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Cambios en Privoxy 3.0.29

ChangeLog for Privoxy
*** Version 3.0.29 stable ***

- Security/Reliability:
  - Fixed memory leaks when a response is buffered and the buffer
    limit is reached or Privoxy is running out of memory.
    Commits bbd53f1010b and 4490d451f9b. OVE-20201118-0001.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Fixed a memory leak in the show-status CGI handler when
    no action files are configured. Commit c62254a686.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Fixed a memory leak in the show-status CGI handler when
    no filter files are configured. Commit 1b1370f7a8a.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Fixes a memory leak when client tags are active.
    Commit 245e1cf32. OVE-20201118-0004.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Fixed a memory leak if multiple filters are executed
    and the last one is skipped due to a pcre error.
    Commit 5cfb7bc8fe. OVE-20201118-0005.
  - Prevent an unlikely dereference of a NULL-pointer that
    could result in a crash if accept-intercepted-requests
    was enabled, Privoxy failed to get the request destination
    from the Host header and a memory allocation failed.
    Commit 7530132349. CID 267165. OVE-20201118-0006.
  - Fixed memory leaks in the client-tags CGI handler when
    client tags are configured and memory allocations fail.
    Commit cf5640eb2a. CID 267168. OVE-20201118-0007.
  - Fixed memory leaks in the show-status CGI handler when memory
    allocations fail. Commit 064eac5fd0 and commit fdee85c0bf3.
    CID 305233. OVE-20201118-0008.

- General improvements:
  - Added experimental https inspection support which allows to filter
    https traffic. To enable it, install MbedTLS and configure with
    --with-mbedtls, or install OpenSSL or LibreSSL and configure
    with --with-openssl.
    Afterwards configure the directives in section 7 of the
    config file and enable the +https-inspection action.
    Initial MbedTLS-based code contributed by Vaclav Svec,
    initial OpenSSL support contributed by Maxim Antonov.
    With help from Nedzad Hrnjica and Ho+ Ho+ Ho+.
    Integration and improvements sponsored by Robert Klemme.
  - pcrs: Request JIT compilation if it's supported and
    the filter isn't dynamic. This can speed up filtering.
  - Added support for Brotli decompression.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Added FEATURE_EXTENDED_STATISTICS to gather statistics for
    block reasons and filter executions. To enable it, configure
    with --enable-extended-statistics and visit
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Use the IP_FREEBIND socket option, if defined. This allows
    Privoxy to bind to not-yet assigned IP addresses which is
    useful in failover environments.
    Patch by Sam Varshavchik.
  - Allow to use extended host patterns and vanilla host patterns
    at the same time by prefixing extended host patterns with
    "PCRE-HOST-PATTERN:". To enable this, configure with
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Added "Cross-origin resource sharing" (CORS) support.
    This allows to access Privoxy's CGI interface via JavaScript from
    another domain (white-listed with the new cors-allowed-origin directive).
    Based on a patch by Nedzad Hrnjica.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme.
  - Add SOCKS5 username/password support.
    Based on a patch by Sam, improved by Ivan Romanov.
    Closes Patch#141 and solves TODO#105.
  - Bump the maximum number of action and filter files
    to 100 each.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Fixed handling of filters with "split-large-forms 1"
    when using the CGI editor.
    Reported by withoutname in #921.
  - Better detect a mismatch of connection details when
    figuring out whether or not a connection can be reused.
  - Don't send a "Connection failure" message instead of the
    "DNS failure" message.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Let LOG_LEVEL_REQUEST log all requests. Previously unencrypted
    requests were only logged with LOG_LEVEL_REQUEST when they weren't
    crunched (in which case they were logged with LOG_LEVEL_CRUNCH).
    This was documented behaviour, but logging all requests seems more useful.
  - Fixed locking around localtime() and gmtime().
  - Removed OS/2 support. We haven't provided OS/2 packages in years,
    it complicated the code and it depended on a fallback snprintf()
    implementation which is GPLv2 only.
  - Remove the fallback snprintf() implementation
    Now that OS/2 support is gone we no longer need it.
  - Fixed a bunch of format specifiers log messages.
  - Added a missing apostrophe in the 'More Privoxy' menu.
  - Explicitly prevent use of FEATURE_CONNECTION_SHARING
    without FEATURE_CONNECTION_KEEP_ALIVE. It makes no sense
    and does not compile anyway.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Downgrade the 'Graceful termination requested' message
    to LOG_LEVEL_INFO as it isn't an error.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - decompress_iob(): Downgrade the no-content message to LOG_LEVEL_RE_FILTER
    While at it, fix a typo in a comment.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Fixed a couple of cppcheck warnings.
    Only the shadow knows what "GPC" is supposed to stand for.
  - Remove SourceForge references in copyright headers.
  - Upgrade a bunch of links to the homepage to https://.
  - Add 'no-brotli-accepted' filter which prevents the
    use of Brotli compression.
  - Changed license for pcrs to GPLv2+ after getting the
    permission from Andreas. This allows to redistribute
    Privoxy under the GPLv3 which is required when linking
    to future mbedTLS versions which are expected to be
    licensed under the Apache 2.0 license only.
  - Updated a bunch of tests that have to expect status code 403
    now after r1.168/070e904afa5.
  - Lowercase the host name in the request line.
  - Only set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH if it's not already set so
    distributions can overwrite it through the environment.

