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Rally, OH, 2022-09-17

DJT came out at 7:41 PM 19:41
Q#1941: We, the PEOPLE.

We need hope, we need competence
we haven't been getting it for 2 years
OH is going to fire the democrats
gonna send JD Vance to the Senate
Gonna end Pelosi's political career
American dream is being torn to shreds
Sad, sad what's happening
stock market had one of the 7 worst days in the history
think of it 7 worst days 7 worst days
how are your 401Ks doing
no reason for it
inflation just reached another historic high
surging food, energy prices
suffering, MAYHEM and despair
Biden keeps spending into oblivion
Incinerating trillions of $ of middle class wealth
Mitch better GET ON THE BALL and stop it
He's like a democrat
Rapes, car jackings, etc. are skyrocketing
southern border is erased
2 years ago we had the strongest border
our country is being invaded
left wing sickos are pumping left wing propaganda into our youth
you must vote replican
the unhinged persecution of me and my staff
and they threaten them with jail time
you're going to jail UNLESS you say something bad about Trump
in which case you won't have to go to jail
people don't wanna do it bc they're legitimate
they see what's happening
my supporters, the radical democrats and the deep state
----missed this part, stream froze
I filled up the strategic reserves, I filled it up
and now he's using that to keep prices down as much as he can
just before the election
then it's going to double up and go higher than anyone can believe
the strategic reserves are meant for WAR
not to keep prices down during an election
75M barrels we got a very good price
Trump was right about everything
I was right about everything
including Afghanistan and Ukraine
the persecution of the MAGA movement
you know what MAGA means?
we will stop America from being great again, he says
what does MAGA mean?
Did anyone ever hear of Jim Jordan?
the outrageous persecution of the MAGA movement
and more than 50% of our country
our 2nd ammendment which is under seige
Joe Bidan has done damage in 2 short years
just two years ago when I was in office
gas was at almost a record low
it even hit less than a 1.50
that was getting a little too low
they brag b/c now it's at 6,7,8 dollars
and it came down just a little bit
except its double and triple what it was
they're the party of total DISINFORMATION
with the help of OH
we had American energy independence
and soon we were gonna be energy dominant
bigger than SA and Russia combined
now USA is a beggar nation
and now they just passed a massive anti-oil and gas bill
what happened to Joe Manchin
he destroyed WV with a tax on coal
gave you the largest tax cuts
they just passed one of the largest tax hikes
gonna pulverize your jobs
under the Trump admin we had the greatest economy in the history of the world, with NO inflation
right after the election, when they stop pumping out of the strategic oil reserves, you're going to see that number go way up
wild socialist spending spree has sent us into a recession
no other president has taken in 10 cents from Chyna
created space force
afghanistan was the greatest humiliation that anyone has ever seen
Russia went in b/c number 1 if I'm not thereā€¦ this is the time
when they say what happened in afghanistan, I got down to 2000
we were going to get out with dignity and strength
we would have done it in the similar timeframe
many of those people do not love our country
now we have Russia v. Ukraine
if the election wasn't rigged, it never would have happened
2 years ago we had the strongest border in history
now we have the weakest
it's probably the weakest border of any country
no 3rd world country would let happen to their border whats happing to ours
phony numbers when they say 2-3 million people
it's much higer than that
we know nothing about em
gonna play a huge price for a long time
I have watched the our great I call them soldiers, ICE, ICE
they would go into these gangs
we were taking them out by the 10s of 1000s
at first they wouldn't accept them
told them we aren't going to pay them anything
the next day, all 3 presidents called
caravan, that was my term
like fake news
crooked hillary
sir, we'd be honored to allow them back into our prisons, I mean our country
we took them out of our country by the 10s of 1000s
we completed our border wall
then we had the rigged election
in 3 weeks we were gonna finish it
the election was rigged and stolen
and now our country is being destroyed
I ran twice and won twice
getting many more votes than we got in 2016
may just have to do it again
we're up
we're way up in this great state
first we have to win a historic victory this fall
end the nightmare that Bidan and democrats have done
delibritately creating CHAOS on the border
most of hispanic vote will vote for me and republicans
they let in millions of people and they vote for Trump
last month, they came from 132 diff countries
>talks about illegal aliens and their crimes
Repubs believe that our country should be a sanctuary for LAW ABIDING CITIZENS
to MAGA, our first task is to make America safe again
>talks about cities run by democrats in OH
11 ppl shot on labor day in Cleaveland
much of crime is from drug dealers
over the course of their lives, they will kill 500 american citizens
invasion of crime
I'm calling for the death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers!
which will upon its passage reduce drug distribution by much more than 75%
first lady set up a blue ribbon committee
they dont know about the cartels
we brought down numbers on drugs by 18%
quick story
was in ChYna until Covid
no body in Holly wood that can immitate Xi
I asked him if he had a drug problem in Chyna?
