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'''Wednesday 06.29.2022'''
>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
>>16950142 06.24.2022

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>>17593347, >>17593460, >>17593603, >>17593652, >>17593662 (You), >>17593813, >>17594041, >>17594091, >>17594090
dough baker comms
>>17593406 Marilyn Manson claims Evan Rachel Wood and new lover FAKED an FBI letter against him - daily mail
>>17593411, >>17593503,  Vaughn Hillyard reports on former President Trump's overt embrace of the QAnon - youtube nbc
>>17593418 Kamala Meets Australian Prime Minister in Tokyo – Immediately Breaks into Meaningless Word Salad - gwp (money talks)
>>17593428, >>17593437,  >>17593452, >>17593477, >>17593483, >>17593507, >>17593793, >>17593844, florida hurricane IAN watch topic
>>17593480, >>17593560, >>17593917, >>17593921, >>17593961, planefag posts
>>17593431 “It’s from a great movie that I watched a long time ago [White Squall] and people took to it — and so what!” - telegram wwg1 wga (kash on white Squall Q topic)
>>17593433 triple djt posts bun - djt t.s post
>>17593456 Coast Guard Spots Chinese, Russian Warship Formation Off Alaska - zerohedge
>>17593466 Banks‘ huge profits as Aussies hit by rate hikes -
>>17593471 THINK MIRROR - qdrops 305 and 503?
>>17593486 Melania and I send our deepest respect and condolences to the memory of a truly great man and Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe of Japan. - djt t.s post (funeral)
>>17593534, >>17593538, >>17593631, >>17593684, vid he says Russians say Nordstream was done by Ukraine with British Drone Subs trying to find sauce. - youtube (nordstream 2 sabotage topic use discernment.)
>>17593556 Threats made by call center scam syndicates snowballs into ‘body parts trafficking’ viral videos and allegations - 
>>17593600 PEDO BUN 27 September 22
>>17593670 In 42 days, democracy is on the ballot. Americans will have to choose between the MAGA Republican platform - biden twat
>>17593671 #21571 baker notes requesting handoff
>>17593681, >>17593763, US praised for Nord Stream explosion - (irs newsfeed non profit asset)
>>17593688 Post Office IG report finds shortcomings in election mail processing -
>>17593713 22 Lawmakers Demand Merrick Garland Explain Alleged FBI SWAT Raid on Catholic Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck - breitbart
>>17593731 Philadelphia’s Democrat Mayor Signs Gun Ban That Applies to Concealed Carry Permit Holders - breitbart
>>17593742 House Republican Leadership Whips Against Stop-Gap Spending Bill - breitbart
>>17593781, >>17593788, >>17593876, #21571 note taker notes
>>17593944 U.S. whistleblowers aiding migrant children feared retaliation, watchdog report says - reuters
>>17593731 Philadelphia’s Democrat Mayor Signs Gun Ban That Applies to Concealed Carry Permit Holders - breitbart
>>17593953 What’s known about the ritual sex ring under investigation in Utah County -
>>17593973 pepe mario brothers game mp4 vid - notable cos baker actually finished that game all the way through back in the day. kek
>>17593978 Tulsa District Attorney Stabbed Multiple Times at His Home by Daughter - gwp (oh man, ackward)
>>17593981 Russia is expected to introduce life sentences for pedophiles and jail them in Arctic prison camps. - (best place for them)
>>17593984 Maricopa County attorney (Rachel Mitchell) says she will not prosecute women for having abortions - youtube link and mp4 vid
>>17594003 Ron DeSantis DID speak with Joe Biden after the president faced a slew of criticism for not calling ahead of Category 3 Hurricane Ian's landfall - daily mail
>>17593386, >>17593538, >>17593599, >>17593631, >>17593834 Pipeline Discussion
>>17594118 #21571

