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==Q Research General #22378: Donald J Trump: People Don't Want FAKE NEWS Washington Compost Edition==
>>18262241 dough
>>18262282, >>18262480, NATO member condemns Sweden’s response to Koran burning - (ngo irs asset) bun
>>18262296, >>18262823, missing monkey business -
>>18262376 pedo  - 
>>18262776 Additional Four Charged in Connection with Plot to Kill Haitian President -
>>18262785 Justice Department Observes National Human Trafficking Prevention Month -
>>18262431, >>18262750, >>18262900, planefags now venturing into balloonfags.
>>18262483, >>18262631, 3 Michigan rappers reported missing after canceled Detroit performance 10 days ago. -
>>18262485 23andMe Gives Pfizer Access To Its Genome Database - julians rum twat and
>>18262511 House Votes To End COVID-19 Emergency -
>>18262527, >>18262676, >>18262708, Dr. Nirav Shah leaving Maine to become second-in-command at US CDC. - mainepublic-org.cdn (soros pupplet)
>>18262547 Biden Says Global Warming Is ‘Most Existential Threat To Humanity’ In History, More Dangerous Than Nuclear War -
>>18262554, >>18262683, RepAndyBiggsAZ to introduce Articles of Impeachment for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas - twat and mp4 tucker.vid
>>18262558 Memphis PD on Claims Tyre Nichols Was Targeted and Former Officers Charged with Murder Were Gang Member - (clockwork orange)
>>18262581 The Full Memo from AMC Gen. Mike Minihan - (war between usa and china 2025)
>>18262583 Egyptian parliament approves agreement to join the BRICS bank -
>>18262588, >>18262597 bill gates topic - bitchute and mp4 vid
>>18262644 3IG joint press release - twat anon dig on Qpost 
>>18262657 What does the CIA clandestine service do? - anon dig with sources.
>>18262661 The Fake News Media is Stupid and Corrupt! - djt t.s post
>>18262689, >>18262803, '>>18262807, >>18262911, Dances With Wolves' actor arrested in Nevada sex abuse case - (sounds like comms)
>>18262773, >>18262794, Kari Lake on The Criminal Complaint Being Brought Against Her For Exposing Election Fraud - bitchute vids (kari lake updates)
>>18262811 Chicago woman, 96, found dead in freezer -
>>18262813 2023 Trump Takes Aim At ‘Perverts Indoctrinating Our Children’: ‘Hands Off’ - twat and
>>18262834 Turkey’s president says no support for Sweden’s NATO bid -
>>18262848 lebanon to devalue currency by 90% on the feb 1, central bank chief says - snowden twat
>>18262738, >>18262856, >>18262916, Sell - twat message by cassandra b.c everything (could be just a hoax or something coming on the financial front)
>>18262867 Alec Baldwin & film staff formally charged in ‘Rust’ shooting -
>>18262884 Kamala Harris Awards Former NASA Astronauts Congressional Space Medal of Honor - (kek)
>>18262988 bottom gun - honourable vid inclusion by baker for keks
>>18262994 School Lunch Lady Charged With Stealing $1.5M Worth of Chicken Wings From District - twat for keks

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