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'''Tuesday 12.08.2020'''
>>11953143 ————————————–——– We're Not Gonna Take It (CAP:  >>11953295)

/////////////////////////////////////////////// Notables ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////
>>15238547 planefagging
>>15238551 New Mexico Department of Health November report showed only 4.9% of deaths were Unvaccinated
>>15238562 Photos taken today. WWG1WGA
>>15238583 Two common compounds show effectiveness against COVID-19 virus in early testing
>>15238606 Man sent to hospital after being struck by train in Eau Claire 
>>15238635 Talpiot allows Israel to take US technology and hand it to Russia, China, and beyond
>>15238646 Mark McGowan makes booster shot mandatory for West Australian workers
>>15238668 A pedestrian struck and killed by Norfolk Southern train in PA
>>15238670 Least Vaccinated Countries Fewer Deaths, Vaccinated at Greatest Risk
>>15238682 Wrong, not to mention that the human body has several to many coronaviruses at any given time
>>15238696 Video: Justin Trudeau on Bribing the Media, On the Need To “Override the Fundamental Rights of A Minority”
>>15238724 Bombs Away
>>15238826 Mike Rothschild tweets "QAnon" threat
>>15238736 CISA Issues Emergency Directive Requiring Federal Agencies to Mitigate Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities
>>15238738, >>15238772, >>15238773 Video: WHO Director-General saying the boosters are being used to kill children
>>15238798 50 U.S. Code § 842.Proscription of Communist Party, its successors, and subsidiary organizations
>>15238814 World Economic Forum in Davos to be postponed
>>15238872 Leaked Netherlands WEF documents
>>15238915 MSM: We have a "viral blizzard"(commonly known as HERD IMMUNITY?) incoming, DUCK~! 
>>15238924 #19274
>>15238926 Maxwell jury out 4 days.

>>15237697 4 Major Military Events That Happened on Christmas
>>15237734 Trump with Candace Owens on why he didn’t pardon Snowden and/or Assange”
>>15237739 Maxwell info and links, one more to come THE JURY HAS NOW GONE IN FOR DELIBERATIONS
>>15237752 ‘Matrix’ writers set out to reclaim ‘Red Pill from right-wingers’
>>15237766 Trainfag off the rails
>>15237780 What are the Odds?
>>15237791 Anons ask - Can someone slowly and calmly explain what is going on here?
>>15237809, >>15237854 MORE EXPOSURE OF GHISLAINE, 
>>15237814 Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki
>>15237821 Anon opines on (You) and /Our/Guys Comms 
>>15237865 @NCSCgov #OTD 1978, former CIA officer William Kampiles was sentenced to 40 yrs in prison
>>15237901 Anon might be for the Army's side
>>15237915 Turkey announces arrest of US diplomat for allegedly selling fake passport
>>15237939 @thehill "Christmas Comet" to light up the sky this holiday
>>15237941 Retired Generals Urge Military to 'War-Game' Against US Citizens?
>>15238004 US Army Developing World's First "Universal" COVID Vaccine As Original Jabs Await Final Approval?
>>15237977 Steve Bannon: Omicron is Nature’s Vaccine – It’s Called Herd Immunity
>>15238013 #19274
>>15238018 The People of Milwaukee Ask Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor to Fire Crooked Milwaukee DA Over the Release of Christmas Parade Killer
>>15238028 D.C. Reports Highest Coronavirus Cases Per Capita in Nation
>>15238049 Army veteran falls to his death trying to climb Mount Whitney in California (Comms?)
>>15238058 Twitter sued, accused of acting ‘on behalf’ of US govt
>>15238083 Paedophile, 60, who identifies as female is jailed for 20 months after having cocaine-fuelled sex with a dog
>>15238103 Former Virginia Gov. Chuck Robb’s mansion turns into flaming inferno
>>15238158 13 Omicron Testing Clinics Close in NYC, NJ, Defying Biden’s Testing Site Expansion
>>15238159 Nebraska man sentenced to minimum of 176.5 years in prison for sex trafficking
>>15238168 UK to Offer Homeless Accommodation in Exchange for Getting Vaccinated
>>15238172 Best Kek of the Thread
>>15238176 US Army conducts first tactical cyber exercise readying teams for operations
>>15238163 Director-General of the WHO claims “Countries are giving Boosters to kill children, this is not right”
>>15238426, >>15237707, >>15238337, >>15238353, >>15238208, >>15238258 Anons Decide - Mil_Intel talking to BV?
>>15238238 FBI Agent Accused of Beating Wife Bloody Serves Just 2 Days in Jail After Pleading No Contest #CorruptFBI
>>15238294 Dozens of members of Congress advise nonprofit group with ties to C[CP]-linked think tank
>>15238324 Skunk bay mp4
>>15238328 Anons Notable Bun #19275
>>15238352 Take a “beak” inside the lives of Irvin and Claire, the bald eagle couple that’s made its nest (Comms?)
>>15238476 #19275

