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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
>>16950142 06.24.2022

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>>17625704 - Dough
>>17625738, >>17625746 DJT retruth of Jack Posobiec, "Holy shit this catch!" & more
>>17625781 'Mushroom cloud' spotted near large US city
>>17625799 EU state suffers unplanned nuclear reactor shutdown
>>17625807 Crash of Small Plane Into House Investigated; 3 Dead
>>17625808 FEMA head said Ian aid will go to ‘all communities,’ rejecting Harris’ calls for ‘equity’ 
>>17625818 EU asylum system has failed – Austria
>>17625834 Ex-CIA Jan 6th Committee Aide Advised Biden-Linked Ukraine Consulting Firm Under DOJ Investigation.
>>17625838 Documentary exposes how Big Pharma and gov’t teamed up to push the COVID vaccines
>>17625843 Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Maine offers gender transition services for 9-year-olds
>>17625854 Top Democrat Official: Parents Will Kill Kids If Schools Don’t Hide Kid’s Gender Identity From Parents 
>>17625855 If Putin Uses Tactical Nukes, U.S., NATO Will Destroy Russian Conventional Forces
>>17625858, >>17625881, >>17625869, >>17625877, >>17625851, >>17625840, >>17625941, >>17626041 DJT & accompanying news outlets
>>17625871 Rights group: Israel holding 800 Palestinians without trial
>>17625883 World Bank to Give Ukraine $530 Million in Additional Aid
>>17625904 Take a breath of fresh air.
>>17625907 Election workers train for battle against conspiracy theories and misinformation before midterms
>>17625914 US Army penalizing soldiers over vaxx exemptions
>>17626272, >>17625918 QClock Oct 3, 2022: Comey, Brennan, CFR, 9/11, Treason
>>17625915 live: 'Tater Deliver Remarks Ponce, PR
>>17625921 Time for EU to sanction Türkiye – top German MP
>>17625978 OTD in 1936, USS Enterprise (CV-6) "The Big E" was launched
>>17625993 Metrolink and Amtrak Suspend Service Between LA and San Diego Indefinitely Due to the GROUND SHIFTING!!!!
>>17626009 A List of Post-Vaccination Resources – Help Us to Help You
>>17625992 NASA's SpaceX Crew-5 Mission to the Space Station (Official Trailer)
>>17626022 Russia is facing "the 4th NATO Reich," says Gennady Zyuganov, the General Secretary of the Communist Party.
>>17626038 Report Links Deforestation in Brazil to 3 Central Banks
>>17626046 Landmark U.S.-UK Data Access Agreement Enters into Force
>>17626056, >>17626079 Anon asks, "Does Trump speak any other language than English?
>>17626072 If Facebook, Twitter, And Google Hide Information For The World’s Rulers, Elections Are A Scam
>>17626074 The White House Military Office Navy aide is on “Football” duty for President Biden’s flight to Puerto Rico this morning.
>>17626086 Supreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge to Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers
>>17626089 Supreme Court Rejects Mike Lindell’s Bid to Stop Dominion’s $1.3 Billion Defamation Lawsuit
>>17626105 Musk postulates on Russian positioning / mobilzation
>>17626112 Australian Bureau of Statistics Reports Increase in Excess Deaths in 2022 Which is Above Historical Average
>>17626126 The For-Profit D.C. Firm Staging America’s ‘Grassroots’ Movements
>>17626168 Former Pentagon Advisor Says US Likely Attacked Nord Stream Pipelines to Isolate Germany
>>17626215 POTATOUS - Determined to help Puerto Rico rebuild
>>17626260 Bio firm wants to create HUMAN and raise them for five weeks in a 'mechanical womb' to harvest tissues 
>>17626296 When is October's partial solar eclipse and who can see it?
>>17626299 NASA Artemis field tests coming to Flagstaff in October 2022
>>17626304 Russia has clear policy on use of nuclear weapons – Kremlin
>>17626306 Brazil President Bolsonaro: 'We Have to Stop Being a Country of F-gs
>>17626313 Nat'l Security Archive:  The Underwater #CubanMissileCrisis at 60
>>17626333 Ukrainian commander believes Putin wants to take Kiev
>>17626389 Satanic Temple files lawsuits in US federal court after abortion bans, arguing they "violate the religious rights."
>>17626395 Former Therapist Arrested in Ritualistic Child Sexual Abuse Case Involving Over 130 Kids
>>17626473 #21612

