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'''Friday 06.24.2022'''
>>16506930 ————————————–——– Are you ready to serve your country again? Remember your oath.
>>16505677 rt >>16505361 ———–––——–— It had to be done this way.
>>16504957 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game once more?

'''Day 12.08.2020'''
>>11953143 ————————————–——– We're Not Gonna Take It (CAP:  >>11953295)

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>>16510731, >>16510748, >>16510837 Counting the days (561) since Q's last post
>>16510736, >>16511103 Trump Rally Day in Mendon, IL. Event Details
>>16510746, >>16510986 This Planetary Alignment won't happen again until 2040
>>16510793 18 seconds of pure lunatic. AOC comments on Roe v Wade Overturned
>>16510826 Abortion Riots in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Manhattan (vid embeds)
>>16510920 Tweet sees biblical connection for the timing of the Roe v. Wade decision and the Gospel of John
>>16510965 Anon Connects Q's timestamps from today to previous Q posts
>>16511249 Gregg Phillips #PatriotGames on TS, Q posted 'game', connected?
>>16511314, >>16511330 Chaos in Los Angeles as Violent Leftists Riot
>>16511125, >>16511156, >>16511181, >>16511217 BV Triple-A claims the tripcode salt must have been changed - Q trip fuckery? (1/2)
>>16511255, >>16511322, >>16511344, >>16511360, >>16511375 BV Triple-A claims the tripcode salt must have been changed - Q trip fuckery (2/2)
>>16511354 BO - Can verify that no tripcode setting was changed on the board level.
>>16511380 BV - admin does not agree with TripA BV on this issue
>>16511372 Anon - Can confirm my tripcode changed even though I use the same password 
>>16511431 #20889

>>16509951, >>16510154, >>16510172, >>16510243, >>16510350 Dan Scavino Truths on SCOTUS ruling  (Googled Baby Fist?)
>>16509998, >>16510098 Anon Opine, Q140 - The Op has been in plain sight the entire time. Those who know, know
>>16510240 Q4950 - It had to be this way.
>>16510296 FBI Tweet: FBI hosted training for major WMD threats last week.
>>16510319 At least 25 arrested in NYC as protesters take to streets after Roe v Wade ruling  REEEEEEEEEING
>>16509449 (lb), >>16509513 (lb), >>16509564, >>16509622 (You), >>16509681, >>16509716 Waiting patiently for a Q proof with a Delta from PDJT…. reminder, the Q post should come first, then the PDJT post, not vice versa
>>16510542, >>16510581 Dan Scavino Truth Delta to Today's Q Post Link to Q3522.  Both Reagan Videos.
>>16510553, >>16510578 Q4951 hits Q's new drops
>>16510626 All that prep work done to incite riots over Roe v Wade, the gun grab, everything planned for this weekend. One shimmering tripcode appears, all hell breaks loose - opine
>>16510663 #20888

>>16509212, >>16509574, >>16509238 Hello, Q. Wanted to say thank you, We never left either
>>16509220, >>16509380 Baby parts & organ harvesting $$$$$$$ - discussion
>>16509227 Arizona Senate passed bill to fund students instead of systems
>>16509229, >>16509292, >>16509348, >>16509410 Scavino New Twatter
>>16509239 Suspect arrested by police at pro-abortion riot in Los Angeles
>>16509351 This continues the Ghosts in the Machine decode series from this week
>>16509383 #CORNWATCH
>>16509420, >>16509754, >>16509689, >>16509760 AOC just launched an insurrection, Any violence and rioting is a direct result of Democrat marching orders
>>16509449, >>16509513, >>16509564, >>16509622, >>16509681, >>16509716 Waiting patiently for a Q proof with a Delta from PDJT.... reminder, the Q post should come first, then the PDJT post, not vice versa
>>16509535 Nom'd RE: 1700 days, Truth to unfold?
>>16509589 Q3724 "It must be DONE right.", "It must be DONE according to the rule of law."
>>16509611 On a 16 to 10 vote, the Arizona Senate just passed House Bill 2853: "Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts" a bill to fund students instead of systems.
>>16509670 DJT told us just this morning: “…your Rights are being protected, the Country is being defended, and there is still hope and time to Save America!”
>>16509684, >>16509772, >>16509788 Its a year since McAfee left…
>>16509800 QClock June 24, 2022 Mutiny
>>16509815 U.S. Space Command Retweeted
>>16509818 ICYMI: Lawmakers report hostage situation in Phoenix, AZ
>>16509860 Q post between nunes & kash, kash post a repost of his
>>16509913 #20887

