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>>11953143 ————————————–——– We're Not Gonna Take It (CAP:  >>11953295)

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>>2322789 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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==Arizona Audit - Volunteers Needed to Watch Arizona Audit Live Feeds |
Arizona Rangers need donations to help secure AZ Election Audit for next several weeks. Please help if you can
>>13725977, >>13725979, >>13725983, >>13725989  DNS fuckery - black hats targeting 8kun via the DNS servers

>>13811371, >>13811431, >>13811669 GIGA DROP HAPPENING GET IN HERE - 3,200 pages of Fauci emails. Start digging anons  / EYES ON PATRIOTS - FAUCI DOCUMENT RELEASE
>>13802689, >>13802749, >>13802702 Games operators play.. More fallout from the B bullshit
>>13792537, >>13792570, >>13792882, >>13792587, >>13792591, >>13792638, >>13792653, >>13793136, >>13793154, >>13793208 Jim confirms it was 'global volunteer' that made the 'B' post on /projectdcomms/ and not Q.
-TOR posting is disabled BO explains why- >>13793136
TOR posting was never meant to be on all the time on this board, It was activated to help people get onto the site in times when it was unstable.
The site is stable and TORposting is being abused by shills and other kikery is going on with it so until further notice it is disabled.


==NOTABLES are not Endorsements==
>>13827302, >>13827140 SARS-CoV-2 recipe known?
>>13827123 DJT: Joe Biden is the first American President who doesn’t want America to be a nation at all.
>>13827252 More UFO distractions: LEAKED - US military report for Congress will say UFO sightings could be ALIENS or ENEMY technology - but are not a secret US government projects (Daily Mail)
>>13827291 New Liberal ‘Truth Brigade’ Has Ties to Billionaire Who Peddled Disinformation
>>13827332 Peter Daszak, who studied controversial “gain of function” experiments on coronavirus elements in Wuhan, received $7.5 million from Anthony Fauci after Trump cancelled his grant.
>>13827340 @mikepompeo says people act like we don’t know much about what was going on but we actually know a lot
>>13827382 AZGOP Chairwoman @kelliwardaz update.
>>13827464 The UN, Children, and Porn
>>13827523 GOP Leaders to Hold Summit with Trump to Hammer Out ‘The Future of the Republican Party’
>>13827587 Tom Cruise is getting bitchslapped
>>13827615 Klaus Schwab's WEF depicts  as being part of a "foreign propaganda network" and calls for more AI-powered Chinese-like online censorship.
>>13827879 #17504 in #17505


>>13825569, >>13825595, >>13825648 Scavino: Lights on, it's ET time.
>>13825594 Veryvirology: Fauci was also advised of the hemoglobin link in April, which should have resulted in recognition that mechanical ventilation is completely useless
>>13825585 MSN: Pa. Republicans are now looking into an AZ style audit
>>13825614 Breitbart: Vermont Republican Governor Seeks to Give Non-Citizens Voting Rights in Local Elections
>>13825620 Breitbart: Doug Jones: Dems Can Get 10 Republican Senators to Support ‘Uniform Standards’ on Voting
>>13825662 localdvm: A group of Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) parents filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday against the LCPS school board, claiming it is allegedly violating student’s right to free speech
>>13825683 cnn: Microsoft has announced an implementation of its ElectionGuard voting security software 
>>13825687 911: 2 Premium Bottled Water Companies Ordered To Halt Operations Amid Reported Death and Liver Illnesses
>>13825698 PJM: CNN's Take on the Fauci Emails Is REALLY Disturbing…
>>13825749 Thehill: Canadian government asks Pope to apologize for mass graves of Indigenous children 
>>13825751 GST: Rep. Matt Gaetz is now being accused of obstructing justice after reports late Wednesday that federal prosecutors are looking into the allegations as part of a serious criminal investigation 
>>13825785 Thehill: White House embarks on push to vaccinate hard-to-reach Americans
>>13825798 JPost: AIPAC congratulates Lapid, Bennett for reaching agreement
>>13825869 HRC's account wishes @DrBiden a happy birthday
>>13825906 Justice Department Obtains Settlement from San Diego Landlord to Resolve Claims of Sexual Harassment Against Female Tenants
>>13825930 Dilworth School: Two more men arrested over alleged historical sexual offending
>>13825996 Skynews: Hunter Biden laptop saga suggests further links to Joe Biden and 'Burisma officials'
>>13826040 NYP: A consulting firm linked to Hunter Biden that did work ​for Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that paid the Biden scion $83,000 a month to sit on its board, is under investigation by the Justice Department
>>13826045 WaPo oped: Biden’s trying to crack down on international corruption. Really guys.. But don't look at Hunter...
>>13826098 nvic: DIY If Your Doctor Won't Report Vaccine Reactions to VAERS
>>13826105 OJ Simspon lawyer F. Lee Baily dead at 87
>>13826172 #17502