- Documentation changes:
  - Explain that Privoxy has to be distributed under the
    GPLv3 (or later) when linked with an MbedTLS version
    that is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
  - Import the GNU GPLv3 and include it the user manual.
  - Clarify FEATURE_FORCE_LOAD's description. It allows to bypass
    blocking not filtering and only does it if blocks aren't enforced.
    Reported by: Robert Klemme
  - FAQ: Remove Zwiebelfreunde e.V. from the list of fiduciary sponsors
    As of 2021 they no longer handle donations for foreign organisations
    due to lack of resources.
  - FAQ: Remove an obsolete comment with a link to the long-gone PDF manual.
  - FAQ: Add a link to the TODO list.
  - FAQ: Change the sponsor amounts to USD slightly rounding the
    converted amounts up to get simple numbers.
    Receiving USD is apparently easier for SPI and SPI is
    preferred by sponsors as they can send invoices.
  - Advertise the client-tags CGI page in the user manual.
  - Stop advertising the show-version CGI page which no longer exists.
  - Add yet another reason why +prevent-compression may cause problems.
  - Don't claim that contributors need ssh. It's only needed for committers.
  - Replace obsolete CVS instructions with Git instructions.
  - Remove an obsolete comment

- Config file changes:
  - Change the suggested default-server-timeout to 5 to match the
    suggested keep-alive-timeout. Otherwise using the defaults would
    result in Privoxy reducing the default-server-timeout and logging
    an error message.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Update the 'debug 1' description.
  - Add a missing 'client-specific-tag' directive.
  - Comment out trusted-cgi-referer pointing to

- Action file improvements:
  - Block requests to /(.*/)?piwik\.php
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to as image
  - Block requests to
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Disable fast-redirects for*origin=http
  - Unblock
  - Add fast-redirects exception for
  - Add fast-redirects exception for
  - Disable fast-redirects for\.php
    and block the requests as image instead
  - Unblock
    Reported by lvm in #942.
  - Unblock
    Reported by lvm in #942.
  - Unblock
  - Disable fast-redirects for
    and block requests to it as image instead
  - Unblock 'ada*.'
  - Add fast-redirects{} exception for
  - Unblock
    Reported by DRS David Soft in AF#945.
  - Change two block reasons that previously were the same.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Added a +delay-response{} test.
  - Updated the location of the development version
    of default.action.master.

- Privoxy-Log-Parser:
  - Added a --keep-date option to keep the date in highlighted messages.
  - Highlight new log messages.
  - Make gather_loglevel_clf_stats() more tolerant. While at it,
    count all CLF messages as requests, even if the request is invalid.
  - Only show HTTP version distribution if at least one version has been detected.
  - Only show crunch statistics if crunches were detected.
  - Warn if the request counts differ.
  - Generate statistics if the log only contains LOG_LEVEL_CLF messages
    so it can be used with vanilla webserver logs.
    Previously Privoxy-specific "Request:" messages were required.
  - Align the client-HTTP-version distribution like other distributions
  - Bump version to 0.9.1
  - Include status code distribution in the stats.
  - Let the statistics include the size of the content Privoxy
    transferred excluding HTTP headers.
  - Get with the program and expect all requests to be logged with LOG_LEVEL_REQUEST.
    It's no longer necessary to count both LOG_LEVEL_REQUEST and
    LOG_LEVEL_CRUNCH messages to get the total number of requests.
  - Leverage the LOG_LEVEL_CLF message to gather statistics that where
    previously taken from LOG_LEVEL_HEADER lines. This results in less
    confusing results if https inspection is enabled in which case there
    are two LOG_LEVEL_HEADER lines with request lines.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Properly highlight the filter results message. Previously a brace got lost.
  - Prefer the number of CLF lines to get the total number of requests
    as it works with older Privoxy versions as well.

- Privoxy-Regression-Test:
  - Turn curl's globbing mode off so we can allow more characters in URLs.
  - Allow '[' and ']' in URLs.
  - Include the action file when complaining about missing Sticky Actions.
  - Fix a sentence in the documentation.
  - Bump version to 0.7.1

- url-pattern-translator:
  - Detect a couple of pattern prefixes case-insensitively.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Skip CLIENT-TAG patterns.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Skip patterns that have already been converted.
    It should now be safe to "convert" a file multiple times.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Add the new 'PCRE-HOST-PATTERN:' prefix.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme

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