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Jellynovel - Chapter 1300 - Wings of Tomorrow...

Jellynovel  - Chapter 1300 - Wings of Tomorrow shock organic reading-p3
Gradelyfiction 十二翼黑暗炽天使 - Chapter 1300 - Wings of Tomorrow contain jolly read-p3 
 Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates 
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Chapter 1300 - Wings of Tomorrow freezing addicted 
 The Heir of Kilfinnan 
Luckily, regardless of dimensional sector he moved into, the Wings of The next day would take flight former it with Zhou Wen appearing like a ghost with no bringing in the attention of any beings. 
Is the fact that all? Zhou Wen was somewhat upset. Despite the fact that such rate was rapidly, it turned out no totally different from his Transcendent Flying Immortal. 
Having said that, he realized that all of the Basis Vigor as part of his human body has been emptied with the Wings with the Down the road. Without Essence Electricity to supply his other capabilities, his body system extended on its accident class. 
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Wings of Future is fairly exciting. Could it be that I’m utilizing tomorrow’s body system to carry out a thing these days, that’s why I’m not damaged? Zhou Wen believed for a moment and felt that a thing was amiss. 
A massive mountain / hill made an appearance within his perception. During this rate, he would accident with it in under a minute. 
What’s occurring using this type of expertise? Could it be we must fly of this nature until the future? The opportunity only designed him all the more disheartened. 
“Stop!” Zhou Wen brandished his fist and struck the mountain peak facing him. 
What’s going on with this particular competency? Could it be i must travel similar to this until tomorrow? The possibility only designed him much more discouraged. 
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He stored traveling as his physique pa.s.sed through dimensional zones one soon after a different. He flew for an extended time within the dimensional areas. On account of his extreme rate, it didn’t take very long for him to pa.s.s through everyday zones. Therefore, Zhou Wen had the illusion that they was piloting continuously in dimensional areas. 
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Gritting his pearly whites, Zhou Wen unveiled the Seven Seas Dragon Master and inserted it in front of him, hoping to use its human body to buffer the accidents. 
Translator: CKtalon 
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Nevertheless, a lot more Zhou Wen circulated his Heart and soul Energy, the faster he flew. It was actually as if his Fact Electricity would automatically be absorbed via the Wings from the Future. Not simply could he not prevent it, but also, he assisted it. 
When Zhou Wen finally regained quality of imagination, his sight was still blurry.. He used his a good idea to broaden his view, praying to figure out where he was. 
Fortunately, whatever dimensional area he inserted, the Wings of Down the road would take flight prior it with Zhou Wen developing like a ghost while not bringing in the eye of any creatures. 
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Is always that all? Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed. However this sort of velocity was speedy, it turned out no completely different from his Transcendent Flying Immortal. 
Zhou Wen couldn’t tell if the mountain experienced become an false impression or if his system possessed become an illusion. As soon as the two overlapped, there was no accident. It absolutely was such as images predicted by two projectors. They overlapped and improved, nevertheless they didn’t collide. 
Having said that, his flying speed was too fast. Without the need of presenting him any moment to think, he experienced already slammed to the mountain / hill retaining wall. 
“Stop!” Zhou Wen brandished his fist and hit the mountain / hill when in front of him. 
Section 1300: Wings of Future 
Shortly, Zhou Wen uncovered anything more alarming. As he couldn’t manage his body system, he naturally couldn’t select a trip path and slammed directly into a dimensional zone. 
On the other hand, he found that the many Heart and soul Vitality in his system was drained with the Wings with the Down the road. With virtually no Essence Electricity to provide his other abilities, his system continuing on its collision study course. 
This dimensional zone was serious on the mountains, and Zhou Wen obtained never been there ahead of. It didn’t appear like any person possessed come listed here. He noticed sets of peculiar dimensional critters. 
He employed Wings of The next day and felt a power spew from his again. Just like a rocket’s thruster, it pressed his human body up. 
This dimensional sector was strong from the mountain ranges, and Zhou Wen had never been there before. It didn’t appear like any individual got appear right here. He found teams of odd dimensional critters. 
Zhou Wen even acquired the desire to take out his phone and online game while traveling by air, but before he could really take it out, he suddenly noticed a bang. 
“Stop!” Zhou Wen brandished his fist and struck the mountain / hill in front of him. 
Translator: CKtalon 
Considering the fact that none of us could discover him and that he didn’t worry about striking something when he just preserved hovering, aside from physically relocating, it didn’t often influence him. 
Translator: CKtalon 
Seeing that he couldn’t avoid, Zhou Wen attempt to alter his air travel course. At a minimum, he couldn’t just let himself crash into your mountain peak. 
What is taking place , on this ability? Can it be that we have to travel such as this until the next day? The possibility only made him a lot more disheartened. 
Wings of Down the road is quite exciting. Is it that I’m utilizing tomorrow’s entire body to carry out a little something nowadays, that’s why I’m not impacted? Zhou Wen believed for a second and experienced that something was amiss. 
Zhou Wen was quite proficient. He had encountered numerous dimensional zones and viewed many dimensional beings, but the volume of dimensional critters he experienced seen currently was a lot more than in the preceding several years put together. 
Having said that, he saw that all of the Basis Vitality in their human body has been drained via the Wings on the Tomorrow. Without any Substance Vitality to produce his other techniques, his human body continued on its crash training. 
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His body system kept flying frontward, struggling to prevent. He charged throughout the mountain peak, the woodland, or even a dam. 


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