>>17593156 Gen Flynn: What Did Joe Biden Say On 2.7.22? "There will be no longer Nord Stream 2, we will bring end to it." - Biden
>>17593233 Tucker Goes There – Suggests Joe Biden and US Behind Sabotage of Nord Stream Pipelines
>>17593250 Baltic pipeline opens up just in time to take the place of newly disabled Nord Stream
>>17592737, >>17592759, >>17592846, >>17592860, >>17592744, >>17592756, >>17592764, >>17592765, >>17592819, >>17592823, >>17592856  Trump double Truth post. [15] second delta: is Joe Manchin planning on changing parties? HELL 37 Times
>>17592740 Donald J. Trump: Sandy Smith will be a fantastic Representative from the Great State of North Carolina's 1st Congressional District.
>>17592839, >>17592865 45:45 HELL
>>17592832, >>17592762, >>17592783, >>17592788, >>17592797, >>17592809, >>17592835   We are ready to unleash HELL. Memes ready?
>>17592852, >>17591809 lb - Qlockwork: We are at the precipice
>>17592862 So, Marker [1[] was the Queen laid to rest and Castle Lock.
>>17592907 Shout out to the board on double posts?
>>17593057 Thunder (Cap 2:25)
>>17592918, >>17592911, >>17592988 Lots of "doubles" within the Qcrumbs
>>17592970, >>17593090, >>17593144 45 days from today = 11.11, REMINDER 4 days from today is October 1st. Grassley CORNWATCH.
>>17592871 RUMBLE IS OFFLINE!!!
>>17593040 Rumble starting to come back online it appears
>>17592958 RUMBLE: Our teams are currently investigating Rumble network issues. We are also taking precautionary measures in light of Hurricane Ian.
>>17592811 KASH explains his WWG1WGA book signing - "from White Squall - “They don’t get to define what we mean when we say something.” WWG1WGA
>>17592608 Vanguard To Liquidate And Shutter A U.S. Listed ETF For The First Time In Its History
>>17592630, >>17592664, >>17592720 Shutdown Gets Closer with Lawmakers Struggling to Reach Deal
>>17592640 US Navy engineer and his wife who plotted to sell nuclear submarine secrets to Brazil both face LIFE in prison after entering new guilty pleas
>>17592668 Dog Comms 31 dogs rescued from China dog meat farm arrive in US after year wait
>>17592675 EU threatens foreign observers over Donbass referendums
>>17592691 Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is promoted to be the country's Prime Minister by his father King Salman
>>17592895 We are ready to unleash hell. Manchin off the rails = unleash. Hell = hell.
>>17592741  Re:  Russia…This is a PARTIAL MOBILIZATION. The people called up are military reserves… no one is being “drafted”.
>>17592989, >>17593136 Mike Pompeo: Mayor Adams brand? Kansas brand?
>>17593053 Utah County Ritualistic Abuse Case Files
>>17593084, >>17593093 Chairman of the EU-USA delegation at European Parliament, thanking the USA for blowing up Nord Stream
>>17593138 >>17593169, >>17593265, >>17593281 The Clock Explained:
>>17593158 raskin panickin
>>17593163 Leader of Sex Trafficking Ring Sentenced to 60 Years in Federal Prison, Ordered to Pay Over $14 Million in Restitution
>>17593257 DeSantis Team Hits Back After Biden Deems Vaccination a ‘Vital Part’ of Hurricane Prep
>>17593187, >>17593207, >>17593268  U.S. fines 16 Wall Street firms $1.8B for talking deals, trades on personal apps
>>17593284 Journalist Will Saletan Claims CitiBank Is Locking Some Customers Out Of Accounts Forever
>>17593309 #21570

>>17591772 - Dough
>>17591809 Qlockwork: We are at the precipice
>>17591860, >>17591831, >>17591907 MARKER 2 & The 27th ???
>>17591839 Major naval exercise Baltic Operations (BALTOPS 22)
>>17591942, >>17592029 pipeline deets
>>17591968 Grenell: Intel expert EXPOSES FBI leadership for ‘WEAPONIZING POWER’
>>17591998 Kazakhstan announced today that 98k Russians had entered the country since Putin’s mobilisation order
>>17592022 ICYMI: Chy-na
>>17592043 Former Government Contractor Executive Pleads Guilty to Unlawful Campaign Contributions/ Susan Collins.
>>17592079 Refresher: Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen calling for Nordstream investigation
>>17592088, >>17592141 Italy: Peer-Reviewed Study Finds ‘Metal-Like Objects’ in 94% of Individuals With Reported mRNA Vaccine Side Effects
>>17592111, >>17592304, >>17592399 Russian referendum results
>>17592152 China, on Ukraine, urges respect for ‘territorial integrity of all countries’
>>17592176 Former CEO of St. Gabriel Health Clinic Convicted of $1.8 Million Medicaid Fraud Scheme
>>17592185 Ukraine can use Western weapons against ‘territories seized by Russia’
>>17592222 Rep Jordan blasts Big Tech antitrust package, says government will 'target conservatives'
>>17592264 CDC walks back COVID guidance again, finds lasting post-vaccine heart problems in young adults
>>17592294 Aussie: Gerry Harvey takes aim at politicians, claiming China’s take-no-prisoners approach is the “best way” to get things done.
>>17592308 Tucker Carlson Interviews Dana White
>>17592322, >>17592362 Kash: Government’s Reply to Defendant Igor Danchenko’s Opposition to the Government’s Motions in Limine
>>17592334 Armed Black Activists Protest Biden’s Open Borders
>>17592337 WH Dodges on Biden Not Talking to DeSantis Ahead of Hurricane Ian Landfall
>>17592380, >>17592402 Mortgage rates soar to over 7% - the highest level in 21 years - as luxury home purchases fall 28% and rest of market tanks 19.5%/Prices dropping 
>>17592422 Secret Service seized phones of 24 agents in Capitol riot response
>>17592433  CIA warned German government of potential attack on Baltic Sea pipelines TOP KEK
>>17592452 Occupy Democrats founders CALLED OUT for allegedly funnelling money from PAC to personal business
>>17592471 COVID-19 Vaccine mRNA now found in breastmilk
>>17592450, >>17592451, >>17592472, >>17592479, >>17592487 BLACKROCK INVESTMENTS LLC files for bankruptcy
>>17592494 Pompeo: US must end ‘blind engagement’ with China
>>17592548 #21569

