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The song ended “God Bless the USA at 7:17 pm
This was a bad hurricane, a bad bad couple of day
President Trump: The typical American family is losing over $4,200 a year in income 
because of the inflation created just in the last year and a half…all created by the democrat party.
President Trump: If we get two more years of democrat rule, your finance,
your family, your community, and your country, might never recover.
President Trump: They are trying to wipe out free speech, crush religious liberty, confiscate your guns, indoctrinate your children, criminalize dissent, 
and even put their political opponents in prison…they are sick people.
>>17617084 these people are sick (Qdrops imagecap linked)
President Trump: The Biden administration has locked up dozens and dozens of political prisoners in horrific conditions, horrible, horrible conditions in Washington. So filthy, so dirty,
that people don't even want to go there and look.
President Trump: We don't need her [Letitia James] protecting banks,
we need her protecting the people of New York from being murdered.
President Trump: I think it all comes down from Washington; they are telling these locals to go down and get Trump.
>>17617205 10% Connection Trump Speech to Q drop (Clinton Foundation)
Russia Russia Russia Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
President Trump: We had 75 million people [votes]…I think it was much higher than that. I think it was much higher.
yes, Donald just stated that hillary has completely corrupted the manhattan da office
President Trump: They lied to the FISA court. They lied to congress. They illegally broke into my home in Florida, in violation of the Fourth Amendment…Bush had a warehouse. Bush Senior had a warehouse.
Crooked Hillary deleted thirty-three thousand e-mails, many of which were classified.
President Trump: In my opinion, all of these local prosecutors
offices are being told what to do by a very corrupt federal government.
Where's Hunter? Where's Hunter?
President Trump: These are dangerous people, who are willing to burn every American institution to the ground to target their political opponents. 
These are very sick and dangerous people.
[Donald is going there, strzok, strzok's wife, lisa page, all operatives of hillary
he seems to be saying that hillary is behind the scenes still pulling the strings of the cabal/deep state agents]
There has never been a movement like this.
Strzok / Insurance policy..
Now with all of the FBI / DOJ corruption and collusion you can SEE what theinsurance policywas / is.
The insurance policy was bigger than a hap hazzard message from Strzok. 
It was a real thing and has been implemented since before Trump took office.
They are making us much stronger and much more unified
President Trump: If you don't want to live under the boot of cruel and vindictive left-wing tyrants,
then you need to stand with the MAGA, Make America Great Again movement.
President Trump: The more votes you get, the harder it is for them to cheat.
President Trump: We are on a mission to restore The Republic to greatness. We're on a mission to Bring It Back.
President Trump: [Biden, misusing the Strategic Reserve] wants to keep the gas prices down until right after the election.
You're going to pay a big price after that.
President Trump: Inflation is going to get much higher after the election.
President Trump: Many of the people coming in [illegals], they're from the prison of one hundred other countries in this world…The United States has become a dumping ground for the prisoners of other countries,
because they don't want to spend the money to take care of these people for the next fifty years.
You're going to be very happy, gonna be happy
>>17617555 Fast & Furious Qdrop 3278
President Trump: If we're going to Make America Great Again, we have to Make America Safe Again. It can't be great if it's not safe.
President Trump: Fentanyl, coming in at levels like we've never seen before. Killing, I believe,
250,000 people a year. That's a war. That's a war.
XI is at the top of his game.
How stupid are we?A 100 countries are sending their criminals to our country because they don’t want to pay for them
The campaign finance laws in our country is so stupid!
President Trump: Gretchen Whitmer is one of the most radical, most sinister governors in America. She cruely imposed the most brutal lockdown in the entire country,
causing Michigan to lose more jobs than any other state in the Union.
>>17617679 michigan, you need to dump this wild eyed leftist extremist
Dixon: We're not going to let our kids be radicalized. We're not gonna let our kids be sexualized. We're not gonna let our law enforcement be demonized.
We're not gonna tell our businesses they can't expand.
Karamo: On camera, you have multiple individuals signing multiple ballots.
Where is our media? This is on camera! This is all on camera.
Karamo: There is nothing they can do to stop this MAGA movement. We will have a sweeping and decisive victory in November,
and take those three psychopaths out of Lansing.
Karamo: There is nothing they can do to stop this MAGA movement. We will have a sweeping and decisive victory in November,
and take those three psychopaths out of Lansing.
This isn't a 50-50 country. Far, far more people than you think. This nation belongs to YOU
President Trump: Our MAGA movement, Make America Great Again, is, by far, 
the greatest political movement in the history of our country. Nobody even debates it.
President Trump: The is you home, this is your heritage, and our American Liberty is your God Given Right.
>>17618082 Anons did not quit.

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