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'''Wednesday 06.29.2022'''
>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.

'''Saturday 06.25.2022'''
>>16521604 rt >>16520866, >>16521137 —— Established. (Who was "Jane Roe"? 50 years of conditioning.)

'''Friday 06.24.2022'''
>>16506930 ————————————–——– Are you ready to serve your country again? Remember your oath.
>>16505677 rt >>16505361 ———–––——–— It had to be done this way.
>>16504957 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game once more?

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>>16582766, >>16583349, >>16583437 It’s All Going Woke As The National Archives Says The U.S. Constitution Has ‘Harmful Language’
>>16582784 @JudiciaryGOP IWO Gif on Twitter o7
>>16582788 Vernon Coleman: ‘The Biggest and Most Powerful Lie Doctors Tell’: the absurd myth that drug companies and doctors have prolonged life expectancy
>>16582792, >>16583387, >>16583403 Chief Pete Arredondo resigns from Uvalde City Council amid criticism of police response to shooting at Robb Elementary/diggz
>>16582797 Johnson government could break up UK: Irish Deputy PM
>>16582806 COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? READ IT, share it.
>>16582858 Algeria preparing for massive 60-year independence celebrations
>>16582862 Several NYC Election Sites Had 'No Republican Ballots' During Last Week's Primary
>>16582927 Mali summons Spanish ambassador over FM statements
>>16582947 @OfficialFtSill  Waiting for a fire mission is just the calm before the STORM!
>>16583003 State of Emergency declared in Uzbekistan Karakalpakstan province 
>>16583214,  >>16583219, >>16583266 10-year-old girl denied abortion in Ohio (heart beat law?)
>>16583253 DubYa Fantasy Golf  for the keks
>>16583310 Saudi Arabia in Discussion to Join BRICS Coalition –The Outcome Would be Global Energy and Economic Cleaving
>>16583371 A reminder RE: Kash and The National Archives. DeClas coming
>>16583503 #20982

>>16581998, >>16582053 PRINCE Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell had an "intimate relationship" which gave the socialite "unrestricted access" to Buckingham Palace -
>>16582052 Nearly 8,000 Flights Delayed On Friday As July 4th Weekend To Be Hell
>>16582127 If you don't know how to add filters, see here
>>16582157 Protests in Spain and Morocco over migrant deaths
>>16582188 Mike Pompeo - When I went to West Point as an 18-year-old kid, I did so because I believed in America and wanted to see her flourish. I believe that today more than ever
>>16582291 State Dept. Offering $10 Million ‘for Information on Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections’
>>16582307 Syrian President hosts Iran FM in Damascus
>>16582319 Excluding Russia from the United Nations Security Council is possible only if the entire organization is disbanded and created anew, Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said
>>16582350 Georgia Appeals Court Throws Out VoterGA Case on July 4th Weekend
>>16582365, >>16582453, >>16582533 LIVESTREAM: World’s largest medical conference skeptical of Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma. A cura está em cada um de nós. #Brazil
>>16582378 DPR forces have charged two other British mercenaries who refuse to cooperate with officials.
>>16582407 Over 400,000 High-Priority Incidents In Chicago In 2021 Had 'No Police Available To Send', New Data Shows
>>16582404 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine advisory panel voted 19 to 2 on Tuesday to add an Omicron component to COVID-19 boosters this fall, over objections by panel members and despite a lack of data.
>>16582460 Ukraine Successfully Hitting Russian Command Posts With New Rocket System, according to Pentagon 
>>16582471, >>16582528 Cause of Death Revealed for Sergeant-at-Arms in Charge of Capitol Security on Jan. 6 ("natural causes")
>>16582477 Waiting for a fire mission is just thecalm before the STORM! 🌩️ #FiresStrong #TeamSill @USArmy
>>16582534 Lukashenko accuses Ukraine of firing missiles at Belarus
>>16582561, >>16582595, >>16582597 Trump ReTruthed that weird account that has the "Confirmed" post on it's timeline at exactly 00:38:02
>>16582582, >>16582589 Cassidy Hutchinson >>pic related
>>16582672 Nina Janco the Wicked Witch from the West gets caught spreading disinfo for spreading lies from Politico on Justice Thomas
>>16582728 #20981