>>13824707 hackernews: Hackers‌ ‌Actively‌ ‌Exploiting‌ ‌0-Day‌ ‌in WordPress Plugin Installed on Over ‌17,000‌ ‌Sites
>>13824716 Freenews: Scientists have found a way to identify cartographic deepfakes
>>13824738 bleepingcomputer: Windows 10's package manager flooded with duplicate, malformed apps
>>13824781 Healthline: China says white & black fungus is ...medicinal. ???
>>13824782 GP: Rep. Madison Cawthorn: White House Officials Are Talking About Exit Strategies for Dr. Fauci 
>>13824789 GP: MORE ARIZONA AUDIT UPDATES: OVER 60% Of Ballots Counted and Analyzed — 1.3 Million Completed!
>>13824818 freshened up the Research Thread section links
>>13824801 DC's dirty laundry is getting it out there about the criminal lies appearing to unfold with the mrna vaccines
>>13824889, >>13824915 Pompeo: This was a contentious battle, and I believe - as I did then - that the American people should know all of the facts.
>>13824894 RT: Response to Fauci's emails proves everything is fake, narrative management trumps reality, and those in power want it that way
>>13824921 DOJ: Eight Members Of Armed Drug Trafficking Organization Charged By Federal Indictment
>>13824952 dailymail spreading some stuff: 'potentially more infectious AND vaccine resistant' Nepal Covid variant could spread across the world after it was first found in THIRTEEN travelers on flights from Himalaya to Japan
>>13824967 dailycaller: Biden Comes Out Against Establishing Presidential Commission To Investigate Jan. 6
>>13824988 DJTjr: My rather extensive thoughts on Clown Doctor Anthony Fauci
>>13825007 covidblog: Joel Kallman: 54-year-old Oracle APEX software developer who designed CDC vaccine tracking system, dead two months after first experimental mRNA shot
>>13825011 Fox is reporting that there was a stand down order given re: covid origins according to "former officials"
>>13825074 Meanwhile, in the WH pressroom... McEnany is far from impressed. Cats? Really? 
>>13825096 PW: Talk of bribes has now entered the audit bucket of shenanigans
>>13825107 DOJ: Recent drug trafficking actions
>>13825138 Stream: Devin Nunes doing a freedom rally across the US. Tonight with Victor Davis Hanson
>>13825173 DOJ: Parker Man Sentenced to Federal Prison for Abusive Sexual Contact With a Minor
>>13825175, >>13825235 The Hill is posting footage of a very panicked looking Adam Schiff projecting the big lie.
>>13825177, >>13825272 Planefag reports
>>13825199 RT: Serbia ammunition factory EXPLODES, lighting up the night and forcing residents to evacuate
>>13825222 NTD: Chinese Military Jets Enter Malaysian Airspace
>>13825247 Sputnik: UN Representatives Declare Crippling Sanctions Have Caused Human Rights Violations Amid Pandemic
>>13825259 NTD: ‘News Break’ App in Question Over China Ties
>>13825301 NYP: Disturbing video shows Australian police employee groping 13-year-old girl in elevator 
>>13825356 PBS: Why you shouldn’t get a COVID antibody test after a vaccine 
>>13825372 fox: Lara Trump: 'Feels like journalism is dead' after COVID, Fauci
>>13825425 #17501

>>13823942 Scalise just sent a letter to Democrats demanding they call Fauci to testify before Congress.
>>13823943 Lindell sues Dominion, Smartmatic for RICO violations
>>13823952 FACT SHEET: Executive Order Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Certain Companies of the People’s Republic of China
>>13823982 about @ICANdecide twitter lockout over publishing Fauci emails
>>13824046 Is an Audit of the 2020 Election in Pennsylvania Coming Next?
>>13824096 Psaki calls Fauci ‘undeniable asset’ after Chinese lab leak emails
>>13824207 Herridge pen stuff
>>13824259 Justice Department investigating consulting firm tied to Hunter Biden and Ukrainian energy company Burisma
>>13824274 3,000 additional Fauci emails at tonight.
>>13824417 Tom Fitton: Government Slow-Rolled FOIA Fauci Email Request Because Dr. Fauci WAS REVIEWING Each Email Before It Was Released
>>13824440 10,000 new Fauci FOIA emails dropping imminently.
>>13824577 Defense lawyers in a Gitmo death-penalty case are asking a higher court to reverse a decision by an Army judge
>>13824648 #17500


