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Should I Rent Or Buy Email Lists?

Should I Rent Or Buy Email Lists?
The decision to rent email lists is one of the smartest moves a niche marketer could make. However, it can also be among the priciest. Without marketing having a clear understanding of how these leads were actually collected, nurtured and sometimes beaten into spam submission via the means of email marketers, it s hard to know if your investment in list building will yield any tangible ROI at all. There are some good things and bad things about the rent to email model. Knowing them will go a long way in helping you make the right choices when it comes time to decide whether or not to rent email lists. 
Good Things - If you are just starting out as an online marketer then chances are that you are still relatively new to the game. This means you are still largely unknown to the game. With the popularity and success of buying email list opt-in lists, you most likely don't want to be left behind when other marketers jump on the bandwagon and start buying up potential customers right and left. You can beat out all of the competition by simply renting from an established source that is trusted and known for delivering good results. In addition, the reliability of such companies who rent their leads is something you can take comfort in knowing. If you get bad ones, you can always take your business elsewhere. 
Better Things - Perhaps even better than the above are the advantages of renting rather than buying. For one thing, you will be working with a professional company that has a strong reputation. They won't have to worry about off-set advertising costs which are a big factor in the amount of money you have to pay for each lead. Renting ensures you pay only for qualified leads. Many established list owners charge per lead but because they rent email lists, you pay only for people who are genuinely interested in what you offer and have done all of the necessary research to be successful at joining the list. 
How Much Does it Cost? - The amount you are asked to pay will depend on the length of time you rent email lists versus the amount you buy email lists. The longer the list the more you will pay. The main advantage of renting is that once you have done the research you know how many subscribers there are out there ready and willing to subscribe. 
Are there disadvantages of renting or buying email lists? Of course there are! The main disadvantage of buying is that you do not have access to your subscribers information once you have rented them. Without doing the necessary research it is impossible to find out if those people really were interested in what you have to offer. This can prove to be a huge problem and can leave you with an unsatisfied clientele. 
Do I Need to Buy? - Most likely you will need to buy email lists to be successful online. Buying email lists is a good thing though as it allows you to put together an effective list quickly. When you rent email lists, you will most likely have to create your own list. Creating your own list can take time, but is more time consuming than buying. 
Do I have to keep purchasing emails? - No you do not. All you will have to do is provide subscribers with information on a regular basis and they will return. Without constant contact with your clients you will begin to lose them which will decrease your subscriber base. Also when you purchase regularly you will increase your bounce rate and have clients wanting to unsubscribe. Your bounce rate is the percentage of people that visit your website that leave within a 24 hour period. 
Are there benefits to using inbound leads to power your business? Absolutely. Renting marketing is a great way to generate and store your leads. It will also allow you to make constant inbound leads and will help in increasing your lead generation efficiency.
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