>>15236859 #19273 notables
>>15236910 Durham tells court members of Clinton 2016 campaign under scrutiny
>>15236955 updated dough
>>15236966, >>15237219 World Health Organization: 'countries using boosters to kill children. That’s not right’
>>15236973 You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD
>>15236988 Video: Biden Meets with his Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force and Private Sector CEOs
>>15236993 Ron DeSantis Overrules DC Elites, Decouples Pension Funds from Communist China
>>15237001, >>15237518 US Army to announce it has developed a single vaccine that protects from ALL variants of COVID and SARS
>>15237026, >>15237094 Biden spoke today with shipping containers in background
>>15237068 History of Pfizer, 6th largest DC lobby
>>15237142 Criminals have stolen nearly $100 billion in Covid relief funds, Secret Service says
>>15237168, >>15237178 [Black Forest] marker, Q 666 & 667
>>15237288 Harvard chemist Charles Lieber found guilty in trial over China interactions
>>15237290 Judge in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Member of Secret Society Quill & Dagger
>>15237313 W.H.O. Says Cancel Christmas Now or ‘Grieve Later’>>15237460 Trump reveals why he didn’t pardon Snowden or Assange
>>15238013 #19274

>>15235812 City hiring people-hunters to pursue and fine the unvaxxed (RT)
>>15235822 Kraken, Predator Species, NFT? (
>>15235827 August, Over $1 Billion in Misappropriated 1MDB Funds Now Repatriated to Malaysia - seizure of over $[1.7] billion in stolen assets (
>>15235833 Review of TeslaOG and his Re-Discoveries (TMTG+ I Mean Rumble I mean You Tube)
>>15235845 Department of Air Force writing guide now allows pronouns in signature block to promote inclusive culture (Opinion?)
>>15235846, >>15235990, >>15235994 Implants and Vaccination Passports? Nobody wants Booster… (The, CDC)
>>15235870, >>15235891, >>15235895 #19272
>>15235890 Federal Shareholder Investigation (
>>15236024 ‘Matrix’ writers set out to reclaim ‘Red Pill from right-wingers’ (RT)
>>15236080, >>15236167 NEW - US Army has created a single "Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle" vaccine (SpFN) against "all existing COVID & SARS variants," researchers say… "Shaped Like A Soccer Ball" They Say.. (, Disclosetv, TMTG Social -er… Twitter)
>>15236086 JUST IN: South Africans contracting the omicron variant in the current wave are 80% less likely to be hospitalized compared with other strains, according to a new study (Bloomberg, Twitter)
>>15236091 It seems Fauci knew what the Covid gene editing would do (Science Daily)
>>15236095 Carrie Lam, Dragon's Hand Chinese President Xi Jinping strongly endorsed Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam (AFP)
>>15236107, >>15236186 It is updated standard dough, checked.
>>15236119 BEIJING: The northern Chinese city of Xi'an ordered all 13 million residents to stay home in a strict lockdown on Wednesday, while dramatically tightening travel controls after discovering 52 new cases of Covid-19 (Election Wiz)
>>15236166 Leftist perspective on Trump and Bill O Reilly Missed Last Bread (You Tube)
>>15236859 #19273

'''#19272''' TBC

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