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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
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>>17401586, >>17401609 dough 
>>17401597, >>17401599 The Swamp Today bun
>>17401613 DOJ OBJECTS to Warrant Release; Trump Passport SEIZED; Kari Lake on Energy; MTG on IMPEACHMENT - youtube (robert gouveia 15th aug 2022).
>>17401656, >>17401670, >>17401672, >>17401790, Trump’s passports returned after Mar-a-Lago search, DOJ official says - (mar a lago topic) articles and vids plus lb bun
>>17401658 dan scavino freespoke search engine recommendation - t.s post (need source)
>>17401660 There is no way to justify the unannounced RAID of Mar-a-Lago, the home of the 45th President of the United States - djt ts post
>>17401695 Boomerang? DOJ admission it over-collected evidence in Trump raid creates new legal drama -
>>17401666 Tucker Carlson Goes Scorched Earth On FBI And Biden Over Trump Raid - youtube
>>17401823, >>17401826 I think the FBI's been compromised - t.s post and mp4 vid
>>17401679 WEF's "Global Intelligence Collecting AI" To Erase Ideas From The Internet - zerohedge
>>17401693 Anne Heche Was About To Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring Before She Died - newspunch and youtube vid
>>17401703 trump truthsocial posts missing letters connecting to Q posts decode - t.s post
>>17401704, >>17401820, >>17401831, >>17401859, Gary Nabel is Fauci's former chief of vaccines. 'Betsy', his wife was on the Board of Moderna. - anon dig and bunned sources (covid topic)
>>17401757 countering the tune of the Mockingbird? - tiger network jim watkins broadcast on tora
>>17401776 Liz Cheney Braces for Loss as Donald Trump's Influence Is Tested in Wyoming and Alaska -
>>17401794 America’s biggest financial threat isn’t government spending. It’s the cost of climate change -
>>17401769, >>17401796, >>17401803, anon opines
>>17401805 Most of the warnings cited the Aug. 8 FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago compound as a possible motivation for violence. - daily mail fear porn
>>17401809 zelensky vid (satire or comedy?)
>>17401853, >>17401855, Gregg Phillips says same IPs that hold US voter data in China also controls the CCP elections. - rumble vid plus china ccp threats after pelosi visit to tiawan.
>>17401871 50 cows suddenly die in Italy in the space of only a few minutes. - twat and mp4
>>17401875, >>17401879  Shanghai - Ikea shoppers flee attempt to lock down store - youtube and bbc news screenshot
>>17401758, >>17401883 A ‘Dark Plasma Explosion’ On The Sun May Trigger A Geomagnetic Storm Tomorrow - youtube and forbes article and screenshot
>>17401884 Dr. Simone Gold says her ‘spirits are high’ as she endures solitary confinement for entering Capitol -
>>17401901, >>17401902 Trump Organization chief expected to plead guilty in tax evasion case - the guardian
>>17401907, >>17401926, >>17401983, >>17402040, >>17402152, >>17402207, Crimea blasts were acts of sabotage – Russian MoD - (nonprofit asset of klaus)
>>17401908, >>17402038, Former Pres. Trump is calling for immediate release of the search affidavit for his Mar-a-Lago home.- cat herridge twat and mp4 vid
>>17401912, >>17402060,  Check Out What Ron DeSantis Said Last Night, going ape on vax's and fauci, cdc crimes - twat and mp4
>>17402021, >>17402048, >>17402065, >>17402072, >>17402081, >>17402144, >>17402170, >>17402181, >>17402220, >>17402238, MISSION | Minuteman III test launch showcases readiness of U.S. nuclear force's safe, effective deterrent - forces twat
>>17402190 Later today, with the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act into law, we make history. - Biden twat
>>17402205 Santa Clara county public health has persecuted Calvary Chapel the whole pandemic, slapping millions in fines on the church and hundreds of thousands on the pastor - twat
>>17402210 quadruple vax jill biden infected with covid - twat
>>17402253 #21326

