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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
>>16950142 06.24.2022

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>>17503341 Dr. Paul Alexander relates shocking saga of experience in DC, profound corruption of ‘Deep State’
>>17503351, >>17503401, >>17503782 Invermectin use led to 92% reduction in cv19 mortality rate - had to be disqualified as a treatment to get vax EUA
>>17503355 Documents Show Afghan President’s Brother Held Secret Stake in Company that Received Mineral Shipments
>>17503436 Massive Power Outages Across Bay Area after California’s Grid Operator Declares Emergency
>>17503464 To learn about 20th C. economics, research General Smedley Butler, The Business Coup and Prescott Bush
>>17503466, >>17504039 HCQ recipe - not medical advice
>>17503469, >>17503474 Biden called "the incumbent President"
>>17503497, >>17503863 NASA has been investigating a strange glitch that has caused Voyager 1 to send back nonsense data about its location in space.
>>17503510, >>17503536 Berkey Filters remove flouride
>>17503740, >>17503639, >>17503645, >>17503670, >>17503692, >>17503708, >>17503720  Watch the water
>>17503563 grounded plants produced double the yield of ungrounded plants
>>17503812, >>17503824, >>17503827 water powered engine DIY
>>17503593, >>17503723 possible shooting hoax in Rancho Cucamongo, CA - suspect identified
>>17503616 huge flooding in RI and GA
>>17503619, >>17503607 BDS, Berkeley Student Groups Pass law Pledging to Not Invite Pro-Israel Speakers; Jews upset
>>17503649, >>17503759, >>17503763 Resident Biden Ordered Mar-a-Lago Raid
>>17503678 One of the biggest strikes in US history is brewing at UPS
>>17503448 Pray for Britney Spears 
>>17503730, >>17503778, >>17503787 WH Visit with Zuck last week, "some of the older ones may not be here" - WDHMBT?
>>17503766  Kash retruths old post: something's gonna happen
>>17503786 there were researchers who risked their lives before the information super highway existed
>>17503840, >>17503844 Pedosta is BACK ON THE MENU
>>17503845 Andrew Weissmann is upset
>>17503951 OIG Audit Report for Dept. of Treasury Inteligence Cybersecurity
>>17503867 Police: 'Fat Leonard' escapes house arrest in San Diego
>>17503996 Trump's medical records, tax docs seized in FBI raid, judge reveals
>>17504042 #21456

>>17502872 "Toxic" Dust Storm Hits Burning Man, Causing Total Whiteout
>>17502878, >>17502993, >>17503159, >>17503168 Federal judge hands Trump win, orders special master to review evidence seized from Mar-a-Lago 
>>17502894 Canadian university sued for requiring COVID boosters, allegedly violates privacy law
>>17502900 This is a massive speech by Putin. - The economy of imaginary wealth is being inevitably replaced by the economy of real and hard assets.
>>17502926 Trump sues Hillary Clinton, DNC over 'unthinkable' Russia 'plot' in 2016 election - 3/24/22
>>17502968 Biden ordered the raid on @realDonaldTrump  - "as requested by the incumbent President."
>>17503015 thomas massie sends a one word tweet  "cointelpro"
>>17503028 A secretive Pentagon program that started on Trump's last day in office just ended. The mystery has not.
>>17503029 Billionaire Bunkers To Survive the End of the World
>>17503042 #BREAKING US calls for accountability after Israel admits soldier likely shot reporter
>>17503056 ‘DOJ and FBI Threatened My Safety’—Kash Patel Discusses Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Redactions, Special Master Appointment, & More
>>17503075 Did Trump call Mar-A-Lago the White House while talking about Mark Zuckerberg?
>>17503108, >>17503192 Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election - 9/14/18 / Biden continued this executive order for another year.  That order expires September 12th, 2022
>>17503114, >>17503189, >>17503207 Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump - A Nation In Decline - mp4 / Q Drops 952, 2152
>>17503154 UK Home Secretary resigns
>>17503157 ONE OF TWO SUSPECTS Found Dead Following Saskatchewan Stabbing Rampage
>>17503178 World Economic Forum leader asks Canadians to stop talking about it
>>17503179, >>17503260 'No human remains found': 4 feared dead as private jet carrying family drops off radar after rapidly losing altitude
>>17503186, >>17503170 EU-NATO - Russia, Sweden, Finland and Serbia
>>17503199 WEF Puppet Trudeau Says Restrictions & Mandates Will Be Reimposed In Canada This Fall & Winter If A 90% 3x Vaccine Compliance Target Is Not Met
>>17503204 Paul Craig Roberts – After destroying American society, the CDC admits natural immunity works better than COVID jabs
>>17503244 US B-52 Bombers Fly Over Middle East Amid Tensions With Iran
>>17503255 Digging Deeper with Dee Stevens - Kerry Cassidy on Dee Stevens - tora3
>>17503264 Robert Davi movie coming out in a couple days. "My Son Hunter".
>>17503300 #21455-B