well you have 1.5 B people
his problem is that his people make drugs for us, fentenoyl
no no no we have no drug problem
what do you attribute that to
Quick trial
what's a quick trial
that means that if anyone is caught destroying our country, they have a fast trial
if they did it, they get immediately executed
we have no drug problem
same with Singapore, with a real death penalty
they dont have a drug problem
I'm not doing drugs in Chyna, I'll go someplace else
like the USA where nothing happens
no body ever talks this way, the death penalty is very humane if you look at it, and they destroy families beyond the 500 people
we want the death penalty for drug dealers
We will fund the police
We will leave police alone
we have to allow them to do their job
nobody can do it like them
and to stop the lawlessness here in OH
you need to vote yes on OH issue 1
you have to defeat TIM RYAN
he's pretending to be a moderate so he can get elected
100% voted for Bidan disaster policies
he only voted for us 16% of the time
he's voted with them every single time
he called on his supporters to KILL the MAGA movement
he wanted to KILL MAGA
now if he says it, it's fine
Green new deal is a distructive force
and it's total BULLSHIT, I have to tell you
I was looking for another word
even our great first lady says
you shouldn't have used the word bullshit
I can't think of a word that fits it better
Look at Germany, they went windmills and solar, kills all the birds
I took a lot of heat when I criticized Germany for the pipeline
I told Merkel, I sent her the white flag of surrender
if you look at the history of Germany and Russia
if you're getting 72% of your energy from Russia
here's the white flag, b/c you'll be surrendering yourself to Russia
who would have thought it would happen this fast
Germany is now going back to coal and the old fashioned stuff
they have no choice
113 times voted to raise taxes
4T dollars and most of it's just thrown away
Mitch should have used the debt ceiling
they'll come back and use the debt ceiling on us
I hope you're going to do something about him JD
they'll try and pack the courts
trying to get rid of the filabuster
better be careful what they wish for
if they get rid of the filabuster
there's a chance b/c Mitch could have stopped it with the debt ceiling
what a shame
they used it on us and they didnt want to do it
he is the worst leader
AOC didnt ever study at Boston University
poor student and didnt take courses on the environment
they're all afraid of Pelosi
a suicide plan
that's going to destroy your energy industry
we can't even supply the electric now
and remember the batteries are all made in ChYna
trigger rolling blackouts across your state like CA
the birds are dying but the wind isnt blowing
even after birth, they essentially execute the babies
the states are going to do the right thing
democrats have to be very smart with that issue
the fact that it was turned over to the states is going to prove to be very positive
a lot of people don't understand that it turned over to the states
Democrats will quickly ban VOTERID, pack the supreme court, citizens for illigals
gonna be worse than Venezuela
they're the ones that are violent
we are nice n easy
they are the ones
these are lunatics, sick people
current president doesn't understand what's happening
You need a tough cookie
OZ is a good man
get out and vote for OZ
Fedderman is a total whackjob
vote for OZ
18 points, can you imagine
18 points!
JD is kissing my ass
I'm 18 points up
if I were 18 points down he won't want my support
these are FAKE people
these are dishonest people
JD is a brilliant mind that will make OH proud
the media and the WDC establishment hate him
NYT will fail, another prediction
take a look at their unfunded liabilities
JD you will be surprised at what's gonna happen
all of the bravest and boldest conservatives
are behind JD
Hannity, good guy, what a sweetheart, he loves our country
Don and Eric, big JD fans
and the entire MAGA movement is for JD
you are going to hear wailing from every corporate news room
cryin chuck howling with rage
b/c JD is going to clinch the senate for repubs
he said bad things, but then he knew me, and he fell in love
KJU - fell in love, remember?
>JD talks
hits policies
Nov 8 let's do it
Trump: go out and vote for JD
we're also joined by 3 candidates for congress
1 worked for me for close to 4 years - Max Miller
just got married
great job you did in the WH
Maddison Gilbert, been a friend of mine
married, taken the state by storm
JR Majuski
massive wheat field cut with TRUMP, letters like 60 feet
he wasn't campaigning hard, but I called him
he's a physist, not a farmer
we had 27K people, I called him out
then 2 months later, they had the election, and in a major upset, JR Majuski won
isn't that unbelievable?
you're going to win again
you must be sitting next to Jim Jordan, b/c anybody can get votes like that
Jim won against anybody, I'm never going to fight him, I promise you
Jim Jordan is very special to me, b/c f/ day 1 he was against all the scams!
by the the FBI colluded with Russia, it was the exact opposite!
in fact, the guy that was in charge the case was getting $ from Russia!
