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Xeno accuses Procyon of doxing him.

The following was taken from Kiwi Farms: 

"Hey, I'm Xenomorph666. I was the troll back in 2016, been lurking on this thread for quite a while and figured I could contribute on the topic.

I was one of those typical SCP community members, trying to express my creativity by writing SCPs, despite my idea being always turned down. The reason I decided to troll SCP was at first, for the lulz. I made the mistake of using my school board email to log-into SCP chat under a alt to troll them. I got caught, banned, blah blah blah.

Procyonlotor at the time, who I remember at the time was this "asshole" who seems to talk shit to people like me, trolls. The type of person who wants to be a asshole to them because they are "in the right." for the situation. When procyonlotor got my real email address and the school board email adress, and threatened to tell my school to get me suspended, I wasn't scared. However, I decided to continue trolling SCP, mainly for the lulz and as a "fuck you" thing to the community, especially the staff. My IRL situation has been going downhill, and trolling SCP has also been a way to distract my self from other problems. I've made many burner wikidot accounts and when my application gets accepted, shit will happen. 100% of the time the staff won't know its me behind it. I also do a lot of trolling in both Site 17 and 19, with burner email addresses and public internet where the staff can't really do shit.

Latest troll i did was around the end of 2020, but it ain't a frequent obsession thing because unlike SCP, I actually had a life. I was ironically more obsessed with SCP when I was still a member then when I trolled SCP.

Also if your wondering, Prcocyonlotor never succeeded in getting me suspended. I'm guessing probably because the school doesn't care what I do online. And second reason ironically, is that I got suspended in 2017 for a completely unrelated reason, and Procyonlotor's furry-ass tried to report me after I got suspended. (Assuming he actually tried to reach out to my school board).

I have no regret trolling SCP, especially seeing the type of community they became now. People call trolls with no life other then being online, but I had a life, but being a troll is the only thing they saw me do. I'm a grown adult now but I still like to get shit and giggles on asshole communities like the next guy.

TL;DR: I trolled SCP, got banned, staff tried to get me suspended but failed, and I've been trolling till this day."

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