>>13822327, >>13822373 Statement by Donald J. Trump
>>13822466 Daszak connections
>>13822492 First Anniversary Celebration of the New Federal State of China 
>>13822519 revelations further implicate those who approved U.S. grants to the lab, and the EcoHealth Alliance run by the British-born Peter Dazcak
>>13822564 Executive Order on Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Certain Companies of the People’s Republic of China
>>13822780 AG said set to indict Likud MK David Bitan for bribery, money laundering
>>13822788 So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.
>>13822856 Joe Concha wants to know what was up with ‘nightly’ phone calls between Fauci and CNN’s Cuomo
>>13822917 CBS Floats Crackpot ‘Chip’ Covid Theory, But No Time for Wuhan Lab Origins

>>13821472 Email confirming Fauci was aware the NIH approved gain-of-function research in February 2020 - page 3206
>>13821497 Four Arrested in Sixteen-Defendant Oath Keeper Conspiracy Case for Activities Leading to U.S. Capitol Breach
>>13821507, >>13822114 PF Reports
>>13821488 Why would Daszak be circling the wagons before the start of the pandemic?
>>13821635 Pneumocystis Carinii (pneumonia) reference in Fauci CIA files?
>>13821677 Delhi reports more than 1,000 cases of ‘black fungus’ amid shortage of drugs to treat deadly Covid-linked disease 
>>13821733 Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0
>>13821747 newsbot bun
>>13821800, >>13821995 Jarome Bell: After Fauci Email Revelations, It’s to Time Investigate ‘Virus Hunter’ Ralph Baric, ‘Gain of Function’ Research at UNC
>>13821848 US Government Officials Encouraged COVID-19 Origin Cover-Up
>>13821844 Uncovered text messages reveal new details about Hunter Biden
>>13821856 7 Questions Anthony Fauci Has Not Answered on Email Scandal, Role in Funding Coronavirus Research Abroad
>>13822037 'Brilliant and talented' Israeli intel officer who mysteriously died buried without military honours
>>13822049 Graphic of Gaertner's email that Fauci ignored: "This is how the virus was created"
>>13821994, >>13822107, >>13822113, >>13821891, >>13822145 Aspergillus Dig
>>13822224 #17497

>>13820719 Former CDC Director Robert Redfield told Vanity Fair that he received death threats from other scientists after telling CNN in March that he believes the coronavirus accidentally "escaped" from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
>>13820869 25th Infantry twit
>>13821002 Google Gets Rid Of Its Diversity Leader For Writing Jews Have ‘Insatiable Appetite For War’ In Old Blog Posts
>>13821101 President Trump’s speech to the NCGOP on Saturday night will begin at 7pm. Tune in
>>13821164 GenFlynn to PA Patriots June 3rd
>>13821406 #17496

==Previously Collected Notables==
>>13820614 #17495
>>13821092 #17492, >>13819065 #17493, >>13819983 #17494
>>13815947 #17489, >>13816707 #17490, >>13817432 #17491
>>13813644 #17486, >>13814483 #17487, >>13815152 #17488
>>13811321 #17483, >>13813630 #17484, >>13813021 #17485
>>13808834 317480, >>13809599 #17481, >>13811325 #17482
>>13806459 #17477, >>13807280 #17478, >>13808036 #17479
>>13804130 #17474, >>13804906 #17475, >>13805868 #17476
>>13801859 #17471, >>13802641 #17472, >>13803369 #17473
>>13799269 #17468, >>13800906 #17469, >>13801023 #17470
>>13797043 #17465, >>13797820 #17466, >>13798623 #17467
>>13794760 #17462, >>13795511 #17463, >>13796267 #17464
>>13794366 #17459, >>13793451 #17460, >>13794010 #17461
>>13794121 #17456, >>13794186 #17457, >>13794366 #17462,
>>13786848 #17553, >>13788293 #17454, >>13793855 #17455,
>>13785199 #17450\2, >>13786038 #17451, >>13785625 #17452,
>>13784474 #17449\2, >>13784477 #17449\3, >>13785198 #17450\1
>>13783681 #17448\1, >>13783684 #17448\2, >>13784472 #17449\1
>>13781326 #17445, >>13782124 #17446, >>13782126 #17447
>>13778159 #17442, >>13779670 #17443, >>13780533 #17444
>>13774563 #17439, >>13775421 #17440, >>13777909 #17441
>>13772899 #17436, >>13773837 #17437, >>13774589 #17438

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