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'''Sunday 11.27.22'''
>>17830326 ————————————–——– Protect your DNA.
>>17830259 rt >>17830253  ———————— In time.
>>17830238 ————————————–——– Focus on the mission.

'''Friday 11.18.22'''
>>17788718 ————————————–——– Patriots in trusted positions.

'''Friday 11.11.22'''
>>17751801 ————————————–——– PUT AN END TO THE ENDLESS. 1913.

'''Tuesday 11.08.22'''
>>17734020 ————————————–——– Taking control.

'''Monday 11.07.22'''
>>17728969 ————————————–——– White hats have secured many systems, but problems still remain.

'''Sunday 11.06.2022'''
>>17724555 ————————————–——– You have all the tools you need.

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>>17857973 Dough
>>17857989, >>17858032, >>17858036, >>17858043, >>17858041, >>17858045, >>17858057, >>17858062, >>17858077, >>17858089, >>17858094, >>17858149 
One man Army - made it all the way to the SC. 'Merica!!!' Petitioner Raland J Brunson is an individual representing himself and is a Plaintiff in the trial court. To remove a sitting President
>>17858005 Qmapped Trump (Street)
>>17858026 Tomorrows deltas. 126? 12/6?
>>17858064 The estate of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein agreed Wednesday to pay more than $105 million in settlement claims to the U.S. Virgin Islands
>>17858072 @realDonaldTrump The Manhattan D.A.’s Office has not tried a Murder Case since 2015,
>>17858100 Stanford is investigating its OWN president
>>17858133 @realDonaldTrump Mother’s and families of victims of Violent Crime, which is breaking all Records in NYC, are furious that the criminals who killed their loved ones 
>>17858022 Ba Len Ci Aga =  "Do What Thou Wilt" a motto from Aleister Crowley's Book of Magick
>>17858168 Biblical Even Water Flowing from the Temple
>>17858170 @ChuckGrassley Christmas around the Capitol (Comm CHQ)
>>17858185 @realDonaldTrump Despite producing tens of thousands of JOBS and such important and lasting structures in New York City, it is said that I will never be able to get a fair trial there
>>17858315 ANON BUN
>>17858005 @45 missing "street"
>>17858030 MF Chief Says US Must Keep Raising Interest Rates Because "They Owe It" To The World
>>17858031 Negotiations on Ukraine's accession
>>17858098 Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [ Circa 2025]
>>17858100 Stanford's president Marc Tessier-Lavigne in under investigation over allegations papers he co-authored contain doctored data and images
>>17858183 Tuskegee Syphillis study
>>17858306 Missile hit the Pentagon during 911? MP4
>>17858348, >>17858351 WHO IS CHARLIE WARD?
>>17858294, >>17858352 A new genome sequencing tool powered with our technology
>>17858280 Anon just voted for Hershel walker in North Fulton county
>>17858270 graphic: Analysis of alleged Musk Q&A session
>>17858406 Cristóbal Balenciaga Eizaguirre was a Spanish fashion designer, and the founder of the Balenciaga fashion house. 
>>17858427 Special Counsel, John "The Punisher" Durham Impersonator MP4
>>17858433 Michael Jaco, Derek Johnson, Michelle Fielding, Lewis Herms on Supreme Court
>>17858461 Suspected cyberattack hits Vatican website
>>17858506 Celebrity personal trainer Eric Fleishman has died at the age of 53.
>>17858524 Bannon War Room is going off on Musk chipping of humans and not in a good way.
>>17858538 A northern Westchester community is mourning the loss of one of its police officers whodied unexpectedlyon Thanksgiving night
>>17858540 @RichardGrenell You literally advocate for people other than their parents talking to kindergarteners about sex.
>>17858550 @Kash PGA implosion begins, charity my A#$, just as bad as the nfl. 
>>17858557 BUN Died Suddenly
>>17858626 @elonmusk As a reminder, tap the stars icon on upper right of screen to switch between latest people you follow and recommended tweets
>>17858646 @OfficialFtSill Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! 
 >>17858469, >>17858515 - PDF - Cleared for publication: Report on Memes and use in US Government influence campaigns
>>17858674 Activating the U.S. Space Force Central component provides CENTCOM a cadre of space experts
>>17858698 #21890