>>17624974 - Dough
>>17624978, >>17624987, >>17625001, >>17625034, >>17625043, >>17625051 TS Posts, plus KEK
>>17625000, >>17625010 Bombshell Texts Show Milwaukee Mayor Colluding With Democrats To Rig 2022 Election
>>17625016 Blinken Calls Sabotage Attacks On Nord Stream Pipelines A "Tremendous Opportunity"
>>17625031 Newsom Signs Bill To Let California Strip Gender-Confused Teens From Parents — Even When They Live In Other States
>>17625058 CROOKED HILLARY'S COMEBACK? Two-Time Failure Weighing 2024 Run, Ex-Adviser Says
>>17625123 NASA Gateway is coming together🤩 
>>17625128 DJT Truth on Brazil / Bolsnaro
>>17625129 Mil Twat: The storms are rolling in! 
>>17625166 QClock OFFLINE FOR A REASON 965 Kids saved.
>>17625173 Down Detector Screen down in your area?
>>17625176 The 29-Year Anniversary Of Black Hawk Down Is A Reminder Of American Sacrifice
>>17625177 4 year delta tomorrow:  ARE YOU READY....?
>>17625081 Kash… to be speaking during upcoming Trump  rallies.
>>17625086 World's Greatest Gov DeSantis on working with Starlink to help with Comms/Wifi:
>>17625097 Turkish inflation rate hits 24-year high
>>17625110, >>17625116 Potato: Jill and I are headed to Ponce, Puerto Rico.
>>17625119 British PM humiliated on economic package retreat
>>17625130, >>17625176 REMEMBER THE FALLEN: Operation Gothic Serpent
>>17625150 Italy's oil giant ENI ready to pay guarantee to unblock Russian gas
>>17625199 Landmark U.S.-UK Data Access Agreement Enters into Force
>>17625210 QClock October 2, 2022- SAVE America
>>17625231 Lawsuit: Wisconsin Elections Commission Let Electors Change Votes After Submitting Ballots
>>17625268 Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Doctors in California to Face Discipline for ‘Misinformation’
>>17625291 Join NSSA and @KPMG next Thursday, October 13, for an afternoon event focusing on intelligence community space 
>>17625296 Planefag report
>>17625299 National Guardsman with religious objection given COVID-19 vaccine instead of flu shot
>>17625339, >>17625350, >>17625365 Emails: Biden-Backing Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Tried To Meddle In Pennsylvania’s Election
>>17625340 JUST IN - Billionaire Elon Musk shares his vision of a "Ukraine-Russia-Peace" on Twitter.
>>17625275 Reality warp vid
>>17625415 NOAA: Interested in lightning and/or outdoor safety?
>>17625453 National Archives: White Paper on Quantum Information Sciences
>>17625469 British national was arrested with US$400,000 worth of cocaine at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, St James.
>>17625473, >>17625487 What You Need To Know About This Lawsuit Against Biden’s $1 Trillion Student Loan Giveaway
>>17625477 Oath Keepers Trial: Prosecutor Alleges Far-Right Militia ‘Concocted Armed Rebellion’ To ‘Shatter’ American Democracy 
>>17625495 Live update: New British PM Truss calls herself a ‘huge Zionist’ 
>>17625563 New South Wales Government Expedites mRNA Vaccine for Foot-and-Mouth and Lumpy Skin Disease in Livestock
>>17625572 Supreme Court To Hear Case Challenging Tech Industry's Section 230 Immunity
>>17625578 Goldman Steps Up To Defend Credit Suisse: "Weakness Is Unwarranted"
>>17625584 The monthly statewide siren and Emergency Alert System test in Hawaii
>>17625592 Beginning  November 3rd, Paypal Expanding Their Speech Restriction Rules
>>17625613 Letter Reveals UK Blackout Fear As NatGas Supplies Could Be Cut In "Emergency"
>>17625609 Ukraine's ambassador lashes out at Elon Musk's peace proposal
>>17625622 Ukrainian counter attacks on Kherson have failed – top official
>>17625631 Baton Rouge Pediatric Cardiologist caught with kiddy porn
>>17625638 Newly Obtained Emails Shed More Light on CDC’s False Vaccine Safety Monitoring Statements
>>17625673 #21611

