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>>16158284 43 NATO allies, partners to attend Ukraine war summit
>>16158292, >>16158339 Antisemitic incidents in US spiked to record high in 2021, ADL reports
>>16158303, >6158889 Leaked Emails Reveal Fmr Slate Journalist Franklin Foer Sent Article to Fusion GPS for Editing
>>16158315 AFL will fight eviceration of public charge statute - would invite the whole worth to get welfare here
>>16158320  Australia Post worker suspended after dumping postal vote applications
>>16158331 Eric Adams: Unvaxxed will not get their jobs back
>>16158347 Scavino: from Mar-a-Lago
>>16158350, >>16158359, >>16158337 Poso: Dr Oz: I never changed my position on Covid, more Oz
>>16158351 WH Psaki briefing and Dr Ashish Jha - Covid Response coordinator
>>16158497 Ashish Jha [White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator] is promoting Paxlovid at the press conference, a drug produced by Pfizer to treat COVID-19
>>16158355 WH roundtable, WH counsel and Dir of Office of Public Engagement
>>16158357 DJT Jr: If the left's ideas are so good, why are they exhibiting mass hysteria with the notion that others could also express their ideas on an equal footing?
>>16158370 Israel Promotes "Ukraine is George Floyd" Message With Giant "Ukraine Can't Breathe" Banner
>>16158383 Marina Medvin and Jenna Ellis: they are not the same
>>16158386 New twitter LOGO - for KEKS
>>16158395 Three-quarters of Beijing's 22 million people lined up for COVID-19 tests on Tuesday - Reuters
>>16158397 Rep. Jim Jordan - Fauci will probably ask the CDC to block Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter due to #COVID concerns (kek?)
>>16158424, >>16158824 Durham Filing: Fusion GPS-Reporters Efforts to Frame Millian and Page
>>16158433 CNN takes a stand and broadcasts videos that Chinese censors don't want you to see….
>>16158434 Musk tweet: The extreme antibody reaction from those who fear free speech says it all
>>16158448 Zelensky and his thugs are baying for money and weapons
>>16158484 74mil Nigerians have phones blocked for failing to register them
>>16158485 Adam Schiff Was Involved in Russia Collusion Sham Way Back in July 2016
>>16158503 Time is running out for Republicans to clean up the election fraud mess
>>16158530 Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 26.04.2022
>>16158565 Engineered Collapse Suspected As Another General Mills Facility Catches Fire
>>16158576, >>16158594 Ed Markey: "We must pass laws to protect ALGORITHMIC JUSTICE"
>>16158614, >>16158596 Rally Clock; JA clock 
>>16158606, >>16158633, >>16158637, >>16158689, >>16158657, >>16158695 Elon Musk: By “free speech”, I simply mean that which matches the law. 
>>16158727, >>16158743 Twitter employees apparently added a public repository called "the-algorithm" on the platform's Github account shortly before the source code was locked.
>>16158686 "CDC: Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) principles are crucial to climate change adaptation planning"
>>16158634 Attkisson: Pfizer recalls blood pressure drug Accupril after detecting high levels of a human carcinogen
>>16158696 Partial List of Rich People Owning Social Media
>>16158706, >>16158970 Anon with suspended twitter acct: message changed after Musk bought Twitter
>>16158752 JAMES Madison U softball star Lauren Bernett died just hours after being named the conference player of the week. 20 yrs old, no cause of death.
>>16158773, >>16158866 Canadian country music singer Shane Yellowbird dies at 42; what happened?
>>16158790 Virginia father goes nuclar on teachers' union boss
>>16158819 Andreessen: 180 degree reversal by msm on free speech within a decade
>>16158820 Subpoenas formally issued for evidence in Georgia ballot trafficking case
>>16158821, >>16158873 Twitter's top lawyer - a key player in the decision to remove Trump from the platform - reassured staff and cried...
>>16158859 Twitter, Microsoft oppose Trudeau government policing social media
>>16158870 The emails accidentally released by Durham last night showing Fusion communicating with reporters puts the Brennan memo "in a different light".
>>16158879 Trudeau govt refusing to reveal info used to justify Emergencies Act
>>16158898 Trump talks twitter.
>>16158940 Explosion of Russian ammunition store in Irmino, Luhansk
>>16158972 Google/YouTube parent Alphabet misses quarterly earnings and revenue for the first quarter
>>16158979 Garland talking about ISIS-K again
>>16159004 #20438

