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>>17788718 ————————————–——– Patriots in trusted positions.

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>>17751801 ————————————–——– PUT AN END TO THE ENDLESS. 1913.

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>>17734020 ————————————–——– Taking control.

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>>17728969 ————————————–——– White hats have secured many systems, but problems still remain.

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>>17724555 ————————————–——– You have all the tools you need.

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>>17865877 lb Lauren Boebert: Someone needs to check @ElonMusk’s brakes after all of this.
>>17865998, >>17866012 Elon's running late - was scheduled for 5pm ET then 6pm. Now 25m late.
>>17865998 Live Coverage With KimDotCom and 11,000  others. Click 'join' on this twitter space. No need to log in.
>>17866032, >>17866037, >>17866048, >>17866052, >>17866055  Donald Trump Jr.: The Twitter dossier is an hour and thirty minutes late… In unrelated news has anyone seen Hillary Clinton??? Hope @elonmusk is ok.
>>17866161 Elon Musk Vows To Reveal Government And Media Collusion Once He Figures Out Where These Red Dots Are Coming From
>>17866175, >>17866179, >>17866204, >>17866180, >>17866224, >>17866184 HERE WE GO: ELON
>>17866188, >>17866202, >>17866216 @elonmusk 1. Thread: THE TWITTER FILES (link)
>>17866212 WE GOT DRIPS
>>17866260, >>17866267, >>17866279, >>17866287, >>17866289, >>17866305 8. By 2020, requests from connected actors to delete tweets were routine. One executive would write to another:  “More to review from the Biden team.” The reply would come back: “Handled.”
>>17866310 Twitter Biden Laptop Thread
>>17866294 Thread reader of the Elon / Hunter release
>>17866333 9. Celebrities and unknowns alike could be removed or reviewed at the behest of a political party: James Woods
>>17866367 James woods request came from the DNC!!!
>>17866586 26. By this point “everyone knew this was fucked,” said one former employee, but the response was essentially to err on the side of… continuing to err.
>>17866594 25.You can see the confusion in the following lengthy exchange, which ends up including Gadde and former Trust and safety chief Yoel Roth. Comms official Trenton Kennedy writes, “I'm struggling to understand the policy basis for marking this as unsafe”:
>>17866614 24. “They just freelanced it,” is how one former employee characterized the decision. “Hacking was the excuse, but within a few hours, pretty much everyone realized that wasn’t going to hold. But no one had the guts to reverse it.”
>>17866629 23. The decision was made at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, with former head of legal, policy and trust Vijaya Gadde playing a key role.
>>17866638  1 - 27 8kuns post of the thread
>>17866620 Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker again seems to advise staying the non-course, because “caution is warranted”:
>>17866410 KimDotCom: "All the links listed of those that were banned by Democrat request were pictures of Hunter Biden naked/having sex/etc from the laptop."
>>17866598 Donald J. Trump: What the FBI did with harassing, cajoling, and intimidating Big Tech companies into corrupting the 2020 Presidential Vote
>>17866375 Donald J. Trump: FBI, and others in conjunction with the “Justice” Department, met with Big Tech companies to bend them into saying bad things about “Trump” and Republicans in order to RIG & STEAL the 2020 Presidential Election, which was a Scam and a Fraud
>>17866014 @mattgaetz Mick gave the nomination speech for Paul Ryan. He said conservatives and Trump supporters could trust Paul. Now he’s endorsing Kevin McCarthy.
>>17866021 Antifa Defendants Arrested In Attack On Trump Supporters Take Plea Deals
>>17866027 Clinton-Appointed Judge Will Decide if DeSantis Lawfully Suspended Soros-backed Florida prosecutor Andrew Warren
>>17866128 Fake Tweet Maker
>>17866133 U.S. Central Command @CENTCOM It's coming…. B21
>>17866158 Hallie Biden: President Trump won that election and my entire family knows it. 29th Aug 2022
>>17866160 Edward Snowden receives Russian passport – lawyer
>>17866232 >>17866255  Mark Ruffalo says Twitter 'should be heavily regulated for misinformation,' suggests government intervention if Elon Musk does not police the platform 
>>17866250 Assange's lawyers submit appeal to ECHR against extradition order
>>17866257 Lee Zeldin Voted With Democrats, LGBT Lobby to Redefine Marriage
>>17866271 Kevin Etherington Oklahoma County First Assistant DA Arrested on Child Pornography Charges
>>17866300 U.S. CENTCOM Activates U.S. Space Forces-Central
>>17866302, >>17866322 DOJ Statements: Former Government Official Charged In Conspiracy To Defraud Government Program For Disadvantaged Small Business Owners 
>>17866439 407.48-carat golden-colored diamond to be auctioned at Christie's in New York
>>17866686 #21902

