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>>16750715, >>16750717, >>16750786 happy 7/17 ECW just retweeted this acc
>>16750758, >>16750935 The J6 Committee doesn’t have a single dissenting member. This is how Third World governments do investigations
>>16750789 High-flying experiment: Do stem cells grow better in space?
>>16750803 Great interview with Jeff Brain. CEO of Clouthub, Farmer Protests Will Be 'Largest Push For Freedom In History'
>>16750821, >>16750833, >>16750841  Mil Tweets
>>16750854 No major problems with ballot drop boxes in 2020, AP claims
>>16750867 Arbitration Court in Rural Russia Ablaze
>>16750902 Courts Squash Democrats’ ‘Most Secure Election’ Lie: Swing States Didn’t Follow Their Own Laws In 2020 - TheFederalist
>>16750940 "These people are not well", Democrats 'Seething and Sobbing' over climate change hoax
>>16750958 Major state sues Biden for trying to create nationwide abortion mandate, Says president 'is attempting to twist federal law'
>>16750984 Contents of Shinzo Abe’s assassin’s letter revealed - RT
>>16751049, >>16751288, >>16751305 Schuman Resonance Overview, 16 hour pattern?
>>16751014, >>16751050, >>16751113, >>16751150 [DS] want Tucker to run for president, kek!
>>16751156 Foul play not suspected, because you know, people die in single story house fires all the time.
>>16751165 Potato meets with Egypt's Al-Sisi, promises $50 million in assistance
>>16751197 Biden Says Saudis Lying After FM "Didn't Hear" Him Confront MbS On Khashoggi's Killing
>>16751202 Judge Blocks Biden’s LGBTQ Guidance that Allows Transgender in Girls’ Sports and Bathroom Access
>>16751208, >>16751219 “Evasive Answers Usually Offer Revealing Clues About the Truth” – Senator Grassley to General Milley 
>>16751249, >>16751265 U.S. Navy Introduces ‘Plant-Based Protein’ Program Pushing ‘Vegetarian Meat Alternatives’
>>16751269 Another criminal admitting to “crimes against humanity”
>>16751273 Hunter and Joe Biden Often Met After First Son Traveled Abroad - NTD
>>16751314 Taxpayer-funded NPR Launches ‘Disinformation’ Reporting Team Ahead of Elections
>>16751348 The Golden Horseshoe is a weekly designation to highlight egregious examples of wasteful taxpayer spending by the government - Just The News
>>16751366, >>16751388 National railway strike APPROVED by locomotive union… all trains in America may HALT this coming Monday
>>16751397 US Govt Removes/ Reclassifies 52,000 Death Records Seemingly To Obfuscate Vax Carnage
>>16751407 @DerrickEvans_WV Never before released footage of #Jan6
>>16751438 Sri Lanka protests reach their 100th day
>>16751465 Wow Kari Lake expose opponent for elderly Americans for recurring contributions
>>16750739, >>16750748, >>16750754, >>16750763, >>16750775, >>16750785, >>16750811, >>16750814, >>16750840, >>16750859, >>16750866, >>16750929  News bun 
>>16750942, >>16750944, >>16750945, >>16750967, >>16750987, >>16751007, >>16751032, >>16751044, >>16751157, >>16751326, >>16751336 News bun continued

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