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covid origin committee 8th march 2023

>>18467372 Select Subcommittee Hearing: Investigating Origins of COVID-19
>>18467372, >>18467395, Select Subcommittee Hearing: Investigating Origins of COVID-19
>>18467399 DASZAK MP4 VID
>>18467453, >>18467466, EcoHealth Alliance Website, programs and locations. 
>>18467459, >>18467487, >>18467503, sequence 11652 patent screen shot of genome code.
>>18467531, >>18467692 memes on covid hearing
>>18467623  ex-CDC director Robert Redfield: "The outbreak of Covid 19 was more likely the result of a lab leak than as a result of a natural spillover event.”- twat
>>18467760 dr metzl 
>>18467763 dr wade
>>18467773 Dr. Auwaerter
>>18467780 Dr. Redfield
Dr. Wenstrup [Chairman]: The genome of COVID-19 is inconsistent with expectations, and is unique for it's group of viruses. COVID-19 has both a binding domain, optimized for human cells, and a furin cleavage site, for a small part of the virus that makes it so infectious. That has never been seen before in a SARS-related virus. In other words, COVID-19 has unique characteristics that made it very in
fectious to humans. These have never been seen before in any other viruses of it's type.
>>18467661 Dr. Wenstrup [Chairman]: For some reason, that we do not yet know, leaders in the scientific community took action to attempt to convince the world that they should not take the lab leak theory seriously. Dr. Francis Collins stated he was more concerned with harm to international harmony, than he was with investigating the lab leak. Dr. Fauci said the lab leak theory was a shiny object that will go away in time. The president of EcoHealth, Dr. Peter Daszak, orchestrated a letter in the Lancet that called the lab leak a conspiracy theory, a statement that directly benefited Dr. Daszak himself.
Dr Ruiz [ranking member]: Today's hearing marks a concerning step down the path of letting extremism getting in the way of an inquiry that should be led by science and facts.
['doctor' panic, kek]
Mr. Wade: When the epidemic first broke out in December 2019, natural origin and lab leak were two equally reasonable explanations. But if the virus had emerged naturally, it should have left many tell-tale signs in the environment. None has yet appeared, despite the Chinese governments keen interest in finding them.
Mr. Wade: It's hard to believe that in the twilight of their long careers [Collins and Fauci], they would seriously mishandle an issue as important as the origin of the COVID virus. Yet that is what the evidence seems to point to.
Dr. Wenstrup [Chairman]: Has Gain of Function [research] created any life-saving vaccines or therapeutics to your knowledge?
Dr. Redfield: Not to my knowledge.
Wenstrup: Has Gain of Function [research] stopped a pandemic in your opinion?
Redfield: No. On the contrary, I think it probably caused the greatest pandemic our world has seen.
Ranking member Ruiz is more concerned with accusing Dr. Wade of being some kind of racist than seriously investigating the origin of COVID-19.
Raskin: The COVID-19 pandemic came to America in 2020 of course, when Donald Trump was president. And the president's policy failures, magical thinking, and total recklessness caused, according to his own special advisor on COVID, Deborah Birx, the unnecessary death of hundreds of thousands of Americans.
Raskin: Whatever the origins of COVID-19, whether it's bats or bureaucrats, no finding will ever exonerate or rehabilitate Donald Trump for his lethal recklessness in mismanaging the crisis of America which cost us more than a million lives.
Dr. Redfield: Remember, this pandemic did not start in January at the seafood market. We now know there was infections all the way back into September. This was a narrative that was decided, that they were going to say this came from a wet market, and they were going to do everything they could to support it, to negate any discussion about the possibility that this came from a laboratory.
Malliotakis: Is it likely that American tax dollars funded the gain of function research that created this virus?
Dr. Redfield: I think it did, not only from NIH, but from the State Department, USAID, and from DOD.
Dingell: We cannot go down a dangerous path of pushing unfounded conspiracies about Dr. Fauci and other long-serving career public health officials.
Comer: I think Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They got caught supercharging viruses in an unsecure Chinese lab….they got together to cover themselves. Coverup their story, and wipe their fingerprints of the virus that has killed more than one million Americans.
Mfume attacking Dr. Wade over 'racism', rather than confronting Wade's theories directly.
>>18467871 Lesko: Some of my democrat colleagues [Mfume, Raskin], are the one making the COVID investigation political. Why they don't want to investigate the origins of COVID-19 that killed millions of people, I will never understand.
Garcia, like Raskin, is more interested in attacking President Trump than actually investigating the origin of COVID.
BREAKING: Robert Redfield says he tried to explain to Fauci—who’s an immunologist and not a virologist like him—that this virus isn’t natural.
>>18467991 another attack on dr wade cos david duke read his book. ms tokuda
Jackson: I'm disturbed that people of the left in this committee can't talk about this at all without bringing up Trump, racism, or conspiracy theorists.
MJG - spelled out the time line.
Jim Jordan - spelled out the time line and accused fauci of shutting down the lab 
leak by bribing the two doctors with a $9 million grant.
Democrats turned into a race hating excerise on Dr wade and attacking trump.
not all though, just the usual suspects.
Republicans tried to get the answers from witness which was already known.

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