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Outraged by auto insurance companies?

Outraged by auto insurance companies?
"I just lately passed my driving make sure I'm absolutely taken away by the charges I've saw on my parents Astra for auto insurancewhere may I have the total data for business insurance . 
I am considering investing in a 2007 Kawasaki ninja 250r. I was wondering how much insurance could be for me(18) if it was my first car. I've no prior auto insurance history. And I only got a motor license. 
"I am trying to apply for state insurance for my girl"I had been rearended (not to blame) the other day my vehicle was totaled. Our vehicle was a red 1999 Ford Taurus SE with 146May Geico increase my insurance? 
"I am 17. I wish to purchase a eclipse gt. Its likely to be a 2000"Automobile 
Thanks for your help!!! 
How can I get reasonable insurance to get a range rover at 19years old? 
"Whenever a child exists medical insurance
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