>>17857411, >>17857442 Everything we know about Biden’s rental cars bursting into flames at Nantucket
>>17857418 Jim Carrey Says He’s Leaving Twitter And Shares New “Crazy Old Lighthouse Keeper” Cartoon
>>17857431 Musk says he met with Apple CEO amid public tensions In a follow-up post, the billionaire said he and Cook had resolved a number of issues surrounding the firms' relationship.
>>17857449 @R_H_Ebright We write to respond to..longstanding requests to provide..information related of..COVID-19
>>17857467 EXCLUSIVE: When Jeffrey met Bubba: Epstein lobbied Bill Clinton to change trade laws on behalf of Victoria's Secret boss Les Wexner – but ended up forging bond with former president, visiting the White House 17 times and flying him on Lolita Express
>>17857473 RNA for Moderna’s Omicron Booster Manufactured by CIA-Linked Company
>>17857454 Our paper on 'Censorship and Suppression of COVID-19 Heterodoxy' has 149,000 downloads since it was published on Nov 1. Let's break 150K in one month! 
>>17857482 Australian PM Anthony Albanese urges US government to end pursuit of Julian Assange
>>17857496, >>17857522 2020 Election Steal symbolism incorporated into Covid test graphic
>>17857502 China Hired 30 British Ex-Military Pilots with goal of TRAINING CHINESE PILOTS to beat Western air forces in combat… -Popular Mechanics MEDIA SILENT
>>17857511 Bombshell emails reveal Biden Administration's Commerce appointee John Nevergole was LONGTIME BUSINESS PARTNER of Hunter Biden…
>>17857513 @WesternU is hiding twitter replies of two former students who havedied suddenlyat age 20, and 21 shortly after announcing their lifting of mandatory vaccines.It'd be a shame if this went viral.
>>17857506 Controversial "new" research suggests SARS-CoV-2 bears signs of genetic engineering
>>17857530 Fauci Couldn’t Name Any Studies Showing Masks Work
>>17857535 CNBC: “What does [Biden] mean we're going to ‘end drilling?’” Biden Energy Advisor Amos Hochstein: “Eventually we are – we’re going to be phasing out the use of oil.”
>>17857541 Long Covid may be ‘the next public health disaster’ — with a $3.7 trillion economic impact rivaling the Great Recession
>>17857640, >>17857737, >>17857741, >>17857777 Baal Enci Aga = "Baal is King"?
>>17857809 Planned Parenthood Celebrates Senate Passing Respect for Marriage Act
>>17857866, >>17857840, >>17857839, >>17857840, >>17857843, >>17857844 Details how Brunsen made it to the SC 
>>17857957 #21889

>>17856678 First TRUMP RALLY for 2024 to be held in Alabama
>>17856691 Large deposit of rare elements and minerals discovered in northern Maine
>>17856693, >>17856753 Clockfag: Elon stuff added; 53-47 Good memories
>>17856699 Mistrial declared in actor Danny Masterson's rape trial
>>17856704 Teen Vogue Publishes Article From Doctor Promoting Mutilating Minors in the Name of ‘Gender Affirmation’
>>17856713, >>17856843 FDA Plans to Allow More Gay, Bisexual Men to Donate Blood
>>17856732 Walker County man convicted of voter fraud, sentenced to 25 years, DA says
>>17856737 Biden WILL meet William and Kate on Friday in Boston
>>17856740, >>17856756, >>17856816, >>17856864, >>17857281 Neuralink update livestream
>>17856762 Planefag: USN E-6B Mercury 164409. Call sign DAGON77
>>17856763 House Democrats elect Hakeem Jeffries as first Black leader in Congress
>>17856777 Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. raids home in Compton, seize $4M worth of narcotics
>>17856782 US House approves bill to block rail strike and mandate paid sick leave
>>17856815 Documents Reveal Senate Democrat Pressured IRS, DOJ to Target Conservative Groups
>>17856838 Colorado election officials announce recount in Boebert-Frisch race
>>17856839 Moscow names condition for resuming arms control talks with US
>>17856845 Russian troops advance in Donbass – Defense Ministry
>>17856856 Emails: Biden Admin Appointee Was Partner in Biden Family Business
>>17857192 The day before John Nevergole's appointment (July 14, 2022) was announced Elon tweeted this about Hunter
>>17856858 Josh Hawley Calls on Apple to End ‘Unconscionable’ Operations in China, Reshore Manufacturing to U.S.
>>17856865 Fire at Russian oil depot near Ukrainian border
>>17856926 Ted Cruz Grills State Dept. About Hunter Biden's Alleged Ukraine-Related 'Corruption' (video)
>>17856928 If Marriage Can Mean Anything, It Will Soon Mean Nothing
>>17856956 ‘We Build the Wall’ Attorney Was Notified of Corrupt Acts by Juror in Case – Now He’s Dead – Today Obama Judge Ignored Motion to Investigate Juror Actions
>>17856961 Yellen hints at ‘national security’ probe into Twitter purchase
>>17857020 Ukrainians complain over Starlink price hike
>>17857043 Klaus and the swastika on you tube (video)
>>17857080, >>17857106 MTG: Everyone is obsessed with who goes to Mar-a-Lago to see Trump, but no one is asking who goes to Joe Biden‘s house on the weekends
>>17857140, >>17857190 @elonmusk Twitter is purging a lot of spam/scam accounts right now
>>17857158, >>17857171, >>17857176 State dinner this week for Macron. Klaus Schwab at the Waldorf Astoria in DC (formerly the Trump Hotel)?
>>17857217, >>17857222 SURPRISE! Global Luxury Group that Owns Balenciaga, Gucci, and Saint Laurent Has Ties with Word Economic Forum 
>>17857299, >>17857308, >>17857318, >>17857353 DOJ is taking the position that geofencing data isn't protected by 4th amend now
>>17857302 Elon - NK ties were laid out in the 'MAGAMEMES' archive that was dumped on the boards in early 2018.
>>17857322 PF: E6B at 1,100 feet above Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
>>17857388, >>17857358 South African President to face Impeachment?
>>17857389 #21888

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>>17853746 #21882, >>17854511 #21883, >>17855214 #21884
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>>17850033 #21877, >>17850600 #21878, >>17850600 #21878

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