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>>17414828 @Rasmussen_Poll 76% of Republicans, 49% of Independents, and even 37% of Democrats think @potus is  using the @fbi as his personal 'Gestapo
>>17414839 Joe Biden 1974 interview: “ cruddy politicians can take away that First Amendrnent of yours if we want to.”
>>17414867, >>17414894 First-ever global Monkeypox outbreak happens in exact week predicted in biosecurity simulation a year prior
>>17414910 Warning over brand new 'tomato flu' virus detected in India that leaves at least 82 children with giant red blisters
>>17414940, >>17414948, >>17415201 Democrat Lt. Gov and candidate for senate in Pennsylvania John Fetterman's wife, Gisele Baretto Fetterman dig
>>17414950 This is how they mark people for sex Trafficking (?)
>>17414955, >>17415246 Florida Education Secretary to Groomer Teachers: Leave the state if you want to teach kids sexual ideology
>>17414961 NG Assoc. of the US, Adjutant General of FL: Vaccine Mandate a 'Threat' to Readiness 
>>17414981, >>17415009, >>17415207 Rundown of tech subject matter FBI was orignally interested in due to the matter being a national security threat re (PB) >>17414357 
>>17414987 White House Climate Czar SANCTIONED and BARRED for 5 Years by National Academy of Sciences for Research Misconduct
>>17415020 U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) discussed his newly introduced Investor Democracy is Expected (INDEX) Act on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning
>>17415020 U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) discussed his newly introduced Investor Democracy is Expected (INDEX) Act on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning (May 19 22)
>>17415055 Babylon Bee Offered Job to Brian Stelter After He Was Fired From CNN
>>17415065, >>17415082, >>17415126, >>17415195, >>17415088, >>17415122, >>17415270, >>17415335, >>17415340, >>17415351 Military Twats
>>17415111, >>17415112, >>17415114, >>17415156, >>17415326, >>17415330 Feds Swear Trump Investigation Was in 'EARLY STAGES' When FBI Stormed Mar-a-Lago. Oh, Really?
>>17415144 @nypost: San Francisco, Cleveland and Portland's downtowns most deserted in US: study 
>>17415153 Sheriff of Polk County, Florida, Holding Press Conference about Major Drug Bust; Suggests Involvement By Baggage Handlers At Los Angeles International Airport
>>17415166 MAL raid affidavit unsealing deadline for DOJ is one week from Aug 18, or Aug 25. 4 year deltas relevant
>>17415177 Nationalist unit executes 100 fellow Ukrainian troops – Russian MoD
>>17415209 Scarborough Accuses Fox News Of ‘Deliberately’ Inciting Harm Against IRS Agents
>>17415210  Aug 19th 1055 AM EDT: A special Tropical Weather Outlook has been issue
>>17415222 (CHD) bringing lawsuit against officials in Washington, D.C. who mandate public students w/out an exemption, be vaccinated w/unlicensed Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine
>>17415227 Wayfair reportedly cutting 870 jobs, including hundreds in Boston
>>17415228 YouTube Suspends Steven Crowder’s Show Alleging ‘Misinformation’ In Kari Lake Interview
>>17415239 Was The Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office trying to get ahead of a story?
>>17415240 ‘Appalled and Disgusted’: Former Cop Arrested For Alleged Sex Crimes During His Career
>>17415249 Biden heads back to Delaware beach house, where he’s building $500K taxpayer-funded security fence
>>17415255 Anne Heche is the latest celebrity to fall victim to conspiracy theories formulated by people on the internet (msn)
>>17415256 Spanish Stonehenge reappears as drought hits Spain
>>17415278, >>17415337 Mitch McConnell Sounds The Alarm On Republicans’ Senate Chances
>>17415281 Apple warns security flaw gives hackers full access to iPhones, Macs


>>17415282 "The U.S. Marshals, U.S. Attorney, and law enforcement partners announced on Friday, Aug. 19 the results and impact of Operation Triple Beam Honey Badger
>>17415283 The DC Circuit rules DOJ must release a full copy of a March 2019 memo to then-AG Bill Barr re: the conclusion of the Mueller investigation (FOIA case)
>>17415285 European power prices climb to fresh records, putting more pressure on industrial production and consumers struggling with a cost-of-living crisis
>>17415293 NBC News published an article that suggested sexual intercourse between homosexuals is the driving reason behind the surging spread of monkeypox
>>17415300 Tax fraud scandal lands Germany's Scholz in hot water
>>17415319 Federal Judge Rules Biden's Oil and Gas Order Violated the Law, Issues Permanent Injunction in States That Sued
>>17415332 Lebanon: Sabawi Al-Hassan accused of 'Speicher massacre' arrested
>>17415336 John Kerry's secretive climate office discussed keeping plans off 'paper,' emails show
>>17415352 Planefag Reports Zulu is gone 
>>17415361 France says Putin agreed that a team of independent inspectors can travel to Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant via Ukraine
>>17415364 Erdogan warns of 'another Chernobyl' after talks in Ukraine
>>17415366 Kushner says Trump tasked Ivanka with setting up meeting with Hillary Clinton after her defeat (the hill)

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