>>16157645, >>16157707, >>16158088, >>16157778, >>16157918 Eyez on the skyz
>>16157567 Don't Extradite Assange petition
>>16157570 Federal Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Barring Biden From Ending Title 42
>>16157596, >>16157681, >>16157708, >>16157740, >>16157858 Joe's missing millions!
>>16157623 @gospaceforce  L A U N C H E S
>>16157665 Disney refuses to cut 12 seconds of LGBTQ content from new Doctor Strange and gets the film banned in the Middle East
>>16157686, >>16157696 JR.:Wonder if they’re burning the evidence before new mgmt comes in?
>>16157702 Schiff, Feinstein/GPS
>>16157707 He switched from RCH4147 to ANON at 1100ft on final approach
>>16157734 GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn cited for having a gun at Charlotte Douglas International Airport 
>>16157752, >>16157835 Kamala is pos for cov19
>>16157773 Fitton:NIH further implicated in conspiracy harvest fetal organs from unborn human beings killed by abortion  
>>16157845 SAN BERNARDINO, CA: "A truck driver was attacked during a street takeover 
>>16157886, >>16158075 #DurhamWatch @fightwithkash
>>16157898 Ukraine wants $2bn per month from US
>>16157921, >>16158097 Moar on WHO threat to national sovereignty
>>16157935 RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE MAP - [DAY 62] (26 April 2022)
>>16157936 In Major Reversal After Warning Of Nuclear War, Germany Approves Tanks For Ukraine
>>16157975, >>16157982, >>16158036 moar Durham filing
>>16157981 Rand Paul CLASHES with Secretary of State Blinken over Russia and Ukraine! vid
>>16157988 'NATO Expansion' In Reality Means Placing Territories Under US Command: Lavrov
>>16158016 Polish PM Says Warsaw Has Delivered Tanks to Ukraine
>>16158019 Disgraced Police Union President Pleads Guilty to Raping Children for Decades as Dept. Covered for Him
>>16158051 AG Garland Denies Need For Hunter Biden Special Counsel
>>16158063 State Department Spokesman Ned Price briefs reporters and responds to questions on a range of issues, including the war in Ukraine.
>>16158065 UK Demands Elon Musk Keeps Twitter ‘Responsible’ by Censoring Content
>>16158122 Judge Orders Wisconsin Assembly Election Investigation to Stop Deleting Records
>>16158229 #20437

>>16156945, >>16157164, >>16157192, >>16157918 Eyez on the skyz
>>16156780, >>16156791, >>16156839, >>16156859, >>16156910 Durham takes on Fusion GPS + files under seal their communications with at least 5 large media outlets + their reporters
>>16156805, >>16156961 Killary cryin over gun lobby winning
>>16156834 Twitter employees go 'absolutely insane' in meltdown over Elon Musk's purchase
>>16156836 free speech feels like it's returning to twatter already Kek
>>16156894 Latest Durham Filing Destroys Hillary And DNC Attempt To Block Documents Behind Russia Hoax
>>16156896 Russia Halts Natural Gas Supplies To Poland - European Energy Prices Spike On Local Reports
>>16156914 BuzzFeed News is dismantling our award-winning investigations team
>>16156932 NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23!!!
>>16157015 Biden issues first pardons of his presidency
>>16157022, >>16157152 Barr and Durham Agreed on something major, this will be coming up/Horowitz/Huber?
>>16157059 Transhumanist Theorist Calls the AI-Unenhanced ‘Useless People’
>>16157074 The Online Community Obsessed With a CIA Puzzle
>>16157087, >>16157140, >>16157156 Robert Malone MD  I'm back
>>16157145, >>16157151, >>16157159, >>16157162 Durham motion
>>16157148, >>16157166 Here's How Elon Musk's Free-Speech Gambit Can Succeed
>>16157179, >>16157370  Sussmann's defense has been reduced to one argument, materiality. Here's a shortcut to clinch that issue
>>16157249, >>16157345  The WHO Plans to Strip 194 Nations, and the US, of Sovereignty- May 22
>>16157258 Botatus want moar war in Ukraine
>>16157286 Happy Birthday Melania
>>16157287 Did a Key FBI Agent in Whitmer Plot Attempt to Surveil Steven Crowder?
>>16157343 China must be held accountable for these "unprecedented" espionage and cybersecurity threats.
>>16157355, >>16157365 @JudicialWatch files new Federal FOIA lawsuit to try to smash through State Department stonewall…
>>16157421 Elon Musk Pushes the Hyperloop, The Boring Company to Start Full-Scale Testing This Year
>>16157424 Disney goin broke as woke
>>16157434 Subsumed
>>16157480 #20436

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>>16155889 #20434, >>16156725 #20435
>>16153531 #20431, >>16154292 #20432, >>16155086 #20433
>>16151249 #20428, >>16152018 #20429, >>16152795 #20430
>>16151249 #20428, >>16152018 #20429, >>16152795 #20430

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