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'''Wednesday 06.29.2022'''
>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
>>16950142 06.24.2022

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>>17572167, >>17572174, Moar Ice Cream Cone comms
>>17572173 APNews fact checks Sept. 24 disaster theory.
>>17572176 Western media continues to ignore how Ukraine is using NATO weapons to Donbass citizens
>>17572185 Continued Demuren Family Diggz from PB
>>17572187 West Valley police arrest 21 in child sex trafficking operation
>>17572235, >>17572322 Iowa man found guilty on all charges related to J6
>>17572309 Nigeria seizes donkey penises to be smuggled to Hong Kong
>>17572393, >>17572400, >>17572410, >>17572412 ICYMI: Ukraine released nearly 100,000 children from institutions - UNICEF now trying to find 26,000 of them
>>17572394 Technofog on CF, DOJ and Andrew Weissmann
>>17572399 Kash breaks down the main sources for the biggest government criminal conspiracy in U.S. history (WTM)
>>17572405 Rumors of Military Coup in China Claim Xi Under House Arrest (9/22/2022)
>>17572419 Loudoun County School Board reviews parental notice of sexually explicit instructional materials
>>17572432 Incumbent School Superintendent Kathy Hofmann exposed: Secure Chat room grooming students
>>17572443 Ardern at the U.N.: ‘Disinformation’ Should Be Controlled Like Guns, Bombs, and Nukes
>>17572445 Judge orders reinstatement of NYPD union members fired over vax mandate
>>17572452 Joe Rogan weighs in on new Illinois cashless bail law
>>17572458 US home sales record 7th straight monthly drop
>>17572462 Everyones a Sanctuary City until the Bus Arrives MEME THAT SHIT!!!
>>17572473 ICYMI: Fu pleaded guilty in July to accepting 117 million yuan ($14.7m; $16.5m) in gifts and money for personal gain… Justice Minister
>>17572480 A song’s journey from a Trump video to online forums and back to Trump rallies/Qanon hit piece
>>17572495, >>17572620, >>17572621 moar Qanon hit pieces
>>17572498 The Bee: White House Staff To Fit Joe Biden With A Jingle Bell Collar So They Can Find Him When He Wanders Off
>>17572500 The Bee: White House Promises To Walk Back Biden Statement Once Their Codebreakers Decipher It
>>17572502 The Bee: Matt Walsh Accused Of Endangering Nazis By Sharing Pictures Of Auschwitz
>>17572511 State delays public release of English, math and science test score results to later this year
>>17572535  ‘Died Suddenly News’ - the fastest growing social media group in the world 
>>17572567 Watters: 'Fauci's Tunnel Vision Wreaked Havoc on Our Kids'
>>17572573 Jim Jordan Gets Abruptly Cut Off When He Mentions the FBI is Pulling Agents Off Child Trafficking Cases to Focus on Political Attacks
>>17572627, >>17572629 Watch President Bill Clinton's Conversation with President Zelenskyy at CGI 2022
>>17572635 Banned Books Week Ends With Massive Court Loss for Porn-Pushing Librarians
>>17572681 New #BenGarrison Cartoon "We Tried To Warn You"
>>17572696 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest star Louise Fletcher dies aged 88
>>17572720 Durham argues Danchenko’s lies about dossier mattered to FBI investigation
>>17572727, >>17572703 Collapse the triangle(pyramid), Not long now   Deltas
>>17572733 Joe Biden Blooper: ‘I Sure in Hell Don’t Think We Should Be Funding the FBI’
>>17572747 #January6th Marc Short, Mike Pence’s former chief of staff, said they both still believe subpoenaing the former VP in the Jan. 6 investigation would set a risky precedent.
>>17572616, >>17572576  ALL EARTH MAPS ARE WRONG - bitchute vid (corp recommends)
>>17572830 #21544

>>17571368, 17571405 Bidens and Elton John 
>>17571389 Off-board planefagging:Two E-6 command birds up
>>17571397 Love & Light Crooked and Q
>>17571532, >>17571536, >>17571543, >>17571546 President Donald J. Trump at Wilmington Rally
>>17571559, >>17571893 8kun Chat September 23, 2022
>>17571560 The Night Owl News With Dee Stevens, Orlando & More 'Fun Friday Free For All' - 09/23/2022 part 2
>>17571592, >>17572115 Comms from this weirdo, Surgeon General likes ice cream cones, without ice cream
>>17571653, >>17571661, >>17571717, >>17571802, >>17571892, >>17571928, >>17571974, >>17571987, >>17571997, >>17572020 Demuren Family of Nigeria '''Call to Dig'''
>>17571659 PDJT @TS
>>17571669 Clockfag
>>17571685 MSN: "Qanon" Salute Banned At Trump Rallys
>>17571756 Biden: "She was 12, I was 30"
>>17571913 For the Keks: And the blue checks go reeeeeeeeee
>>17571934 Killary: Extreme MAGA Republican gun laws and inflammatory language have led to a spike in violent crime. When #MAGAIncitesGunViolence, we all pay the price
>>17571942 Origin of a predicted event on the date of September 24, 2022
>>17571982 The first German district blackout simulation: 400 dead in 96 hours
>>17572065 Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Become Targets For Attacks and Arson After Roe Ruling
>>17572094 Gutfeld: Hispanics support migrant flights to sanctuary cities
>>17572109 The Entire Dutch Cabinet STORMS out the Building After Having Their Egos Shattered by Thierry Baudet
>>17572123 #21543

