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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
>>16950142 06.24.2022

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>>17500998 @realDonaldTrump “Trump Warned You: Putin Halves German Gas Supply AGAIN as EU Economy Spirals” breitbart
>>17501007 @realDonaldTrump “Germany’s dependence on Russian gas noticed by Washington Post, after paper slammed Trump for same prediction” foxnews
>>17501118 @realDonaldTrump More evidence that The Washington Post is a bad news propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. Such dishonest people!
>>17501136 @realDonaldTrump Now that the FBI and DOJ have been caught... are they going to change the results of the 2020 Presidential Election? They should!!!
>>17501168 @realDonaldTrump The Dems having nothing going except DISINFORMATION!
>>17500994, >>17501000 Video: The Truth About J6 The Media Cover-Up The Capital Police Atrocity in the U.S. Capital (Now Japanese Subtitled) 
>>17501008, >>17501034 Schwab was in NYC on 9/11 Watching their planned event?
>>17501068 The Military & Constitution Regulated Inauguration – President Trump by Derek Johnson
>>17501061 VIDEO The Speech from Hell | Rudy Giuliani |
>>17501076, >>17501093, >>17501117, >>17501229 Here is a copy of Judge Cannon’s ruling: "SPECIAL MASTER DECISION: Including Requirements from Both Parties by Sep 9th
>>17501116, >>17501124, >>17501128, >>17501372, >>17501389, >>17501395 "As requested by the incumbent president" Biden ordered the raid himself
>>17501135 RE: Q2959 "Who has AUTH to obtain?" - Hussein documents in the mix?
>>17501160 Bilderberg/2021: The Names of The Bilderbergers Who’ve Played a Role in The Covid Event
>>17501192 Armistice Day's was 100 years before the date we thought Q was talking about:11.11.18(the DoD address block) also disambiguates to Nov 11, 1918 Neat!
>>17501235, >>17501418 POTETO Lashes Out Again at “MAGA Republicans” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Labor Day Speech
>>17501241 New Dan: hands up!
>>17501323, >>17501290, >>17501299, >>17501311 Stunning Coverup Maneuver – Obama NSC Move All Intelligence Unmasking Material To Obama Library To Avoid Sunlight…
>>17501304 Putin calls Russia ‘true land of the rising Sun’ (Is this comms)
>>17501333 The Men Behind the Curtain: Biden's Impotence, the Mar-a-Lago Fiasco, and the Silent Technocratic Coup
>>17501343 Secretive Geofence Surveillance Software Being Snapped Up By Law Enforcement
>>17501413 The system is rigged. We must elect historic slate of conservative warriors to Congress to start unrigging it! Call to action
>>17501480, >>17501080, >>17501531, >>17501565, >>17501615 Floatplane crashes crashes in Puget Sound, search extended from Mutiny Bay to Edmonds, WA. 
>>17501496 PF: KECK207 C-17 out of Boston-Logan heading south along the coast. Q207 $4.9 billion in government subsidies. 
>>17501589 A multitude of massive events will be occurring shortly - anon predicts
>>17501564, >>17501591 SCHUMANN GOING DARK
>>17501636 #21453

>>17500200 moar weirdness with the BBBY CEO suicide
>>17500210 AI generated "art"???
>>17500213, >>17500221 President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen: "Putin is using energy as a weapon. He will fail. Europe will prevail."/or NOT
>>17500224 What Is the Left-Hand Path?
>>17500245, >>17500288 Combined Flu and Coronavirus Vaxxine Push this Season?
>>17500252 'Notables for #21451
>>17500253 "Non linear war" 
>>17500259,  45 TS on FIB/Q's treasure trove
>>17500280 CERN looks to idle world's largest particle collider in energy crisis
>>17500301, >>17500315  FBI Agent Timothy Thibault Hid Intel From Whistleblower
>>17500302, >>17500324 kubrick made the shining about the deep state take over of America
>>17500318, >>17500322 NSA behind major cyberattack on Chinese university???
>>17500334 The Laptop w/John Paul Mac Isaac and Larry Johnson (Live)
>>17500337, >>17500640 Florida Teen's First Amendment Song A Hit Already
>>17500370 Nicaragua considering joining Russia’s Mir Payment System
>>17500421 Turkish central bank: Inflation up to 81%, prices to continue rising
>>17500433, >>17500451, >>17500535, >>17500645, >>17500684, >>17500738 Judge Cannon appoints a Special Master for raid docs
>>17500439, >>17500568, >>17500590, >>17500596 no nuclar power for Ukraine
>>17500515 Proof is in! Not only was Justin Trudeau supplying ISIS with fresh fighters...
>>17500516 Lebanon stirrings?
>>17500536, >>17500554 4 year delta Q posts
>>17500567 Macron, Scholz fear for security, stability of Europe
>>17500581, >>17500581, >>17500630, >>17500633  Presidential Records Act Dig
>>17500607 OMG QANON ON TS
>>17500624 Full Transcript of Vladimir Putin’s Remarks at the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security
>>17500632, >>17500668 UK Police preparing for a wave of violent crimes this winter facing the brunt of inflation, gas prices, and now energy cuts
>>17500651 US Vice President, Polish PM talk Ukraine, NATO Eastern flank: WH
>>17500662, >>17500689, >>17500715 now why would anyone want to assassinate the VP of Argentina?
>>17500710, >>17500717, >>17500722, >>17500724, >>17500726, >>17500742  Q - The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED
>>17500781, >>17500785 cabal grid fear pron
>>17500794 peculiarities of the national hunt
>>17500800 Dem lawmaker Diego Espinoza who just won Senate primary resigns, he has accepted a job with the Salt River Project
>>17500807 45: Remember, it takes courage and “guts” to fight a totally corrupt Department of “Justice” .....
>>17500809, >>17500819, >>17500853 Wasn't Pedosta back in the news?
>>17500826 BOOM - Randy & wife are now on Truth Social
>>17500845, >>17500870 At least 46 people were reported killed and 16 missing in a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Chengdu.
>>17500852 Qlock Today is :53

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>>17492194 #21441, >>17492961 #21442, >>17493723 #21443
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>>16463405 '''Notables Bread #15: High Five''' >>17474548

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