'''#20980''' ==pls inspect for HM spam==
>>16581222, >>16581250, >>16581288 pf reports
>>16581205 Zero Delta Graphics
>>16581235 Stanley Meyer 1995 Machines that run on water (DS ignored at usual)
>>16581289 NATO plans to escalate Ukraine proxy war
>>16581296 Trump’s Price Transparency Rule for Health Care Begins: ‘A Huge Moment’
>>16581216 QR MP4 Archive Updated 0722 37 Files | 225 Megs
>>16581208 23:54   [0] Delta Q 0 Delta confirmed 
>>16581320 This is how previous Q confirmed their identity under compromised tripcode conditions
>>16581327, >>16581331 ROTHS
>>16581349 Biden's Green New Deal Is Increasing Greenhouse Gases
>16581407 Custom_Tripcode
>>16581414 Western arms supplied to Ukraine offered on darknet – RT investigation
>>16581443 Texas Supreme Court Blocks Lower Court Ruling That Allowed Abortions To Continue
>>16581453 Fireworks Shows Cancelled or Rescheduled Across Country – Biden Cancels Mount Rushmore Fireworks Again
>>16581483 Federal Reserve and FDIC extend deadline for U.S. GSIB resolution plan feedback
>>16581492 @mikepompeo - TikTok is in the grip of the Chinese Communist Party.
>>16581493 The most jabbed countries are experiencing all of their deaths AFTER the boosters
>>16581502 Bill Gates Granted Authority To Buy 2100 More Acres Of North Dakota Farmland
>>16581289 NATO plans to escalate Ukraine proxy war
>>16581296 Trump’s Price Transparency Rule for Health Care Begins: ‘A Huge Moment’
>>16581503 We must Range ban anyone that questions the validity of new "Q"
>>16581551, >>16581551, >>16581569, >>16581575, >>16581583, >>16581597, >>16581825, >>16581840 Jim shows partial piece of /dcomms/ log - Baron of Arizona claims to be BO of /dcomms/ and claims responsibility of B post
>>16581547, >>16581653, >>16581655 RRN - Human Trafficking/earthquake SC
>>16581560 UFC Champion Questions Why Epstein and Maxwell’s ‘Pedophile’ Associates Haven’t Been Revealed
>>16581573 At Least 5 Killed in Magnitude 6.1 Quake on Iran Gulf Coast
>>16581614 Scottish Govt Workers Told Biological Sex Is ‘Falsehood’ Invented to ‘Reinforce White Supremacy’
>>16581668 Q drops specifically state Q can not first verify/re-verify with TRIP, it's against the National Security Charter.
>>16581716 Vanguard holds 'family-friendly' drag queen show with kids, funds abortions and DEI initiatives
>>16581714 @Stephen Miller
>>16581760 Traffic Cams in D.C….
>>16581636 Pentagon Uses a Secretive Program to Wage Proxy Wars
>>16581773 Defunding Wuhan: Congress quietly bans federal funds from labs in China, Russia and Iran
>>16581837 Missouri Attorney General Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Biden for Colluding with Big Tech
>>16581819 FOIAs Reveal Progressive Money Fueling FBI, DOJ, Leftist Activist and Election Official Coordination
>>16581693 Uvalde schools’ police chief resigns from City Council 
>>16581893 #20980

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>>16578864 #20976, >>16580261 #20977, >>16580309 #20978
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>>16575876 #20970, >>16574958 #20971, >>16576151 #20972
>>16572118 #20967, >>16572565 #20968, >>16573349 #20969

>>16207042 Notables #13: Born For This!
>>16463405 Notables #14: Gonna Rise Up

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