>>17624218 Many Political Appointees Are Weak ‘NPCs’ Who ‘Cuck’ Under Pressure
>>17624221 The CW CEO Mark Pedowitz Exits as Nexstar Sets New Leadership
>>17624224 Green energy doesn’t work
>>17624229 White House Live "Scheduled" Streaming Events for 03OCT22
>>17624234, >>17624270 Dan Facebook Posts
>>17624246, >>17624254, >>17624783 @SECGov, "we charged Kim Kardashian for unlawfully touting a crypto security."
>>17624252 Exclusive: Darren Bailey Within ‘Striking Distance’ as Illinois Governor’s Race Tightens
>>17624294 Marking 20 years since John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo terrorized DC
>>17624302 Clooney Foundation for Justice 2022 Albie Awards
>>17624311 CALL TO DIG: EcoHealth Alliance (AKA Wildlife Trust)
>>17624328 Credit Suisse Group AG was plunged into fresh market turmoil
>>17624359, >>17624364, >>17624376 Today's Q Posts
>>17624369 Maggie Haberman Can't Resist A Man With Confidence
>>17624391 Robby Starbuck With Some Big News?
>>17624392 New images of the Beatles playing early gig at Liverpool’s Cavern Club come to light
>>17624395 Did Fusion GPS’s Anti-Trump Researcher Avoid Surveillance With A Ham Radio? (No, she didn't)
>>17624432, 17624440 Russian State Duma ratifies accession treaties for Donbass, Kherson, and Zaporozhye
>>17624443 Voting rights: Supreme Court to dig into claims of racial gerrymandering in Alabama
>>17624467 Truss has ‘worst’ approval of UK PM since 2010 – poll
>>17624480 US pressuring EU to ‘do more’ for Ukraine – Bloomberg
>>17624481 Rep. Ted Deutch submits resignation letter, effective close of business Friday
>>17624511 UK military chief issues space war warning
>>17624478, >>17624486   White House admits CIA involvement in “War on Corruption” which jailed Lula and elected Bolsonaro
>>17624543 I have catalogued every single midterm candidate and analyzed their financial disclosures.
>>17624570, >>17624586 Is Fed about to kick Credit Suisse over the cliff?
>>17624606 The Royal Family don't just 'pick up the phone to chat'
>>17624623 NEW🚨 Google shuts down Translate service in China
>>17624639 Blinken on Nord Stream sabotage: "A tremendous opportunity…"
>>17624649 J.J. Watt revealed today that he had to have his heart shocked back into rhythm. 
>>17624660 Nothing like children tipping a drag queen at an event sponsored by @Nickelodeon
>>17624677 Crypto's, especially bitcoin, below 20k
>>17624678 Swedish scientist's study on Neanderthal genes wins Nobel Prize for medicine
>>17624685 Noam Chomsky & Vijay Prashad on Ukraine, Why U.S. Must Negotiate with Russia & What Media Gets Wrong
>>17624743 Apple CEO Tim Cook visits with Pope Francis at the Vatican
>>17624760 Portugal abuse cases mount amid questions over Nobel bishop
>>17624794 On this day in 1985. Atlantis Shuttle… 1.7 million miles
>>17624835, >>17624871 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
>>17624880 Change begins at the end of your comfort zone. 😤 
>>17624277, >>17624281, >>17624285 The Swamp Today
>>17624935 #21610

>>17622841 #21608 - needs more collecting (BO working on restore)

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