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ProcyonLotor details how he doxes.

04:08:45: <Ard> ProcyonLotor: whose mom did you call
04:08:50: <Ard> You gotta tell me this story
04:09:20: <ProcyonLotor> T#S's
04:10:12: <Wogglebug> kaktus did
04:10:13: <MinMin> ard you haven't heard the legend of Darth T#S the meek?
04:10:14: <Wogglebug> or was it mann
04:10:16: <Wogglebug> mann right?
04:10:21: <Ard> minmin: No
04:11:20: <Ard> How did he find ou t#s's mom
04:11:27: <Ard> Tell me everything please
04:12:18: <Wogglebug> Synirc doesn't obey their tos
04:12:21: <Wogglebug> and doxxing is easy
04:12:23: <Wogglebug> essentially
04:12:26: <AidenEldritch> hahaha
04:12:33: <Ard> I NEED MORE INFO
04:12:43: <MinMin> there are services to find people's blogs and other usernames
04:12:49: <Wogglebug> There were various identifying informatin
04:12:50: <MinMin> and services to look up people in the US
04:12:54: <Wogglebug> which were consolidated
04:13:07: <Wogglebug> they were detectored
04:13:48: <MinMin> from what I've seen the link is usually finding a YouTube or a Facebook? but that's where I don't have the mad haxor skills
04:14:07: <MinMin> even accounts of relatives are sufficient linkage
04:14:57: <salvagebar> minmin it is best you don't know
04:29:17: <ProcyonLotor> I think I legitimately hurt adnol's feelings with my 05 stunt
04:29:24: ProcyonLotor takes a bow
04:40:48: <salvagebar> I still want to know how ProcyonLotor broke adnol's heart
04:41:10: <ProcyonLotor> You will soon
04:41:22: <salvagebar> I imagine it was a soap-opera scene with people throwing pots and shouting and lots of break-up sex
04:41:46: <ProcyonLotor> Nope. I'm basically the troll mentalist
04:42:03: <ProcyonLotor> I found out the one thing that would bother adnol and then I did that thing
04:53:34: <ProcyonLotor> my thoughts on doxxing are essentially, for most people, keep your nose clean and you have nothing to worry about
04:53:50: <ProcyonLotor> like, my telegram name, where I lurk in all kinds of shady porn chats, is my legal name
04:53:53: <ProcyonLotor> idgaf
04:54:41: <ProcyonLotor> Doxxing is not super hard but it is //just hard enough// that it's rarely worth the trouble for Random Dude on the Internet
04:55:24: <ProcyonLotor> Like, my hunting down trolls generally takes me like, no more than an hour or two when I actually decide
04:56:10: <ProcyonLotor> there's no magic bullet, it's essentially "collect all the information you currently have, and be prepared to spend a lot of time on google"
04:57:06: <ProcyonLotor> I've done it for internet pals before, I'm usually able to find name, school, town, birthday, but not address
04:57:33: <ProcyonLotor> or well I'm not willing to put in the effort for address
04:57:36: <ProcyonLotor> because address is a bitch
04:57:53: <ProcyonLotor> I had to fucking consult birth registries for T#S's
04:58:00: <AidenEldritch> wooow
04:58:15: <salvagebar> It's a living
04:58:27: <Ard> holy cow
04:58:28: <salvagebar> Use your power only for good
04:58:33: <ProcyonLotor> You want my one advice from a part time doxxer for internet security?
04:58:39: <ProcyonLotor> Delete your facebook. Now.
04:59:10: <ProcyonLotor> I mean, twitter, tumblr, reddit, those are all fine so long as you're not an idiot
04:59:27: <ProcyonLotor> But facebook, I can find each and every one of you with your email
04:59:31: <Ard> i got Facebook because it's the only way my social groups know how to communicate and send messages and shit
04:59:37: <ProcyonLotor> Which it will take me no longer than a minute to get
04:59:44: <MinMin> can't you disable email lookup on fb
04:59:52: <ProcyonLotor> I mean, //you can//
04:59:54: <ProcyonLotor> No one ever does
05:00:09: <ProcyonLotor> then you're a step ahead :P
05:00:12: <ProcyonLotor> but still, facebook sucks
05:00:17: <ProcyonLotor> wanna know how I got T#S?
05:00:25: <ProcyonLotor> found his account through his email
05:00:34: <ProcyonLotor> locked down, no identifying information
05:00:34: <Ard> What you mean
05:00:54: <ProcyonLotor> created a burner account with no other friends, sent a friend request that was not accepted
05:00:58: <ProcyonLotor> but lo and behold
05:00:58: <MinMin> but he's friends with his mom huh
05:01:05: <ProcyonLotor> all of his friends became my suggested friends
05:01:05: <MinMin> or his mom added you
05:01:10: <MinMin> oh huh
05:01:13: <MinMin> ok that's cool
05:01:15: <MinMin> lmao
05:01:20: <ProcyonLotor> despite me not having access to his friends list on his profile
05:01:34: <MinMin> .......that works???
05:01:38: <ProcyonLotor> Yeeeeeeep
05:01:43: <ProcyonLotor> at least as of 2014/2015
05:02:07: <ProcyonLotor> from there, it was a trivial matter to find his mother's far less secure account, which gave me all I needed to hunt down her town and work number
05:02:10: <salvagebar> pretty much
05:02:12: <ProcyonLotor> And the rest is history
05:02:24: <salvagebar> I would have paid money
05:02:25: <Ard> Jesus
05:02:30: <salvagebar> to see his face
05:02:45: <ProcyonLotor> But basically facebook is a leaky fucking ship and if you ever get into e-trouble the first thing you do is fucking burn it
05:02:47: <ProcyonLotor> trust me
05:03:08: <EldritchCadence> procy stop teaching people how to doxx : P

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