>>17400792, >>17400806, >>17400809, >>17400811, >>17400814, >>17400817, >>17400826, >>17400871, >>17400879, >>17400904, >>17400875, >>17400889 Kash Clock comms?
>>17400894, >>17401026, >>17401041 Kash Clock comms? cont.
>>17400852 Grand Haven Electroplating Company, President, And Vice President Plead Guilty To Clean Water Act Offenses
>>17400858 Overnight vote counts bring surprises on day after primary election Maui County in Wailuku, turnout 34.8 percent, lowest in the state
>>17400869 Calls for Scott Morrison to resign as full extent of ‘deception’ revealed
>>17400876 Lawsuits Against Vaccine Manufacturer: Alleged Life-Changing Side Effects
>>17400882 Greyhound Dog Contracts Monkeypox from Gay Owners
>>17400892 Former NRL player Brett Finch pleads guilty to using a carriage service to send child abuse material
>>17400900 Texas child protective services worker fired after telling 14-year-old girl in foster care to enter sex work
>>17400903 Los Angeles County DA George Gascon recall petition found ‘insufficient’ to qualify for ballot
>>17400930, >>17400945 Numbersfag Reports 888, 1776
>>17400982 POTUS T: The whole World was watching 
>>17400987, >>17401047, >>17401100 Devolution Power Hour - PIT Insights 08/15/2822
>>17400998 After initial denial, Israeli officials admit 5 Palestinian minors killed in Gaza strike
>>17401044, >>17401257, >>17401292, >>17401300 @realDonaldTrump: There is no way to justify the unannounced RAID of Mar-a-Lago, the home of the 45th President of the US
>>17401062, >>17401105 Call to dig Bratt
>>17401116 Watch: Rep.Val Demings’ Security Shoves Man to Ground Outside Campaign Event
>>17401124 The US is on track to see the highest # of migrant arrivals since records began, with 2M people expected to have crossed illegally by the end of the year
>>17401130, >>17401145 Space Force Takes Over All Military Satellite Communications
>>17401212 BREAKING: FBI Erects Barricades Around Headquarters Building in DC
>>17401232 Queens mail carriers busted in alleged $16M fraud scheme
>>17401269 Dark Side of the CIA: Assassinations, Drug Trafficking, Influencing Culture and the Press Video taken down, bitchute link re >>17398528 (PB NOTABLE)
>>17401285 Rep Kinzinger (R-IL): ‘Liz Cheney Is Standing Up Against Evil’ — GOP in a ‘Bad Place’ if She Loses Blitzer said
>>17401323 LIVE - Iceland volcano - Eruption in Meradalir - View in front
>>17401346 The CIA “Continued the Effort to Try to Destroy Trump and They Realized the Only Way They Could Do It Was They Had to Steal the Election” 
>>17401393 NIH holds the patent to the spike protein and sequence, and they license that to #Moderna. Every billion that the Moderna coffers get, so does the NIH
>>17401398 Media is back to anonymous, one-source stories on Trump that we can’t trust anymore
>>17401401 Russia, planning to go it alone, unveils model of new space station
>>17401431 VIDEO:  Chaos erupts at election centre as Willam Ruto wins Kenya presidential vote
>>17401436 Biden’s new Title IX rules deputize teachers to override parents on gender identity
>>17401440 Minneapolis teachers union agreement stipulates White teachers be laid off first, regardless of seniority
>>17401462, >>17401465, >>17401470, >>17401511 Notable people who have been part of the Young Global Leaders program 
>>17401476 U.S. Election Software Company Previously Built Confucius Institute 'Communication Platform'
>>17401499 Mass protests against ‘EuroPride’ in Serbia
>>17401500, >>17401505, >>17401526, >>17401527, >>17401537 Trump’s passports returned after Mar-a-Lago search, DOJ official says (msn)
>>17401529 @HeshmatAlavi: "An ammunition depot near Dzhankoi was destroyed this morning. Home to a Russian Air base
>>17401542 #21325

>>17400152 PF Updates
>>17400077 Yellen Promises $79 Billion IRS Funding Package Will Only Target The Wealthy
>>17400084 Digital Medical Companies Funnel Patient Data To Facebook For Advertising 
>>17400086 Alleged Passport Seizure at Mar-a-Lago Could Undermine Trump’s Civil Rights
>>17400091 Devolution Power Hour - Gregg Phillips Interview, Patel Patriot, Published August 15, 2022 
>>17400147  Bolton: Trump is LYING about 'standing order' declassifying docs
>>17400176 U.S. had agents inside al-Qaeda
>>17400182, >>17400192, >>17400197, >>17400203 Quit Pretending - The Last Refuge
>>17400189, >>17400209 @AlinaHabba causing mischief/Kash 20:17 on the clock
>>17400202 Morning Joe Jokes About Russiagate
>>17400205 Americans earning less than $400K per year will pay $20 billion more in taxes 
>>17400218 DOJ asks judge to keep raid affidavit sealed
>>17400247 CIA, Pompeo Sued For Allegedly Spying On US Attorneys And Journalists Who Met With Assange
>>17400257 Biden to sign law on Tuesday cutting most current EV credits
>>17400267  FBI Erects Baracades Around Headquarters Building in DC
>>17400299 #21324-A

>>17400287 Brett L. Tolman: Passports can be ordered by a court seized once an individual is indicted..never seen passports seized pursuant to a search warrant except...
>>17400321 REPORTER: What parts of [Inflation Reduction Act] do you think will quickly work on [lowering inflation] specifically? JAMIE RASKIN: That, I, uh… next question
>>17400346 anon watched a interview from a whistle-blower and she stated that the pharma companies are basically shell companies for the industrial military complex
>>17400362 Australian beef exporters alarmed by reports of new China ban
>>17400366, >>17400436 Chuckster says "Impressive" and gives us 17 words.
>>17400263, >>17400372 What Is The Connection Between The LGBTQ Movement, The World Economic Forum & Agenda 2030?
>>17400385, >>17400403, >>17400422, >>17400426, >>17400443 Planefag Reports
>>17400406 Trump Team Drops Email Proving FBI Wrongly Seized Passports After Media, DOJ Attempted to Mislead Public with Spin
>>17400413, >>17400464, >>17400500, >>17400722, >>17400489, >>17400518, >>17400534, >>17400606 Kash Clock comms?
>>17400421 Former Trump Organization CFO expected to plead guilty in Manhattan DA investigation
>>17400457 new DJT TS posts & Timestamps 
>>17400702 Fire & Fury
>>17400713 Joe Biden Plans to Extend Vacation in Delaware After Kiawah Island Trip
>>17400736 Recall of Soros-backed L.A. D.A. George Gascón Fails After Observers Excluded, Signatures Tossed
>>17400742 U.S. President Joe Biden will sign legislation on Tuesday that will eliminate electric vehicle tax credits for most models currently getting up to $7,500 
>>17400759 Florida County Adds AR-15s for Classroom Defense in Every School in District
>>17400765 Report: Hunter Made Millions After Meeting with VP Joe Biden About Romanian Real Estate Deal
>>17400772 Statement by President Joe Biden on the Attack on Salman Rushdie​
>>17400775 Liz Cheney’s Husband’s Law Firm Advises CCP-Linked Technology Firm
>>17401438 #21324-B Posted in #21325

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