>>17865235, >>17865484 Elon Musk What really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will be published on Twitter at 5pm ET!
>>17865324, >>17865406, >>17865385 Live coverage: Elon Musk to release Hunter Biden's Laptop MSM suppression info
>>17865423, >>17865450, >>17865427 @elonmusk We’re double-checking some facts, so probably start live tweeting in about 40 mins
>>17865497, >>17865452, >>17865453, >>17865521, >>17865529, >>17865542, >>17865572, >>17865610, >>17865526, >>17865558, >>17865574 '6 O'clock can be danergous'           round 6pm ET Elon Musk on Hunter Biden's laptop
>>17865480 Q - Q&A - Elon - Q&A
>>17865752 6 Oclock and 12 moves ahead
>>17865584, >>17865618 Live coverage of Elon's release on twitter spaces - no need for login
>>17865593, >>17865310, >>17865611 KimDotCom - "I'm hoping Elon will make a space. It will be a stress test for twitter with millions in one space"
>>17865637, >>17865538 When does a bird sing? Right after Elon buys it? NO DEALS
>>17865685 Q and Elon Delta - FAKE NEWS = ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE
>>17865713 Satan is removed from Twitter @s8n
>>17865718 6:00 can be dangerous somebody said. :)
>>17865756, >>17865768 FAFO: They think they are clever: Q & Elon connection - Think public & private Twitter accounts. They all have them.
>>17865777 Elon is Q. Zero doubt. ?
>>17865834 Need super autist anon to cross reference every single public appearance by Musk since late 2017 against the timing of Q drops. Out of due diligence, of course.
>>17865847 If Elon and team go on and kill all the pedo / antifa and other general psycho accounts, don't we lose the geo tracking on them….?
>>17865503, >>17865584 Elon Musk To Go Live In 40 Minutes, Dropping All Communication Between White House And Twitter On The Hunter Biden Suppression 
>>17865236 New York AG chief of staff Ibrahim Khan quits after misconduct investigation
>>17865242, >>17865602 Biden and Prince William
>>17865253, >>17865293, >>17865473, >>17865272, >>17865287, >>17865292 Biden: We’ve created 10.5 million jobs since I took office
>>17865266 Arizona child welfare workers fired over posing bright pink t-shirts with 'professional kidnapper': the battle over AZ is also related to human trafficking
>>17865345 One Passenger Dead After Rogue Wave Hits Antarctic Cruise; Four Others Injured
>>17865630 Donald Trump Jr.: we didn’t just get CRICKETS, but an active campaign of media and intelligence to subvert the truth!
>>17865649, >>17865674 State health commissioner to step down in January Mary Bassett will be returning to the Harvard Chan
>>17865667 SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 induces fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis: implications for microclot formation in COVID-19
>>17865765 FTX Collapse Draws Senate Scrutiny as Lawmakers Push for Crypto Oversight
>>17865780 TSHRTW is at :00 Mirror of :30 (6:00 as an hour hand)
>>17865906 Nancy Pelosi Defends Violent MS-13 Gang Members In Response To Trump, Says They’re Not Animals
>>17865923 #21901