I'd like to ask Jim Jordan to stand up.
his son, both of them are good wrestlers
Jim was the best
Bill Johnson, a man that's been my friend for a long time with his wife
Annie Oakley mentioned, in relation to Marjorie Taylor Greene
she said you can come into my house, but you may not get out
everybody leaves her house alone
Frank Larose - great job
OH Auditor, Keith Favor, great son Keith
OH Supreme Court Justices (3) that he met tonight, very important, get out and vote for them
Gino Defabio - for commissioner, look how skinny he is, he lost 150 lbs how'd you do it?
we'll have to tell OZ about you
that's great
you're a hansom man
I wouldn't say he's exactly small
I do like polish people
Bob Biducheck
was he good, was he bad?
he turned out to be incredible
head of the whole party
what a job you've done
numbers are looking really good
Burnie and Bridget Marino great job
Max Miller, you got so lucky with this guy
Burnie under stress is cool as a cucumber
JJ and Janet Kafaro, a rich guy, central casting, has nothing but cash
we ended Nafta
replaced it with USMCA
the trade deal we made with ChYna was even better
CA/MX want to renegotiate the deal
JD you will make sure that doesn't happen
don't let them renegotiate the deal
----------- MISSED SECTION, from 8:52-9:10PM ET 
in other words,
the FBI was paying a Russian who made false smears
to take down the President of the USA
FBI went to Facebook and told them the Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation
it would have made a 17% difference in the election
we won it by a lot anyway
we will stop left win censorship
and restore FREE SPEECH in AMERICA
go sign up for Truth Social
it's doing great and it's hot
a helluva lot better than twitter
radical left is not a 50% party in our country
they're against the constitution and our Founding Fathers
the way they win is to cheat in elections
who's going to vote for their policies
we must pass critical election reforms
they don't want citizen ship confirmation
no more drop boxes
need same day voting with only paper ballots
here in OH you need to vote yes on issue 2
this fall
to ensure that only American citizens can vote in elections
can you believe I even have to say that
We're just two months away from our election
we're going to take back the house, take back the senate,
and take back america
We're going to take back our White House in 2024
together we're fight for more jobs
fair trade, more factories
with that beautiful phrase made in the USA
shut down Bidan's border disaster
strenthen ICE and Border Patrol
end chain migration, end catch and release
we had it better than ever before
and now it's 10x worse
we will end the visa lottery, clamp down on illegal immigration
now we have the border that's the weakest we've ever had
stop the crime wave in democrat run cities
we will protect our police
we will restore LAW AND ORDER IN AMERICA
Will hold ChYna accountable for UNLEASHING the virus upon the world
we'll uphold cristian values
restore patriotic education
respect our flag
our MAGA movement, is by far the greatest political movement in the history of our country
our fake news doesn't dispute that
together we are standing up to the most viscious opponents
our biggest threat remains the sick sinnister people from inside our country
there's something wrong with them
>audience, guy yelled We Love You
I love you too, very much, thank you
that was a guy, he's my kind of guy
what a beautiful voice you have
you're 66, you dont look like a day over 65
you must never forget
this nation doesn't belong to them
this nation belongs to You
this nation belongs to You
our American liberty is your God given right
they want to take that away from you
I love OHIO
I used to work in OH
We are a nation in decline
we are a failing nation
worst inflation in 50 years
since 1872 worst stock market
higest energy costs
no longer energy independent like 2 short years ago
nation who is begging SA for Oil
please help us Joe Bidan says
tho we have more liquid gold beneath our feet than any other country
the green new deal will lead to our destruction
all electric cars, batteries in ChYna
we are a nation that eneded oil production in the US just as oil reached an all time high
left behind 85B $ of the MIL equp in Afghanistan
Ukraine would never have happened wtih me as your commander in chief
and for 4 long years it didn't happen
and ChYna with Taiwan is next
we have weaponized law enforement against the opposing political party
FBI / DOJ wont' talk about election, Hunter Bidan, etc.
pres who is cognitively impaired
our country may end up in WW3
we dont have a free press
fake news is all you get
they are truly the enemy of the people
free speech is never allowed
more people died of covid
economy collapsing
nation allowing iran to build nuke
chyna to use trillions it's taken from us to build a mil to rival our own
just 2 years ago, we had all the rest (iran, chyna, NK, etc) were't going to do anything to us
they respected us
more importantly
we are no longer a nation that is respected
we have become a joke
we are nation who is hostile to liberty, freedom and faith
educational system is ranked at the bottom of every list
airports are diry and crowded, sit and wait for hours
a nation where ticket prices are high
no pilots
no air traffic controller who are qualified
nation has lost confidence will power and strenght
we have lost our way
2 years ago we were a great nation
and we will soon be a great nation again
it was hard working patriots like you
that built this country
you will save this country
we will stand up against the left and rinos
will fight
no mountain we can't climb, no victory we cannot have
we will not bend, we will not break
we will not yeild
we will never give up or back down
as long as we are confident and united
the tyrants we're fighting dont stand a chance
because we kneal to God and God alone
this journey we are on together
has only just begun
time to start talking about greatness for our country again
with your help
we will make America powerful again
wealthy again
strong again
proud again
safe again
>music abruptly stops and goes to HOLD ON I'M COMIN
Several fist bumps (for us)
exits stage at 9:26PM ET
points and waves
fist pumps
leaves sight with fist pumps and wave at 9:26PM ET
>o7 frens

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