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'''Wednesday 06.29.2022'''
>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
>>16950142 06.24.2022

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>>17695976 Dough
>>17695979 Child sex-crime epidemic in K-12, one arrest per day so far this year: report
>>17695981 USSS description of us, "QAnon" label aside, ain't too bad, right?
>>17695983 For comparison: Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and Patriot Front.
>>17695996, >>17695997 @realDonaldTrump “Average American is losing $34K and everything else on Biden’s watch”
>>17696003, >>17696005 Dan COMMS 2 Dan Truth posts under the same hour/minute(23:02).
>>17696012 @JackPosobiec CCP called for their citizens to leave one day before Kyiv got bombed 
>>17696018  China delays the release of major economic data for the third quarter, without giving a reason or a new date.
>>17696019 COVID Vaccination is going to lead to Mass Depopulation.
>>17696022 Dr. Cole: Covid-19 'Vaccine' Is A Poisonous Attack On Populations - & "It Needs To Stop Now!"
>>17696033 Ye, formerly known as Kanye West buys Parler
>>17696039 Queen's cousin Lord Mountbatten is accused of sexually abusing a child at notorious Belfast boys home in 1970s
>>17696041 ‘Charity’ Caught Giving Hurricane Ian Donations to Democrat Candidates
>>17696046 Why do so many rappers under Jewish handlers speak lyrics of racial division, n word, 'celebrating' crime and gang life?
>>17696049, >>17696045, >>17696051, >>17696061 BlueSky is the name of the Oracle Cloud platform that has been implemented for the university’s human resources
>>17696060 @OfficialFtSill Hesitation can be harmful. 💥 Trust in your abilities! 
>>17696064 @NatCryptoMuseum Try your hands at this Four Square Cipher.
>>17696071 According to the FBI, Chinese government hackers are scanning U.S. political party domains ahead of next month’s midterm elections
>>17696075, >>17696076 Republicans Have A Narrow Lead Weeks Before Midterms, Polling Shows
>>17696077 17-22 October 1962: During this period—known as the Cuban Missile Crisis—seven U-2 missions are flown over Cuba daily to monitor Soviet missile movements. 
>>17696083 Pentagon equity chief praises book calling 9/11 first responders 'menaces' as she pushes for 'revolution'
>>17696086 Russian naval forces could use Zircon to launch lightning fast strikes against targets on land or as an anti-ship weapon against battle groups at sea 
>>17696088 China is rapidly reshaping the world of surveillance, both within China and abroad.
>>17696093 NATO Kicks Off Nuclear War Games On Monday
>>17696095 Space debris Identification and Tracking (SINTRA) Program IARPA-BAA-22-02
>>17696104 @JoeRogan all planned targets of Biden vax propaganda.
>>17696105, >>17696025 Scavino Comms [I]nspector [G]adget
>>17696112 "Uncle Dickie" Lord Louis Mountbatten pf Burma
>>17696117 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day - X-Ray Rings Around a Gamma Ray Burst
>>17696173 Q post Reminder - Owl - Y head was determined to be the Rothschild Family…
>>17696183 @Airforce High Roller! Follow us @Airforce for more!
>>17696190 Black hole 'burps' up star years after eating it, stumping scientists
>>17696192 Q Vatican Research #6 "Catacombs of the Black Vatican" Edition
>>17696203 Thanks to Joe Manchin and 49 of his best friends, the “Inflation Reduction Act” 
>>17696210 US researchers at Boston University have developed a new lethal Covid mutant strain in a laboratory (But Why?)
>>17696214 #21655