>>17571100 N108PB 45 almost back home now
>>17571143 Donald J. Trump: "You get up and KNOCK THE HELL OUT of them." (Cap 0:34)
>>17571234 Donald J. Trump: The radical Democrats don't care about prosecuting violent criminals; they only care about persecuting…conservatives." (Cap 1:26)
>>17570603 HOLD ON.  I'M COMIN."
>>17570620 1 hour and 40 mins speech
>>17570765, >>17570623, >>17570628, >>17570636 Air Q's @9:16, At about 3:23:09 - on this one, although there's a cut at the first Air Q…second one is clear
>>17570624 Most beloved dancing President EVER!
>>17570627 Thanks, Donald, for such an inspiring rally speech!
>>17570635 Fathom it for a second…  You can feel the good vibes here tonight.  You can feel the energy here tonight.
>>17570639 Stupid and husbands mentioned a lot.  2 ident posts.  350, 354.  Also Mr. President pelted out 1872.  Here for your perusal.  He is awesome!!!  I sure love him!!
>>17570640 Right before music started, he said, “IN CONCLUSION……”
>>17570650 COINCIDENCE? @ 1:49:
>>17570656 Trump: “ We are standing up for parental rights. I can’t believe I even have to say it.”
>>17570670 Why no word on North Korea?
>>17570671 24 Attorneys General Demand Credit Card Companies Drop Plans To Track Gun Sale
>>17570689 KICKING ASS!
>>17570691, >>17570701 Watch: ‘These Guys Just Bull-Rushed Our Houses’: Texas Farmer’s Video Of Illegals Barging Into His Grandpa’s Home
>>17570703, >>17570713 🔴President Donald Trump Rally Live In Wilmington, Nc 9/23/22 With Full Notes
>>17570708 Trump Says He Has Power to Declassify Docs at Will, (TRUE) Warns Nation 'Tired' of Drama Over Feds' Probe
>>17570709 Wilmington closing with music (Cap 7:37)
>>17570727, >>17570831, >>17570733, >>17570775, >>17570831 Call sign TRIAL17 and HANDY12. A pair of USN Boeing E-6B Mercury aircraft. 162782 and 164404. TACAMO indeed
>>17570758, >>17570779, >>17570832, >>17570847 Free energy? Thus sounds like Uncle John Trump's Tesla Earth-ionophere backyard house battery with two-plates.
>>17570785 Contractor is Archer Western.  Hiring undocumented workers to build your bridges and kill your police
>>17570846 Winnipeg — A Police Officer Has Died Shortly After Being Charged With Child Pornography Offences.
>>17570918 7 Weeks Away From The Biggest Election In History
>>17570932, >>17570999, >>17571010 POTUS mentioned 286 during speech tonight
>>17571056, >>17570939 "If humanity is wise, it will stop the clown show in motion, before its hindsight becomes useful again."
>>17570375 pb Rallyanon Notes 4
>>17570273 pb Rallyanon Notes 5
>>17569959 pb Rallyanon Notes 6
>>17570997 Rallyanon Notes 7
>>17570988 If they think that they could be arrested for mishandling Classified docs., all they have to do is Declassify them.  It is a trap for all previous POTUSs.
>>17571046, >>17571062 Crooked Hillary Compares Trump Rallies to Hitler Rallies
>>17571053 NYC’s Largest Police Union Wins Vaccine Mandate – Judge Rules Vaccine Mandate “INVALID”
>>17571088, >>17571067,  >>17570898, >>17570901, >>17570909, >>17570940 'AGAIN' SIGNS  at Trump Rally
>>17571104 Did anyone catch the rally song “Can You Hear The People Sing?” from the musical Les Misérables?
>>17571139, >>17571149 Mark Finchem Surges Against Former Maricopa Elections Official Who Defended Fast & Furious Cartel Gun Runner
>>17571223, >>17571242, >>17571248 Durham's response to Danchenko's attempt to get case dismissed. (13 pages long) anon included 5.
>>17571259 Eric Adams' plan to house 1,000 illegal immigrants in TENTS close to idyllic beach and upmarket country club, Not in my back yard! Furious residents
>>17571276 #21542

