI’s Million-Dollar Men
>>17697184 "President Biden—who has done a spectacular job (NOT the Bee!)
>>17697189 Danchenko acquitted
>>17697192 Nancy Pelosi's Stock DisclosureReveals a Surprising Outcome
>>17697193, >>17697195 NASA telescope
>>17697194 Whistleblowers Reveal FBI Has ‘Voluminous Evidence’ of Possible Hunter Biden Criminal Conduct: Senator
>>17697196 JUST IN - BBC has prepared secret scripts that could be read on air if energy shortages cause blackouts
>>17697201, >>17697202  NASA’S IXPE Helps Unlock the Secrets of Famous Exploded Star
>>17697204 Media Matters does not like the Drop Box Watch Initiative. 
>>17697206, >>17697231,  >>17697252 we celebrated the fact that realDonaldTrump #Retruthed TrumperMel 8 times!!
>>17697207 Witters locks in employees' stock accts in anticipation of Musk takeover
>>17697208 COLLUDING BIG TECH, BIG PHARMA & BIG GOVERNMENT EXPOSED - VID: sign up to watch for free
>>17697210 Russian cosmonaut runs over colleague after space return
>>17697215 Left Wing Protesters Attack Herschel Walker at Event Calling Him ‘House N****r’
>>17697218, >>17697219 More UFO Hearings Are Coming 
>>17697222, >>17697223, >>17697224 Sperry critique of outcome of Danchenko trial
>>17697227 Does This Economy Feel ‘Good as Hell’?
>>17697230 Legislating the Evil Fruits of ‘Sexual Freedom’
>>17697232, >>17697233, >>17697234 Unhinged Pelosi Lost It on J6
>>17697238, >>17697247 Lenovo Tech World 2022: Into the next phase of digital transformation
>>17697249 Accelerated Chinese Timeline to Seize Taiwan Raises Questions on Pentagon Priorities
>>17697243 Kash, John Solomon & Amanda Head
>>17697249 Accelerated Chinese Timeline to Seize Taiwan Raises Questions on Pentagon Priorities
>>17697256 RFK Explains Why COVID Jabs Would Be Added to the Pediatric Immunization Schedule
>>17697257 Where home prices in your local housing market are headed in 2023, according to Zillow’s revised forecast
>>17697523 #21662-A 

>>17697258 Arizona Ballot Stuffer Caught Covering Up License Plate
>>17697260 Russian bombers fly near Alaskan coast, U.S. intercepts
>>17697261 Russian general in charge of Ukraine operation speaks out
>>17697262 Homebuyer Traffic just collapsed to lowest level since start of 2008 Housing Crash.
>>17697263 Public comments are now visible on the CDC site
>>17697265 Russian strategic bomber Tu-95 surrounded by MiG-29s are seen flying in a file photo 
>>17697266 Australia reverses recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel's capital
>>17697268, >>17697271 CDC to sheild big pharma from lawsuits?
>>17697278 US Atty's Office Implements Election Day Program to Stop Fraud and Protect Voting Rights
>>17697279, >>17697281 President Donald J. Trump Holds Save America Rally in Robstown, TX 10/22/22
>>17697286 Corrupt DOJ and FBI Attempt Coup d’état of Trump Presidency and Get Away With It
>>17697291 Child Trafficking letter to Congressman DeSaulnier
>>17697318 Russia: No point in maintaining same diplomatic presence in West
>>17697341 Kari Lake Brings Receipts and Destroys Media Efforts to Construct Election Denial Narrative
>>17697345 Yankees look to finish off Guardians and hunt the real enemy - comms?
>>17697373 Defying Pentagon Secrecy, Reporting Exposes Retired US Generals on Saudi Payroll
>>17697526 #21662-B

>>17697118, >>17697119 Note-taker notes
>>17697040 One-Third Of Ukraine's Power Stations Destroyed As WHO Warns Of "Brutal" Winter Ahead
>>17697042 Texas Officials Seize Over 336 Million ‘Lethal Doses’ of Fentanyl Since March, Enough to Kill Everyone in US
>>17697046, >>17697050, >>17697077, >>17697085, >>17697091, >>17697107 Military tweets
>>17697057, >>17697075 159 examples of Dems denying election results - from ANONS
>>17697059 Fitton:  Fauci Agency KNEW About Gain of Function Research in Wuhan Going Back YEARS
>>17697061 The CIA’s hypocrisy on ‘sources and methods
>>17697065 Tom Brady: Football season is ‘like you’re going away on deployment in the military’
>>17697068 5 Big Election Fraud Stories Breaking Just Before The 2022 Midterms
>>17697071, >>17697080 Kari Lake just one point up? NO WAY
>>17697076 Hiding Hunter’s Laptop in 2020
>>17697078 Ex-RAF jet pilots offered £250,000 to train up Chinese armed forces
>>17697081 Why is a CHINESE American now going to be on the quarter? Timing?
>>17697083 Senate Looks to Give Taiwan $10 Billion in Military Aid
>>17697088 Smotrich launches bid to neuter judiciary, potentially halt ally Netanyahu’s trial
>>17697089 Giustra tweet lb - this guy is a Clinton crony involved in Uranium One
>>17697090 Biden's family got 'interest-free,' 'forgivable' loan from China
>>17697092 Alleged Mossad agents taken to court in Malaysia after botched operation
>>17697100 Huawei paying top dollar for Israeli engineers
>>17697102 Maps of places underwater in 30 years designed to terrify us - KEK
>>17697105 Lafarge Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support to Foreign Terrorist Organizations 
>>17697106, >>17697106 DOJ, US Atty's Office cases
>>17697111 CDC to vote on granting Pfizer, Moderna permanent legal immunity through child COVID shot schedule
''baker change''
>>17697098 Kari Lake obliterates the 'Election Denier' narrative smears by hypocritical Democrats against Republicans
>>17697103 Credit Suisse to Pay $495M in U.S. to Settle “Deceitful” Securities 
>>17697137 Danchenko docs re defendant's motion for a Judgment of Acquittal pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 29
>>17697141 Mother of George Floyd's child files $250 million lawsuit against Kanye West
>>17697146 Igor Danchenko found NOT GUILTY on all counts
>>17697167 #21661

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>>17696876 #21659, >>17697018 #21660, 
>>17696372 #21656, >>17696531 #21657, >>17696736 #21658
>>17695784 #21653, >>17695970 #21654, >>17696214 #21655
>>17695076 #21650, >>17695286 #21651, >>17695526 #21652
>>17694434 #21647, >>17694639 #21648, >>17694812 #21649

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