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>>15700816 House Democrat tells feds to confiscate protesters' trucks!
>>15700854 The Mainstream Media’s Silence On Durham Revelations Is Growing Louder
>>15700872, >>15701053, >>15701211 Now scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began
>>15700944 Google Maps Location Data Of 'Freedom Convoy' Donors Posted Online
>>15700996 Hunter Biden's ex-lovers could come back to haunt him as federal grand jury investigates his tax affairs
>>15701004 Pete Buttigieg accepted $250,000 and gifts from mayoral campaign donors who were later awarded $33million in city contracts
>>15701014, >>15701070 Over a thousand vehicles are now outside Adelanto Stadium, as ‘The People’s Convoy’ towards Washington DC prepares to depart from California
>>15701090 CBS Earns Blistering Ratio For Trying To Blame US Inflation On Ukraine Situation
>>15701120 Chinese police begin work in Solomon Islands to maintain law and order, as Australian officials watch closely
>>15701127 Soros Ukraine Strategy
>>15701145 Durham Confirms Brennan’s CIA Notes That Clinton Campaign Sought to Tie Trump to Russia | Truth Over News
>>15701151 Trudeau's order to freeze bank accounts has itself been *frozen.*
>>15701169 ICYMI: Durham Filing Reveals ‘High-Tech Watergate’: Heritage’s Mike Howell
>>15701214 Bidens Took $1.8 Billion Dollars To Wage Secret Ukraine ‘Proxy War’ - 2020
>>15701228 Over 1,000 Trucks, RVs, and Cars are now en route to the first stop, in Kingman, AZ from Adelanto, CA.
>>15701261 NEWS: The United States carried out a "self-defense" strike in Somalia yesterday.
>>15701269 “The Peoples Convoy” in Adelanto, CA – Moments Away From BEGINNING THEIR JOURNEY from California to D.C…. 
>>15701276 Trucks lining up into position as the convoy towards DC prepares to depart from Adelanto, California this Wednesday morning
>>15701277 BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Sues Adam Schiff and the Jan 6 Committee
>>15701382 “Amazing Grace” rings out as the California Trucker Convoy is headed to DC!!!

>>15699999 Freedom 2022 nobody is here , !
>>15700000 QUINT CHQ ^^
>>15700010 Kotab is live
>>15700015 Two military helicopters crash near Utah ski resort during training accident
>>15700020 Freedom Convoy US 
>>15700027, >>15700060 @TomFitton Excellent. [#HOLDTHELINE]
>>15700032 live - Adelanto Ca - The Peoples Convoy #freedom #truckers
>>15700063 Kids allowed into Metaverse strip clubs - BBC
>>15700089 Texas Governor Orders Child Abuse Investigation Into Children Receiving Transgender Treatments
>>15700094 @SpeakerPelosi: "It's stunning to see in this day and age a tyrant roll into a country.
>>15700113 Thank you Jim for fixing the .mp4 problem and keeping this site running.
>>15700114 Georgia SOS Brad Raffensperger Secretly Hired to Manage Voter Rolls on the Cloud
>>15700129 FNM Blames Ukraine/russia for Increased US Gas Prices, Inflation, Supply-Chain Issues (#EnergyIndependence?)
>>15700134 BO please do take out the mp4 global, baker.
>>15700154 SO with the Awesomeness (Audio)
>>15700213 Arizona House Committee Just Approved a Bill to Make Filming Cops on the Job Illegal (#IProtest)
>>15700177 Sarah Huckabee Sanders  officially filed for Governor of ARr. (Adorable Confirmed!)
>>15700256 LIVE: #UncoverDC at the People's Convoy Rally and Kickoff! BY TRACY BEANZ
>>15700274 4 Killed in Helicopter Crash on Hawaii Island of Kauai
>>15700298 A Look at Ukraine’s Dark SideFebruary 7, 2016  
>>15700326 Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada says freedom is not unlimited
>>15700354 How World Economic Forum Infiltrates Governments And Installs Its Members As Leaders
>>15700352, >>15700357 Facebook locks out Texas Governor candidate Chad Prather a week 
>>15700267 CNN’s Anti-Trump Russia Hoaxer Paula Reid Is Married to a Chinese Communist Party Lobbyist.
>>15700467 Trump predicts China will take Taiwan after Putin invades Ukraine 
>>15700497 On February 23, 1945, six U.S. Marines raised the American flag on the small island of Iwo Jima,
>>15700404, >>15700470 Why TS Apple App First?
>>15700518 Peace is the prize and that needs to be drilled into every soldier in this peaceful display of non compliance.
>>15700524 Reminder: Democrats blocked President Trump’s effort to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when oil prices were at historic lows. 
>>15700566, >>15700618 Planefagging
>>15700745 #19852

>>15699219 Hold the Line (Picrelated)
>>15699253 Sheriffs demand DHS notify them if illegal immigrants are moved to their counties
>>15699267 History Lesson On How To End Vaccine Mandates
>>15699282 High school sarcasm to the school board.
>>15699308, >>15699314 The hostage situation in Amsterdam came to a close as the hostage managed to free himself
>>15699337 America's People's Convoy gets ready to roll! One thousand trucks begin protest drive from California to DC TODAY
>>15699352 FB/Metaverse is pedo
>>15699388 Fear porn!!!! Russia - Ukraine
>>15699376, >>15699415, >>15699419 Schwab and the WEF pushing Fear porn economic crisis
>>15699465, >>15699547 Large-scale cyber attack is underway in #Ukraine. 
>>15699482 AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake DESTROYS Fake News Running Ads Exposing The BS During Shows
>>15699497, >>15699524 (LB) SNCO Retired Fag Here… NCSWIC
>>15699544 Vehicles honk as they pass protestors outside the Canadian Consulate in New York. 
>>15699500 Biden Admin Using Parole to Import Thousands of Migrants into the Country
>>15699566 Expanded parental rights fight brews at Arizona Legislature
>>15699626 Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (CAPS)
>>15699645 Iowa's Gov. Kim Reynolds to deliver GOP response to State of the Union
>>15699737 Iceland to lift all COVID restrictions on Friday. (Just in time for Midterms)
>>15699776 [DOW]N
>>15699747 Why is Truth Social allowed on iPhone apps store and Gab is not?
>>15699813 Emerald Robinson Taking Out The Trash?
>>15699818 Papi pointing to the clock?
>>15699617, >>15699830 Vancouver Times pushing Convoy Leaders Fake Death
>>15699871 @DanScavino  - The U.S. economy has been hit with increased gas prices, inflation, and supply-chain issues due to the Ukraine crisis. (MISINFO CONFIRMED)
>>15699901 4KEKS - The Preschool Apprentice (VID)
>>15699928 #19851

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