>>17569834 POTUS just called market bottom.
>>17569850 PF Reports Call sign HOTRD88. USAF Boeing E-4B Nightwatch 73-1676.
>>17569856 President Trump: Let's go buy an electric car that travels for one hour and forty-nine minutes, and then you can spend four hours waiting for it to recharge if you can find a charger.
>>17569859, >>17569907, >>17569931 1 HOUR 49 MINUTES (in reference to electric car range)
>>17569874 Trump just dropped another 49 Electric car runs for 1 hour and 49 minutes
>>17569875 Rally Notes: Trump takes the stage at 7:49 pm.  49 minutes late.
>>17569879 President Donald J. Trump in Wilmington, NC Links
>>17569909 U.S. Naval Institute BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP
>>17569913, >>17569941 No Iran deal, no foreign aid to Iran. No foreign aid to Iran, no Iranian economy to appease the Iranian People
>>17569917 Aluminum Air Battery in Electric Vehicles- No need to Charge your EV
>>17569935 President Trump: Among our highest priorities must be to end the nightmare that Joe Biden and congressional democrats have created at our southern border.
>>17569959 Rallyanon Notes 1
>>17570273 Rallyanon Notes 2
>>17570375 Rallyanon Notes 3
>>17570011, >>17569968 4 Year Delta post TRUST GRASSLEY
>>17570009 President Trump: When republicans take back congress, we should immediately pass the bill allowing the victims of sanctuary cities and states to sue for damages when a loved one is hurt or killed as a result of these deadly people and deadly policies.
>>17570008 Rally numbers Rally Screen shots
>>17570055, >>17570089, >>17570090, >>17570126, >>17570143 XI. Drugs. Guilty = Death Penalty.
>>17570110 DRUG DEALERS = Pharma
>>17570068 President Trump: If you do the death penalty for drug dealers, you will cut crime in this country, I think by more than eighty percent.
>>17570100 President Trump: Under a republican congress, we should also pass emergency funding to hire thousands and thousands more police officers nationwide, and to put violent criminals behind bars, and to keep them behind bars.
>>17570112 He said it back…I love you
>>17570180 "We're being run by stupid people." Only leader to ever have said that. That's how you earn trust and loyalty. By speaking the truth. And it is the truth.
>>17570201 Americans have lost an average of $4,200 in annual income since Biden took office
>>17570233 Nonprofits Violate IRS Rules to Wage a Legal War for Illegal Aliens
>>17570240 The Agency Who Calls Me Systemic Racist Is Fucking Systemic Treason
>>17570244 President Trump: You gotta Swamp 'Em.
>>17570256 COVID Update NYC: Judge rules vaccine mandate invalid for PBA members
>>17570271 DJT No matter what these left wing tyrants throw at us we keep on going, we keep on fighting & we keep pushing forward!
>>17570281, >>17570284, >>17570478 kmao is he talking about the football rig
>>17570297, >>17570330 Trump, "1 min, 37 sec" This is not a game.
>>17570334 4TH QUARTER
>>17570319, >>17570344 The strike will be fast..
>>17570350 President Trump: Our children are captives to unhinged, marxist educators, who are pushing inappropriate sexual, racial, and political material, on our children, from the youngest possible age.
>>17570384, >>17570383, >>17570426 President Trump: The radical left democrat party is not a fifty percent party within our country. They are against God, guns, oil, law enforcement, voter ID, tax cuts, regulation cuts, The Constitution, and they are against our Founding Fathers…the way they win is to cheat in elections…they cheat like hell.
>>17570384 President Trump: The radical left democrat party is not a fifty percent party within our country. They are against God, guns, oil, law enforcement, voter ID, tax cuts, regulation cuts, The Constitution, and they are against our Founding Fathers…the way they win is to cheat in elections…they cheat like hell.
>>17570410 President Trump - We Need A Landslide So Big That The Radical Left Cannot Do It, They Cannot Steal It.
>>17570441 President Trump: We will restore a thing called Law and Order in America.
>>17570467 President Trump: No matter how big or powerful the corrupt, radical-left democrats are, we are fighting like nobody's ever fought before.
>>17570474, >>17570480 This nation belongs to you. 
>>17570493 President Trump: We are nation that has the highest inflation in fifty years, and where the stock market finished the worst first half of the year since 1872.
>>17570519 President Trump: China with Taiwan is next.
>>17570542 #21541

==Previously Collected==
>>17570542 #21541, >>17571276 #21542, >>17572123 #21543
>>17568312 #21538, >>17568955 #21539, >>17569766 #21540
>>17565825 #21535, >>17566599 #21536, >>17567396 #21537
>>17563298 #21532, >>17564139 #21533, >>17564979 #21534 
>>17560954 #21529, >>17562173 #21530, >>17562446 #21531

>>17474548 '''Q Research Notables #15: High Five'''

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