>>17864782, >>17864852, >>17864881 A tower has been collecting carbon dioxide measurements on Mauna Loa for decades
>>17864787 Account Closed: Banks and Businesses Cancel Christians
>>17864790, >>17864955 FBI met weekly with Big Tech ahead of the 2020 election, agent testifies
>>17864792 Brendan Miller, Lawyer for Canadian Truckers, Absolutely Brutalizes Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland During Deposition
>>17864797 Lara Logan Joins Emerald Robinson To Talk About Project Veritas' HHS Child Trafficking Investigation
>>17864801 Beanz interview with Joe Pags
>>17864808 Temporary mild damage to heart muscle cells after Covid-19 booster vaccination
>>17864821 Balenciaga backs down: Fashion house DROPS $25million lawsuit
>>17864836 This story out of Arizona might help us understand why the Democrats NEED to hold onto the governorship. 
>>17864868, >>17864901, >>17865031 What really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will be published on Twitter at 5pm ET!
>>17864872 A New Study Shows COVID Anxiety Aged Teens’ Brains
>>17864875 Justice Dept. Urges Supreme Court Not to Take Away Judges' Power to Intervene in Federal Elections
>>17864905 Machine Certification: An issue we 1st reported about in Georgia. The certifying groups apparently weren't properly re-accredited themselves.
>>17864931 Peter McCullough’s Medical Freedom Company Launches Vaccine Exemption Program
>>17865005, >>17865017 Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The Calm Before The Storm
>>17865030 Search results from on TPA
>>17865047 Rand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; “We’ve Caught Him Red Nosed, He Won’t Get Away”
>>17865127, >>17865146 Based Elon just added a dig at the MSM in his timeline.
>>17865151 Workers’ camp at LNG facility in Kitimat takes shape
>>17865189 Canadian clothing retailer axes pro-assisted suicide ad after immense backlash
>>17865195 Huma Abedin: Incredible day listening to luminaries & leaders from across fields & around the world about how we tackle the unfinished business of the 21st century
>>17865313 #21900

>>17864187 Watch the Launch Abort System, designed and built by our engineers, jettison from inside 
>>17864188 EU reaches deal for $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian oil
>>17864197 Vindman Never Forget
>>17864212, 17864432  Planned Parenthood executive director claims children are born 'sexual' - and advocates porn literacy lessons for older students and sex education from KINDERGARTEN
>>17864213 VoterGA Releases Evidence of 20,000 Votes Being Removed from Herschel Walker’s Reported Totals in November Election
>>17864221 The UK/US diplomatic deal that gives China strategic foothold in Indian Ocean - yet NO ONE is talking about it
>>17864231 Oil industry exec rips Biden's 'willy-nilly' energy policy, warns of another 'major' crisis in next few weeks
>>17864262 Balenciaga parent company CEO, wife Salma Hayek silent on ad controversy involving children, BDSM teddy bears
>>17864270 Maitreya - buddha - hindu gods, any connection to cern?
''note collector''
>>17864291 Military reports
>>17864297 Planned Parenthood executive director, Bill Taverner, claims children are born 'sexual'
>>17864304 FTX scammer gets kid gloves treatment by MSM
>>17864306 Elias taking a victory lap in AZ. Don't think Hobbs is doing this by herself.
>>17864311 “Campaign Finance Mules” Identified in Georgia Senate Race - Warnock implications
>>17864318 Ye twitter suspended again
>>17864329 VoterGA Releases Evidence of 20,000 Votes Being Removed from Herschel Walker’s Reported Totals in November Election
>>17864331, >>17864354 Jeff Schroeder Stuns Liberal Colleagues With Epic Balenciaga Rant
>>17864338 US troops are combat ready on Russian border – Lithuanian commander
>>17864348 Rand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; “We’ve Caught Him Red Handed, He Won’t Get Away”
>>17864355 Zelensky to Ban Ukrainian Church After He Bans Media Outlets and Opposition Party
>>17864366 Here's How Many Millionaires Collected COVID Unemployment Income
>>17864376 No Dissent on Abortion Allowed at Hogan Lovell's organization
>>17864381 Students at a NJ high school dressed up in drag and performed in a drag show for select staff to attend and watch. 
>>17864860 #21899-A

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>>17863580 #21897, >>17864149 #21898, >>17864861 #21899-B
>>17861773 #21894, >>17862568 #21895, >>17863580 #21897
>>17859481 #21891, >>17860237 #21892, >>17860994 #21893

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