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Epstein Maxwell publishing victim interview

Interview with one of the people victimized by the Israeli mossad Epstein pedo blackmail operation:

And keep this in mind: NONE of their victims (the minors they trafficked) was Jewish, they ONLY TARGETED NON-JEWISH MINORS FOR TRAFFICKING.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are both Jews that were working for Mossad to blackmail US politicians and other powerful figures all over the world for the benefit of Israel.

And Robert Maxwell, Ghislane's father who was also a Mossad agent, owned McGraw Hill textbooks, one of the biggest sources of education material for children:

"THE MEDIA : PUBLISHERS: Units to Merge : McGraw-Hill and Maxwell to Merge Units"

Epstein and zionist shills:

Jacob Wohl (a zionist Jew) was paid 25k to smear victims of Mossad child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell:

Zionist Jew Jacob Wohl promotes zionist Jew Mike Cernovich:

Mike Cernovich (a zionist Jew) on PragerU lying about Epstein (Ghislaine Maxwell's boyfriend and child sex trafficker) not being Mossad (Mossad is an Israeli intelligence agency):


PragerU and Israel:
"Did you know our CEO, @StreitMarissa, used to work for Israeli intelligence?"


"Who is the CEO of PragerU, and why did she received a ‘Thank You’ call from the Israeli Government?"


Mike Cernovich and the Alan Derschowitz case:
"An alleged Jeffrey Epstein victim has said that right-wing personality Michael Cernovich's request to compel her to pay costs in a Second Circuit appeal is an attempt by Cernovich and Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz to intimidate her, prompting Cernovich to apologize and distance himself from the professor.

Cernovich had asked the Second Circuit to award him costs in an appeal over unsealing court documents in Virginia Giuffre's defamation lawsuit against British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, whom Giuffre claims helped traffic underage girls for Epstein, Dershowitz and other powerful men's pleasure.

But in a brief filed on Monday, Giuffre said she is clearly not the appropriate appellee who should have to cover Cernovich's costs.

"The court should see this motion for what it really is — an attempt by Cernovich (who is aligned in interest with Mr. Dershowitz) to intimidate a sex trafficking victim who has reported sexual abuse, by trying to force her to pay costs," Giuffre said in her brief."

More on Mike Cernovich and Alan Derschowitz case:
"It is then with no small amount of irony that we note that Cernovich’s motion was aimed against Giuffre, not on her behalf.
According to the response in opposition to Cernovich’s motion to unseal, documents filed by Giuffre’s attorneys state that Cernovich is attempting to unseal documents that were sealed under an order intended to protect Giuffre. The opposition documents further state that Cernovich’s motion to unseal mirrored earlier motions to unseal filed by celebrity attorney and close personal friend Alan Dershowitz– who is also named as being involved with Epstein’s sex ring– and that Cernovich is acting as Dershowitz’s proxy. They also noted how Cernovich has been a pro-rape advocate, often using rhetoric favoring the targeting of rape victims, as well as Cernovich’s relationship with Dershowitz, most notably Dershowitz’s appearance in Cernovich’s movie “Silenced”.

People unrelated to court cases can and do act as Amicus Curiae (literally, “friend of the court”) wherein they act as unrelated third parties that submit information that may be of relevance to the case. An Intervenor is distinct from an Amicus Curiae in that an Intervenor is bound as one of the parties in the case. As an Intervenor, Cernovich is binding himself to the defendant– Ghislane Maxwell.
Instead of acting as someone fighting child prostitution, Cernovich is defending an accused lieutenant of an international child sex ring."


"Listen as Alan Dershowitz, Epstein's lawyer, gets hot and bothered when asked if Jeffrey Epstein worked for the Mossad"

"Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer Alan Dershowitz 'asked client Donald Trump to PARDON Ghislaine Maxwell before she stood trial for sex trafficking underage girls'"

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