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Da Le So Fo

[tpsize=3]David Lewis is more known to collectors of late-'60s and early-'70s rock as the leader of the Northern Irish band Andwella's Dream (later shortened to Andwella) than as a solo artist. However, while that group was still going -- some sources give the year 1969, others 1970 -- solo Lewis performances came out on a publisher's demo, issued more than 30 years later on a Japanese release. It's a mixed lot that gives the impression the tracks might have been recorded at separate times and/or separate sessions spaced at least a few months apart. 

Many of the cuts are solo piano performances that show some similarities to the work of early singer/songwriters like Carole King, Randy Newman, Elton John, and perhaps even a bit of David Gates. (Some of the melody of "You Don't Know" certainly recalls Bread's "Make It with You.") "On a Day Like Today," on the other hand, might bring to mind Jesse Colin Young's mellower compositions for the Youngbloods. There's a soul-gospel flavor to some of these that makes him sound a little like a singer/songwriter Ray Charles, though you shouldn't get too excited by that comparison; the songs and vocals aren't on the level of Charles or the other aforementioned artists. 

Yet there are also a couple tracks with full-band arrangements and orchestration that sound like they could have been placed on official late-'60s pop/rock releases. Whatever the case, they're only passable songs, though Lewis is a decently soulful vocalist. 
by Richie Unterberger 

1. You Don't Know - 4:22 		
2. On a Day Like Today- 2:42 	
3. Such a Long Way to Go - 2:26 	
4. Everlasting Love - 3:40 	
5. Because of the Love You've Given Me - 2:22 		
6. Take My Road - 3:27 		
7. Man Without a Name - 2:41 	
8. Love Is a Beautiful Thing - 2:41 	
9. Learning to Walk - 2:39 	
10.Put Away Your Tears - 2:17 	
11.Yesterday's Gold - 3:51 
All compositions by Dave Lewis

*David Lewis - Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals 
*Gordon Barton - Drums 
*Nigel Smith - Bass [/tpsize]

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