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Cambios en IceWM 1.6.2

icewm -- history of user-visible changes.  2019-09-17

Release icewm-1.6.2 released 2019-09-17

git shortlog -e -n -w80,6,8 1.6.1...1.6.2

Bert Gijsbers <[email protected]> (42):
      Update to 1.6.1. Prefer lzip over xz due to popular demand.
      Silence icehelp.
      Restore use of ColorQuickSwitchActive for vertical switching for issue
      Fix getWorkspace for sticky. Fix getOpacity. Find TaskBar with -T. Make
        sync a manager action and check if IceWM is running.
      IceWM splash image.
      Update from
      install IceWM.jpg.
      Add --with-xterm= to configure and -DXTERMCMD= to CMake build for issue
      Always use XTERMCMD in place of xterm to remove hard dependency on xterm
        for issue #379.
      +addWorkspace, prop, -Prop, -Role.
      Enable tilde and $HOME expansion for icon paths.
      For 32-bit applications always create a 32-bit frame for issue #381.
      add WinStateMaximizedBoth
      add setAtomName.
      Concentrate all properties in yxapp. When creating a frame record event
        time. Synchronize YFrameOptions values with WinState from WinMgr.h. Sort
        atom names by number and create a fast local atom name lookup.
      Log atoms as strings.
      Document icewm-session behavior.
      add SEE ALSO.
      catch font.
      Fix font corruption for 32-bit alpha for #381.
      prevent division by zero.
      dialog owner.
      Let icon draw itself.
      Changes for Pidgin for #382.
      use names for AC status.
      fix type
      fix types
      implicitly convert bool to int.
      Prevent user confusion about image modules and postpone yximage as default
        until improvements have been made for issue #385.
      Require libXPM for cursors for issue #384.
      Only compile if not gdk-pixbuf for cursors for #384.
      Restore support for themable cursors for #384.
      REDIR_ROOT is no longer useful.
      Cursors require XPM or Imlib for #384.
      expand LIBDIR and PACKAGE
      Substitute CFGDIR in pod output.
      Set PACKAGE_URL. Drop icewmtray and KDEDIR. Substitute LIBDIR, CFGDIR and
      Substitute CFGDIR and LIBDIR. Substitute xterm for XTERMCMD for #379.
      Substitute installation directories.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/icewm-1-4-BRANCH' into
      Merge branch 'icewm-1-4-BRANCH'

Eduard Bloch <[email protected]> (5):
      [cmake] Make check of mandatory X libs strict
      Fix config.h inclusion where missing
      Fix direct inclusion of stdlib.h for strtok
      Fix -Wstringop-truncation warning with gcc 9.2
      Add explicit copy operator

micrococo <[email protected]> (2):
      Fix some typos in documentation (#378)
      Update Spanish translation of desktop files (#380)

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