>>17502565 Trump Attacks Fox News, Offers to Help CNN ‘Go Conservative’
>>17502567, >>17502599 Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump - This wasn’t a Raid of President Trump’s home, this was a State sanctioned burglary. / Q Drop 1939
>>17502570 Retired Teacher Sentenced To Nearly 6 Years In Prison For Child Sex Abuse Images
>>17502580 Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump - Now that the FBI and DOJ have been caught in a massive and determinative Election Rigging Scam
>>17502582 Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump - Remember, it takes courage and “guts” to fight a totally corrupt Department of “Justice” and the FBI. 
>>17502583, >>17503131 Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump - Also Just Out: The Top Department of Justice lawyer was partners with Hunter’s attorney! / Q Drop 1454 - Scam with 3 
>>17502585 Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump - The fired FBI Agent, it was just reported, was given the Laptop from Hell 11 days before the Presidential Election.
>>17502587 Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump - The USA is rapidly becoming a Third World Nation.
>>17502588 Ukraine is using a ghost army of fake HIMARS to trick Russian artillery
>>17502589 Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump - So they riffled through the living quarters of my 16 year old son, Barron, and the loved and respected former First Lady of the United States, Melania
>>17502590 Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump - So much talk, back and forth, including from my many patriotic “defenders & supporters,” about our Federal Government working every seldom (or never used) rule and regulation in order to get and destroy, at any cost, President Donald J. Trump. 
>>17502606, >>17502723 Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump - The FBI is totally corrupt. / This is a really good read, explaining the current problems FBI have with their illegal spying.
>>17502624 This post is from [LB] posted by Praying Medic onthe double posting by POTUS.
>>17502640 ‘Inhaled’ Covid-19 Vaccine Granted ‘Emergency Use Approval’ in China
>>17502643, >>17503041, >>17503124 PPP Loan Data — Probity Enterprises Inc, Littleton, CO
>>17502646 Breaking News: Rolling Blackouts Start in 1 Hr - cali youtube vid
>>17502681  NATO struggling to supply winter uniforms to Ukraine – Der Spiegel
>>17502722 Russian shelling hits Ukraine nuclear plant, 'one step away from a radiation disaster': Zelensky
>>17502818 500 acre brush fire in the area of Hemet, California; numerous houses destroyed
>>17502826 Anon Opine - Remember Gregg Phillips said We Must Overwhelm Them
>>17502828 Oklahoma News Anchor Suffers ‘Beginnings of a Stroke’ While She Was Live On Air
>>17502829 Beijing: US has conducted ‘tens of thousands’ of cyberattacks against China
>>17502834 An Update on Computer Store Owner J.P Mac Isaac And Hunter Biden’s Laptop
>>17502837 Van Jones: Biden Wants Election to Be about Trump, Not Inflation, But It Sounds Like He’s Writing People Off as ‘Irredeemable’
>>17502852 Islamic State claims credit for Afghanistan suicide bomb blast that killed Russian embassy staff
>>17502857, >>17502964 Anon Opine - Police and FBI
>>17503298 #21455-A

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>>16463405 '''Notables Bread #15: High Five''' >>17474548

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