>>16508409 Late last bread. Nunes RT. Devin Nunes appears to hint at devolution through reTruth on TS
>>16508417, >>16508436, >>16508451, >>16508505 RE: Tor posting, tor posts seem to gain a regular id when linked from a previous bread
>>16508434, >>16508465 "We never left. We never lost hope. Where we go one, we go all. It's time to return publicly" 
>>16508449 @AZKellyT We are currently there being held hostage inside the Senate building due to members of the public trying to breach our security. 
>>16508499 There are more major Conservative positions being enacted now with Joe in office than when DJT was in the White House. Things that make ya go, hmmmm…Who’s in charge here?
>>16508449, >>16508481, >>16508487, >>16508507, >>16508561, >>16508626, >>16508736 Police are clashing with protesters outside the state capitol building in Phoenix AZ
>>16508482 Start of Season II? Sequel?
>>16508533 Guard your churches tonight. Put out cameras. Use the buddy system. Multiple guards all night.
>>16508572 Antifa returns to Seattle
>>16508615 Tensions are rising at 8th and Olive Streets in DTLA as the group is met with LAPD officers in tactical gear. 
>>16508656 ICYMI: Q was asked by three anons to take down the B post on dcomms and it happened between breads of Q's 1st and 2nd post
>>16508657, >>16508700, >>16508801 LIVE coverage of the Roe vs Wade protests on Los Angeles, California 
>>16508685 Before it was “It had to be this way”. now: “It had to be done this way”. Past tense, and adding “done”….
>>16508701, >>16508789, >>16508652 Q post 1700, RE: 1,700 days before now
>>16508799 When you think of this in the context of devolution, these are some interesting remarks from Mike Pence
>>16508813 We crossed the DS's "red line" - Molochs' food supply PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD
>>16508871 A democrat funded and incited insurrection is currently happening in Arizona
>>16508951 Judicial Watch uncovered dozen of records of illegal molecular research reported to NIH
>>16508979 Biden's Q card yesterday... Q posts today
>>16508992 Dallas: huge police presence as pro-abortion protestors cross the street to confront the federal building head on
>>16509043 Q is using TOR to post. What does that mean? Is TOR secure again?
>>16509083 #20886

>>16507634, >>16507686, >>16507780, >>16508034, >>16508097, >>16508006 RE: TOR re-enabled
>>16507670 Mike Rothschild still obsessed with CMZ, I see.. PANIC?
>>16507676 Jim's comment on new Q posts
>>16507695 Q-Clock Jun 24, 2022 - Failed Coup = PANIC IN DC
>>16507712, >>16508235 July 4 is in 10 days
>>16507777 Q1595 Panic is good. Panic is right.
>>16507785 Two dead, 10 wounded in Norway nightclub shooting, police say
>>16507799, >>16507949 Roe V. Wade = 11.3?
>>16507807 @intheMatrixxx As if this day couldn’t get any worse for [them], we now have a possible return of Q.
>>16507878 Live in LA
>>16507914 Bo Snerdley message to Rush on ending Roe V Wade
>>16507954 It's been 563 days for Q to reemerge. Q post 563
>>16508015 Tyrant Justin Trudeau Weeps Over US Women ‘Losing’ the Right Over Their Bodies — After Forcing Every Person in Canada to Receive Experimental Vaccine
>>16508027 last bread notable and pastebin on q drop
>>16508105 Intended to get lost in today's supreme court announcements, the House Financial services committee released their report on the 2021 January sneeze in the stock market
>>16508152 BBC reporter on Q... kek
>>16508252 #20885

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