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BTS Merchandise - Get Your Hands On

BTS Merchandise - Get Your Hands On
Official BTS merch was unavailable outside of South Korea. The group is making it easier for fans, however, to obtain the merch. Nordstrom has now signed a deal with the group allowing you to get BTS merchandise at select Nordstrom locations. The collection includes apparel as well jewelry and accessories. These products are available at a range of sizes and are gender-inclusive. They also come in a range of sizes, making them affordable for anyone with a limited budget. 
BTS merchandise includes some songs that were inspired. BTS merchandise can include the songs "Butter," Dynamite, and "Boy With Luv". These songs can be found in t-shirts. You will also find jewelry, glitter keychains and pens. These items are great to have on-the-go. 
If you love BTS, then you must check out their line of ARMY attire. These pieces feature the band’s logo and come with a 12-pin lanyard. They come in a range of colors. The $30 BTS short sets are also available in XS XL. They're great gifts for fans. 
Bangtan Boys merchandise may be more for you. Urban Outfitters also has a partnership with the boys. These sweaters, tees and many other items are available in a variety colors. click here as keychains are also available. You'll also find spliced sweaters as well as mugs. 
BTS merchandise can be bought from Amazon or eBay, as well as other retailers. These items can be purchased for as little as 20,000 won. This is less than what you'd pay retail for Bangtan Boys merchandise. There are also limited-edition officially licensed items such as the vinyl box sets, fan sites, and the fan websites. 
BTS Dalmajung has some merch items that are meant to be a celebration of the group's Korean heritage. There are several products to choose, including a photographbook, hand mirrors, and an terrycloth-covered robe. You will also find a serene background of the moon on the merchandise. 
Even rare collectibles can be found in the BTS merch collections. Funko Pop! V is a stylized Rocks figurine that comes in a protective plastic case. The figurine is limited to 4 inches high. The figurine is available online or in-store. 
There are many other BTS-themed pieces of merch available, and they are available at Zumiez as well as PacSun. T-shirts are just a few of the many items you'll find, such as snow globes or mugs. These products mimic what BTS wears live, and some are even inspired by their most well-known songs.

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