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Doll Guide

doll mfgs
good mid teir dolls, priced 1-3k or so
TPE: (1-3k)
dh168 (1-2k) (also sells other mfg including catdoll, piperdoll, d4e, ect, approved vendor 1-2k and often cheaper due to deals) (800-1.5k) (1-2k)
d4e (1.5-2.5k)
jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k) (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)
axb (generally supercheap, if you find random ones that dont match any other seller it might be an axb) (500-1.5k) (clones, 1-2k) (lot of sub 1k, not sure on quality) (500-2k) (alloy skelly, 1-2k, details somewhat unknown)
dsdoll or (sister sites, all models available from both, also (2-4.5k) (2-4.5k)
gynoid (4-6k)(recent material and construction issues, order with care)
aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800) (2-2.5k) XYColo advanced skelly(~$4k)
3rd parties(can be cheaper or more expensive, check with the mfg site) DS distributor) eh (good as an infodump, not great as a seller, does have some uncommon stuff) (some are slightly higher than oem, but lots of options in one spot)
sexye aliexpress store (moderate quality knockoffs of stuff like DSdolls but in TPE)
mexico importer

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