>>17695799 Russia responds to UN official’s rape claims
>>17695802 @realDonaldTrump: Remember, when you cast your vote for Governor and Attorney General in New York State, that Crime (and Taxes!) is OUT OF CONTOL
>>17695804 Gen. Flynn: Explosive Truth About FBI Has Been Revealed in Durham Trial… They're Not Acting Alone in This Coup
>>17695806 ABC Panel Erupts Into Chaos After Chris Christie Dismantles the Credibility of Jan. 6 Committee
>>17695810 Biden Turning to Trump-Era Rule to Expel Venezuelan Migrants
>>17695812 Donetsk City Administration Heavily Damaged By Ukrainian Forces
>>17695834 I saw everyone mentioning the Fox News poll but hadn't come across it. Well, here it is. 
>>17695838 @DanScavino 10/16/2022 19:07:09 
>>17695843 HOW TO: find Delta's and read crumbs | Qrumbs of the Day
>>17695854 @PapiTrumpo: ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!!!🥳🥳🥳
>>17695858 Saudis Announce $400M In Ukraine Aid After Biden Said US 'Re-Evaluating' Ties With Kingdom
>>17695861 From charging DEAD Australians to intentionally making the wrong diagnosis for more cash: How doctors are rorting 'utterly broken' Medicare out of $8BILLION a year
>>17695865 Israel urged to pick side in Ukraine conflict
>>17695867 NYC congressional candidate Mike Itkis stars in porn to show ‘sex positive’ agenda
>>17695869 Extremist recruitment reaching young Australian gamers 
>>17695882 Iranian President Raisi blames Biden for "inciting chaos and terror" in Iran — state broadcaster IRNA.
>>17695885 Scotty: Qrumb #66 review - now w/ memes
>>17695887 @CBS_Herridge: New: 3 house republicans renew request transcribed interview w/fmr. FBI agent Thibault
>>17695888 @SGTnewsNetwork: SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING- The IMF aren’t joking!
>>17695890 Concealed Crime: The Perfect Poison - Vaccine-Induced Murder… 5 Months Later [VIDEO]
>>17695891, >>17695892 MTG Showing How To Deal With Democrat Activists In The Media
>>17695894 High excess deaths in Australia
>>17695895 @KobeissiLetter: Housing market update
>>17695906 Christian Childcare Teacher Fights Back After Being Fired for Refusing to Read LGBT Books to Kids 
>>17695908 Virginia Democrat Lawmaker Backs Down From Bill That Would’ve Made It a Crime for Parents Not to Affirm LGBT Child
>>17695911 The Invisible Enemy of all Humanity is INFLATION
>>17695914, >>17695918, >>17695919, >>17695920 Complications of the Ukraine War
>>17695921 The Same Day SCOTUS Squashes PA’s Illegal Ballots, Secretary Of State Tells Counties To Break The Law
>>17695924 Raphael Warnock: Money-Grubbing ‘Man of God’ 
>>17695926 @GrrrGraphics: Treason Swamp
>>17695927 China Orders Evacuation Of All Citizens Still In Ukraine, Sparking Escalation Fears
>>17695930 Wounds of a Friend (If we stay together, we survive)
>>17695939 @realDonaldTrump: Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, did everything possible to stop the construction of the Southern Border Wall.
>>17695946 Ghislaine Maxwell Breaks Silence On Her ‘Special Friendship’ With Bill Clinton
>>17695970 #21654

>>17695558 Melodic message from Jim
>>17695570, >>17695608, >>17695615, >>17695624,  >>17695591, >>17695595 "Had enough of theWOKEbullshit"
>>17695572 Dan Bongino on FOXNEWS - mode of national gasprices  (@2min:10sec)
>>17695573 Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. And no deals.
>>17695592 TomFitton: Hillary Clinton says Biden should not concede the election 'under any circumstances'
>>17695594 Let me help you out, Ogino. The word you're looking for is GENE THERAPY. 
>>17695598 PR Firm Working for Pfizer and Moderna Embeds Staff Within CDC’s Vaccine Committee
>>17695601 U.S. B-52 Stratofortress Bombers to Lead NATO Nuclear Drills over Europe
>>17695604 A ‘meme brought to life’: ‘Out of touch’ Biden declares economy ‘strong as hell’ while devouring ice cream
>>17695581, >>17695590, >>17695606 17 is also symbolic to the deep state. Osiris lost his life on the 17th and was reincarnated on the 17th
>>17695609 Putin's Ukraine Mobilisation Incharge Roman Malyk Found Dead Under 'Suspicious' Circumstances
>>17695611 Kremlin speaks on NATO’s ‘de-facto’ role in Ukraine
>>17695612 Red Pope Francis Calls for “New Economic System” that Guarantees “Food, Health, Economic and Social Rights”
>>17695614, >>17695621 Huma Abedin isn't dismissing a potential future run for office
>>17695618 Pandemic of the Vaccinated: New Data from Walgreens Reveals Vaccinated People are More Likely to Test Positive
>>17695622, >>17695627 Election Software CEO Surrenders To LA Authorities; Prosecutors Allege 'Massive Data Breach'
>>17695628 Kanye West: ‘The Jewish media blocked me out’ after anti-Semitic posts 
>>17695629 Gates Foundation pledges $1.2 billion to eradicate polio, poisons people with more deadly chemicals
>>17695637 Trump warns US Jews to ‘get their act together,’ says he’d ‘easily’ be PM in Israel
>>17695638 FAKE NEWS Ongoing US support to Ukraine could prompt Russian cyber escalation in midterms, experts warn 
>>17695639 Kash Patel: We Need A Massive FISA Court Overhaul
>>17695649 “I Had Nothing to do with It!” – Fauci When Asked if it was a Mistake to See Schools Closed as Long as They Were
>>17695655 Science for hire - full movie
>>17695674 And cue mail in ballots
>>17695683 Democratic operative says he's been committing voter fraud for decades and warns 'war coming November 3rd over this stuff'
>>17695685, >>17695699 RFK Jr: The Imposition of Totalitarian Control: They're Going to Make You a Slave If You Don't Fight Back
>>17695719 Rep. James Comer Top House Republican: The Biden Crime Family Has Been Influence Peddling for a Decade – Hunter Biden Committed Serious Crimes (Video)
>>17695722 Democrats Are Shocked That Latino Voters Don't Like Socialism
>>17695759 PayPal words that trigger a $2,500 fines
>>17695777 Even Under Persecution, Mike Lindell Personally Takes Thousands Of Pillows And Blankets To Hurricane Ian Victims
>>17695774 Saudis Announce $400M In Ukraine Aid After Biden Said US 'Re-Evaluating' Ties With Kingdom
>>17695784 #21653

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