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>>13912803 forbes: Yes, the fed did infiltrate the groups involved in the Jan 6 capitol riot
>>13912808 Breitbart: Merrick Garland Insists DOJ Not Targeting Citizens for Their Politics as WH Urges Snitching on Family
>>13912829 fee:15 States Are Moving To Curb Public Health Agency Powers Following Lockdown Carnage
>>13912830 NYP: He wanted you to give up Moar freedoms... Former Biden COVID adviser claims Americans could have sacrificed more 
>>13912834 Breitbart: Ted Cruz Calls for Anthony Fauci to Resign
>>13912845 Yahoo: ICE HSI leads international operation to bust 86 alleged child predators, rescue 15 children
>>13912848 heraldonline: Convicted SC sex offender sent child porn using Kik messenger, York County cops say
>>13912854 Gl;obalresearch: The Same Shady People Own Big Pharma and the Media
>>13912871 McInerney: False Flag blah blah blah. <--- This account is fake
>>13912873 NYP: Lawsuit portrays a culture of rape, sodomy and sexual harassment at the NYPD
>>13912885 KTBS: Dozens of arrests, gun confiscations during multi-agency operation in Shreveport 
>>13912903 Scalise: Unbelievable. Andrew McCabe says the FBI isn't sure why we were attacked playing baseball.
>>13912910 NYT: BlackRock Hires Trump’s SEC Investment Management Chief
>>13912918 ICE: ICE HSI, international law enforcement partners arrest over 85 in Operation Protected Childhood 8
>>13912936 CB: BREAKING REPORT: Former Republican Lawmaker Shot Dead…
>>13913000 Defensenews: '''McInerney: "I’m not on any social media, so someone is trying to discredit me"'''
>>13913021 Biden: I know that black hole that seems to consume you
>>13913092 GP: Trump-Appointed Judge Halts Biden’s Pause on New Oil and Gas Leasing on Public Lands
>>13913093 Sputnik: Car bomb reportedly explodes inside military installation in Colombian city of Cucuta
>>13913108 triblive: Gov. Tom Wolf is urging the Senate to pass a bill that would enable the cocktails-to-go law to remain in place.
>>13913114 Covid Vaccines are Toxic - Finnish MP
>>13913121 Bolenreprort: Pro-Vaxxers Admit The Truth About the Function of Vaccines in America – “We’ll Just Get Rid Of All the Whites…”
>>13913155 DOJ: Drug Arrests 6/15/21
>>13913218 NYP: Cuomo nursing home order did cause more deaths, should’ve been reversed sooner: task force
>>13913290 GP: Democrats and their allies in the dishonest Michigan media expected voters to quietly accept the outcome of the election
>>13913292 Breitbart:More Migrants Risk Dying in U.S. with Spike in Railway Smuggling
>>13913307 labblog: They develop a vax that causes blood clots with spike proteins. Scientists are huge homos

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