>>17590997 - Dough
>>17591010 At UN General Assembly, Syria Calls for US to End Its Military Occupation
>>17591017 Italy far-right leader once hailed Iran, Hezbollah as defenders of Syrian Christians
>>17591025 Court hands partial win to Trump in rape accuser’s defamation suit 
>>17591031 Over 90% of Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson voters favor joining Russia
>>17591462 Nord pipeline mp4
>>17591385, >>17591032, >>17591322 Chairman of EU-USA Delegation Thanks USA with pic of Nord Pipeline 'disturbance'
>>17591145, >>17591060, >>17591305 Spin Cycle: CIA warns German gov't against Baltic Pipeline Attacks
>>17591057 Judicial Watch Files Two FOIA Lawsuits for Records on Biden Raid on Trump Home
>>17591164, >>17591081, >>17591249 Planefag report - FLorida; Nord Pipeline
>>17591106 DeSantis Gives Update on Hurricane Ian Precautions, Storm Surge and Flooding Major Concern
>>17591127 'Fat Leonard' Seeks Asylum in Venezuala After He Eludes Biden DOJ
>>17591135 FL Nat'l Guard has more than 3,200 soldiers on Active Duty with another 1,800-plus in the pipeline.
>>17591153 Blasts near North Stream were explosions, not earthquakes, Swedish seismologist says‼️
>>17591159 Will an Illegal Immigrant Wave Come Before the Red One?
>>17591173 South Africa Makes 1450 Arrests in a Weekend Crime Crackdown 
>>17591175 Biden Admin plan to issue mandatory food labelling.
>>17591184 Former Army Reservist Convicted of Acting as an Unregistered Agent of the People’s Republic of China
>>17591198, >>17591302 Senator Klobuchar Suggests Voting For Democrats Will Stop Hurricanes (VIDEO)
>>17591202, >>17591225 Okla. Republicans Shamed Into Whipping Up Bill That Restricts Gender Experiments on Kids at OU Children's Hospital
>>17591335, >>17591211, >>17591156 Danish Prime Minister  says  the gas leaks off a Danish island in the Baltic Sea as “deliberate actions.”
>>17591266 Plea agreements reached by 4 in NC Congress ballot probe
>>17591190 Prime Minister Liz Truss has thanked Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
>>17591327 S&P 500 sinks to two-year low as bear market deepens
>>17591411, >>17591384 BREAKING: Heavy explosion reported in Halle, Germany
>>17591392 Pro-Russian authorities claim victory in annexation vote in Ukraine's Kherson region
>>17591471, >>17591426 Saudi King names MBS Prime Minister & 2nd Son Khalid Defense Minister
>>17591470, >>17591472 Owner of Farm Labor Company Pleads Guilty in Racketeering Conspiracy Involving the Forced Labor of Mexican Workers
>>17591468 DJT Truth Tucker interviews Dana White
>>17591487 "Once it (USA) goes over the precipice, it's not gonna be saveable. And we're not that far away…"
>>17591530 Iran has arrested the daughter of ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani for inciting protests
>>17591531, >>17591494 Ancient Mayan cities were polluted due to use of mercury
>>17591558 CDC quietly lifts universal mask recommendations for health care providers
>>17591568 TX sheriff won't investigate voter fraud allegations against Dem candidate leveled in bodycam video
>>17591578 Virginia: Public Schools Stage ‘Student Walkouts’ in Protest of Parental Rights, Anti-Grooming Policies
>>17591550 Reminder: Biden talked about ending Nord Stream
>>17591613 UK Markets Have Lost $500 Billion Since Liz Truss Took Over
>>17591664 Tough words from EU's Ursula, on Nordstream sabatoge
>>17591696 US Naval Inst. OTD 1941 FDR said new cargo ship would protect "the liberty of free people of the world"
>>17591701 A dig graphic on the Qwristwatch
>>17591748 #21568

==Previously Collected==
>>17590965 #21567, 
>>17588610 #21564, >>17589371 #21565, >>17590145 #21566
>>17586282 #21561, >>17586992 #21562, >>17587801 #21563
>>17583573 #21558, >>17585435 #21559, >>17586545 #21560 
>>17581489 #21555, >>17582306 #21556, >>17583116 #21557

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