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_S NPUH-10089
_G NeoGeo Heroes Ultimate Shooting [USA]
_C0 Invincibility
_L 0x00941778 0x00000078
_C0 Infinite Health
_L 0x20941760 0x000001F4
_C0 Infinite Bombs
_L 0x00941834 0x00000005
#[JAP] codes by vexgass
#ported by eighthdayregret
_C0 Max Score and Infinite Bombs
_L 0x20941750 0x05F5E0FF
_L 0x20941758 0x05F5E0FF
#[JAP] code by Baldassano
#ported by eighthdayregret
_C0 Unlimited Machine Gun (Marco)
_L 0x20941920 0x0000064

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