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Russian quantity lashes as the name suggests is an one-of-a-kind lashing strategy that originated in Russia. When all the globe knew was traditional lash strategies Russian musicians manually produced eyelash extensions that were made out of 2-5 thin mink lashes. These extensions were used at the base is each specific lashes making Russian lash technicians actually popular for their specialist handmade market. 
When it involves making use of the Russian volume strategy the lash professional uses greater than one extension to every all-natural eyelash and also follower them bent on make it appear like more lashes are normally outgrowing one spot. 
If you're searching for more quantity in your eyelashes after that the Russian quantity is for you, it develops an extremely beautiful and attractive look that's difficult to disregard. 
Russian quantities need that you replenish them a minimum of every 3 weeks to maintain them looking radiant as well as complete however normally they last for about 6 weeks. 
Much like timeless lashes, our Russian lashes are made with top quality PBT (synthetic fibers) but also for this technique, thinner extensions like 0.03-0.07 mm would certainly be needed to make it very easy and smooth to use more than one lash hair per natural lash. 
The Russian quantity lashes is normally light weight in nature making it very easy to for it's follower to completely wrap around your client's all-natural lashes and give it excellent quantity an one-of-a-kind lash line and also thickness. 
If have a client that's seeking an extra duller look yet without the little weight of timeless lashes then quantity lashes would be perfect for that due to the fact that it is cosy and light as well as due to the fact that means much less adhesive is utilized when taking care of volume lashes your client will certainly not really feel anything at all. 

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