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>>17782867, >>17782916 Is California going to turn out red? Does anyone know when CA has to post results by?  
>>17782891, >>17782893 Intentional demographic replacement? Schumer: Whites aren’t reproducing, so let’s give 11 million illegal aliens Amnesty to replace them!
>>17782894 You Will Sit. Joe Biden Caught Taking List of Commands From His Handlers Like a Dog
>>17782898 Planefag Reports
>>17782905 Dave Chappelle on Trump
>>17782910 This set the precendent for current US corporate law
>>17782918, >>17782934, >>17783020, >>17783056, >>17783097, >>17783144, >>17783205 Jessie Czebotar, a mother of darkness whistle blower, says they put adrenochrome powder in soldier's food 
>>17782929, >>17782941, >>17782960 Tucker: BLM Eastern European Edition
>>17782931, >>17782937, >>17783171, >>17782947, >>17782974 Study conducted by US CDC, FDA shows risk of myocarditis following mRNA COVID vaccination is around 133x greater
>>17782954, >>17783187 Former defense secretary Mark Esper says Donald Trump is unfit for office
>>17782956, >>17782970 the pharmaceutical industry creates fentanyl, which spirals out of control, ravaging. Then here comes big pharma to create another vaccine to combat death/side effects from the drug they created
>>17782976, >>17782993 dave mentioned the charter banks, the usa had 3 previous banks before the federal reserve - trump mentioned taking back the carter in his speech c[h]arter
>>17782980, >>17782986 On Tucker Xi berating his bitch Castreau for publicly releasing their conversation
>>17782981 @TomFitton: One hardcore move @ElonMusk could make right now is to restore Trump's @Twitter account!
>>17782996 Q told us why Trump isn't doing anything
>>17783029 BHO: Dreamers with a capital? Sleepers? Comms for a FF?
>>17783068, >>17783077 Doctors are killing you, Politicians are helping them, Sick people can not fight
>>17783081 Magnitude 5.4 earthquake 34 miles from Pecos, TX 1:32 PM
>>17783091, >>17783104 New: the U.S. just surpassed 104 million House votes counted, per @CookPolitical's tracker. Republicans' lead is down to 4.0%
>>17782962, >>17782989, >>17783016, >>17783022, >>17783099, >>17783228 GEORGE Magazine POTUS T Cover
>>17783241 AG Shapiro Announces Charges Against Philadelphia Man for Orchestrating the Forgery of Signatures on Election Nomination Petitions in Municipal Primary Races
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